Hello, Hendry here. I work as an engineer for a locally well-reputed organization and for my area of work, I have to give solutions to the customer while they need to troubleshoot their devices. I already have a self-made brochure for that but you know what? The world is full of surprises. I often found some odd situations and have to handle them promptly. While doing my job, obviously payday is a sweet feeling, ha ha, but you know what is more astonishing? the praising and thanks I get after I solve a buyer’s problem. I wanted to enjoy this astonishing feeling globally. The protroubleshooting.com is the child of that thought.

I have been planning for launching the protroubleshooting.com for a long. Couldn’t manage the time. Moreover, this is quite an arduous and time killing task to find out the usual problems that customers face and even more time killing to reveal the solution. Anyway, I have what I needed to launch this site now. It will be updated regularly from now on. Hope you will find here what you were looking for.

Sit back, relax and enjoy protroubleshooting.com