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Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing fill and Wash Cycle

As an Amana washer user, you may relate to problems like Amana washer stuck at sensing fill and stuck at wash cycle. Those are what we are gonna elaborate on here. This is basically a troubleshooting session where we will be focusing on two specific problems.

In the very first place, we will be talking about sensing fill stuck issue and after that, the wash cycle stuck one.

There will be the reasons for the issues, the effect of it, and all other sided and relatable information for you. So, let’s get started.

Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill

Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill
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Stuck on sensing fill is one of the most heard issues. This one is irritating and ruins the user experience as well.

The most obvious reasons behind the issue are;

Water Inlet Valve

This is probably the most practical and common reason behind sensing fill stuck. At this time the machine needs to let the water in for completing the wash procedure. But in case the water inlets fail to supply the water into the chamber, it gets stuck.

This can be a matter of inconvenience or some ai based malfunction. As the device runs through a lot of automated sensor activities.

If you visualize that the issue is surely from the Inlet Water valve then perform these steps,

  • Check the valve using a multimeter.
  • Turn the machine on and start filling up and as soon as the water is at a certain level turn the device off by pulling out the power cable from the outlet.
  • If you find the valve useless and highly faulty that it is no more able to fill the water, you have to change those.

Inlet Screen

You need to know that your Amana washer has its native inlet filter screen which stops any kind of vulnerable particles to enter the chamber with water. Actually, as the screen works with a large number of activities every single time, it is very easy for it to get clogged up with dust or water particles.

And that’s where the issue arises.

To fix it;

  • Carefully clean the inlet screen, make sure you don’t put extra pressure that does harm to it.
  • Use 95% isopropyl alcohol or dedicated glass cleaner to do it safely and properly.

Defective Lid Switch

Your Amana washer has a Lid switch which helps the machine preventing from running at the time of water flow. If the switch is faulty, you are gonna find issues of being stuck.

What to do is;

  • Check the switch properly with the multimeter along with checking its continuity.
  • If one of those doesn’t work properly during the test. Better replace it.

Shift Actuator Problem

If you find out that your amana washer is having trouble with the shift actuator;

  • Go to diagnostic mode.
  • Look for the error code, search for it.
  • Match with the screened one.
  • If they don’t match you need to change the shift actuator.

Water Level Switch Error

The switch actually tells the machine when to turn the water flow off and controls the overflow. If the switch is faulty, you may find problems like being stuck while sensing and similars.

In that case,

  • First, remove all the water if the machine was full.
  • Remove the switch carefully.
  • Check the continuity with the multimeter, if fails you need to replace the switch.

Control Board Failure

This one is at the last of the list because it can create all sorts of problems all on its own. It controls the whole machine and can affect the whole machine as well.

  • So, if the control board is faulty;
  • Check each and every sign of physical damage and marks on the board.
  • Check the voltage and current supply.
  • If you find issues, get it to experts and seek help.

It is always recommended to call the authentic customer service center.

Without any further delay, we are gonna jump to Amana wash cycle stuck issues.

Amana Washer Stuck on Wash Cycle

Amana Washer Stuck on Wash Cycle
Photo Credit: SpencersTV

It is also a well know issue for washers like Amana and similar other companies. Though this is a common issue, you may need some complex visualization to fix it. It is very common o see people having washers with the trouble of being stuck on wash cycle or on rinse cycle.

Often the situation goes too bad and the users need to call the customer service. But before that, let’s show you how you can fix that:

Door Lock Trouble

The most probable reason may be the door lock motor and the switch.

So many times, the user doesn’t shut the door properly. As a result while running the wash cycle the sensors detect open door and gets themselves shut down as a safety feature.

Now if the door lock is making trouble, try to find out if it is damaged electronically or physically. If the case is physical, try to repair or change it.

Or in case of electronic damage, try to fix the circuit, give your washer a reset and the thing will work fine soon.

To know how to reset your Amana washer click here [Amana washer reset article link]

Lid Switch

Just like the sensing issue, the lid switch has a larger effect on this problem too.

The lid switch prevents your washer from spinning. In case it fails in its job, you may find your washer stopping or being stuck in the mid of a cycle.

You can check the switch continuity with a multimeter. If you are sure about the problem raised by the switch malfunction then it is better to replace the switch and get a new and obviously authentic one.

Water Inlet Valve

In short, if the water inlet valve fails to work, the machine will be waiting for the water to enter the chamber. Because there will be no signal about the water is getting inside.

So, check the inlet valve of your Amana washer. If you find it in trouble, we recommend you to replace it. Because most of the time, fixing it won’t give you the full throttle performance anymore.

Control Board

As we said in the above section, the control board can create any sort of problem of your device. As the whole device, sensors and likely everything is controlled by that ic, if your control board is electronically or physically damaged it is very easy to appear different problems in the machine.

  • Check the board carefully.
  • Clean if there is dust or clogged-up objects.
  • Find out if there is any burn sign or any kind of physical damage.
  • Do not try to use heat treatment if you are not an expert.
  • Don’t give extra pressure to fix any part of the board, it may be vulnerable and make it more and severely damaged.

Control board failure is a highly complex issue and for a general user, it is the best solution is to call the customer care service and seek their help.

Now you have a clear sight about both issues; Amana washer stuck on sensing fill and Amana washer stuck at wash cycle. You can now possibly pull a line from any of the problems you are facing similar to this. But in the very end, a simple suggestion is that read every word carefully and while troubleshooting, be gentle. Rush and extreme behavior may damage it to all the way end.

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