Anycubic Photon Troubleshooting

It’s not a shocking divulgence that Resin 3D printing gives astonishing print quality and objectivity over FDM.

There’s a slight assumption to assimilate data for the people who have never used an SLA/DLP 3D printer, but this obstacle is vanquished quickly in light of the undeniable documentation, working on the web network, and other online resources.

The Anycubic Photon DLP 3D Printer has emerged as the most captivating option accessible.

Anycubic has picked up a reputation for building strong and user-friendly printers like the Anycubic i3 Mega FDM 3D printer. With respect to the worth, the Anycubic Photon is no exception – it’s undoubtedly the most affordable DLP 3D printer out there.

Anycubic Photon Troubleshooting

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Anycubic Photon Troubleshooting

“.photon” files can’t be detected or won’t print on Photon printer

Symptoms*.photon cut document arranged in anycubic/chitu slicer v1.3.6 or Chitubox isn’t identified or won’t print on a unique Photon printer.

Recommended Fixes

  • Check the firmware version of the printer, if it shows v3.4.x, at that point, you can be sure that your printer is not a unique Photon. There are other Photon printers, which are called a Fauxton. These are new printers that resemble a unique Photon. If your printer is not a fauxton printer, then you should contact the salesperson or showroom. But first, check your motherboard and firmware carefully. It’s the only way to determine whether you have the correct printer or not.
  • Attempt to reslice your model and acquire *.pws yield records. These are the lone records that will print on a Fauxton.
  • If you think you have been sold one of these new printers without your knowing, you should contact your Seller to see if it is the issue.

Irregular Resets/Memory Errors/USB Read Problems


  • Printing freezes, aimlessly focuses, resets home screen.
  • Irregular freezes with error code.
  • Record program not showing any models.
  • USB key light pointer is off, yet connected (it ought to consistently be on.)

Recommended Fixes

  • On the off chance that you squirm the USB key, you can peruse documents once more.
  • Supplant stock USB key with a realized decent marked one, formatted to FAT32.
  • Just have one document on USB, utilizing short name and no non english characters or spaces.
  • Chances are that difficulty actually happens when you may have an inadequate USB augmentation link or flawed mainboard.
  • Test with another USB Extension link. You can undoubtedly get to this by eliminating the four screws holding the back vent board.


  • Unplug the male connector to the mainboard and plug in a substitution, at that point plug in your USB key. On the off chance that this fixes the issue. If not, contact Anycubic for a substitution link as it utilizes an extraordinary outer mount.
  • On the off chance that you have a little USB key, you can plug it straightforwardly into the mainboard for testing, (Not suggested as a perpetual arrangement.)
  • On the off chance that the issue isn’t tackled with a substitution USB link, at that point you may have a defective mainboard. Contact Anycubic quickly for a substitution or new machine. Firmware updates won’t address the USB issue in this case.
  • Prior to printing attempt to eliminate the power link with no USB connected, sit tight for 1 min at that point plug force and USB back in. The conceivable reason may be an IC Memory cradle issue, unplugging the force should reset it.
  • Check if the printer driver reference voltage is between 1.07V to 1.16V. If not, tune it to around those figures.
  • Check the power supply unit (PSU) version. Early versions are known to be broken. Supplant with another 12V 6A unit.

Slicer Won’t Display Model/Does Not Work

The Anycubic Photon Slicer as of now doesn’t uphold integrated illustrations driver, or goals above 2K.

Free Build Plate/Plate Too High


  • The fabricate plate effectively inclines side to side in any event, when grub/mount screw is fixed,
  • The construct plate sits excessively high from the FEP and can’t bring down any further.

Proposed Fixes

  • Dismantle fabricate plate get together, clean and reset rotating conjuncture.
  • Check your assemble plate mount screws.
  • Remove the grub screw.
  • Remove the four screws holding the assembled plate.
  • Fix three additional screws inside that help secure the rotating conjuncture.
  • Make a point to clear out any resin with IPA or different solvents.
  • All screws should be tight.
  • Realign and change the fabricated plate.
  • On the off chance that you can’t fix down the construct plate with the grub screw, ensure there isn’t two tightens there.

Z Wobble/Non-Random Layer Artifacts


  • Non-irregular layer antiquities were noticeable on surfaces regardless of the direction of print.
  • Predictable banding lines around 2mm separated.
  • Predictable distorted prints.

Causes and Suggested Fixes

  • To begin with, take a stab at cleaning the lead screw (Z pole) and reapply with great quality thick oil.
  • FEP film might be loose. Fix the FEP.
  • Supplant the FEP film.
  • Fix the whimsical roller of the slide block.
  • The metal nut of the lead screw might be loose or not situated appropriately. Eliminate, clean, reset and fix the four screws.
  • Bowed or distorted engine dampener/pad. Open back vent incubate, check and supplant if fundamental.
  • Engine mount causing the lead screw to be askew or not opposite to LCD glass. Fix the two screws that hold the engine. Some of the time, relaxing the two screws marginally may give an impermanent fix.
  • Supplant whole coordinated engine lead screw gathering.

Layer Shifting/Shearing On LCD During Print


  • Just happens on specific prints, contingent upon arrangement as well as calculation.
  • Prints seem as though they have been cut/cut and moved onto another piece of the assemble plate.
  • Layer pictures on LCD look sheared and don’t compare to layer pictures indicating effectively on touchscreen.
  • Checking the Photon document uncovers no issues.

Causes And Suggested Fixes

  • Firmware bug influencing all firmware aside from v4.0.11 (Fixed in 4.2.18+)
  • Do a ‘dry run’ and use a timelapse camera to check if the LCD pictures move or shears during print.
  • The recommended fix is to overhaul firmware to 4.2.18+

Anycubic Photon Slicer Does Not Display STL


  • Anycubic Photon Slicer Does Not Run
  • LCD screen displays Only Half Screen
  • LCD shows just a large portion of the screen, touchscreen show shows effectively. (This not identified with glimmering LCD issue)

Causes and Suggested Fixes

  • Update show driver.
  • Reinstall slicer program.
  • Reinstall C++ conveyance library.
  • Check if all link associations are situated effectively.
  • Contact to Anycubic Support.
  • Update or reflash firmware acquired from the Anycubic site.

Squares Print Rhomboid, Circles Are Skewed

SymptomsA shape when printed ends up being not entirely squared. Chambers have a lean.

Causes and Suggested Fixes

  • Watch that the rail section is opposite to the red base plate. It very well might be a little degree off, and could be inclining forward or to the sides, or a blend.
  • Utilize a little specialist’s square to check precisely. On the off chance that the segment is inclining it will make prints slant.
  • Change the 4 mounting jolts for the section, you may need to release and fix so the segment is entirely vertical. It takes some experimentation to take care of business. If not, you should shim the segment base.

Fabricate Plate Does Not Reach Z0 Bottom


  • In the wake of leveling and setting Z=0 effectively, prints actually fall flat.

Causes and Suggested Fix

  • Check if the carriage arm is hitting the highest point of the tank divider and is accordingly kept from arriving at Z0 to the lower part of the tank.
  • A basic fix is to add 4 washers as spacers to the 4 screws that safe the construct plate to the rotating conjuncture gathering.
  • Lethargic Z Carriage, LCD Inactive, Dead Fans.


  • On boot, Z carriage doesn’t move, touchscreen Z controls are lethargic. LCD test shows nothing on screen, fans are dead.

Causes and Suggested Fix

  • Terrible closure, or force interference, regardless of how slight in some cases makes defilement the EEPROM.
  • Download the production line defaults gcode record and reflash EEPROM.
  • Or on the other hand, update the firmware.

We hope you find the needed help from our article. We are offering guidance to you based on our experience, anyway, we don’t ensure our recommendation will solve all your issues.

We don’t concede any risk or obligation at all for any issues this article may cause you. You are liable for your activities to guarantee you work securely and inside satisfactory/suggested changes permitted by your printer producer.

For any kind of suggestion Contact us.

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  1. I have an anycubic photon s and the display is erratic and shows static and fading with or without the usb key inserted. I think this may be a loose connection between the motherboard and the display but I would have to disassemble the unit and I am loth to do so. Is there any chance of warranty support and what does that involveÉ

  2. I can’t get my anycubic to home, when try to come down on z azis it makes a grinding noise and doesn’t move. New machine out of the box.

  3. My anycubic photon randomly decided to start going lower than z=0 offset and pushes into the FEP/Screen for half a second skipping steps before it starts printing. i do the homing sequence to a T. it seems like it needs to be lifted off the paper ~5mm before its actually zero, but nothing says i need to do this. i’ve had the printer for over a year and it started this 5 months ago.

    i’m not worried about it breaking the screen at all. its highly unlikely a flat object fully covering and pressing flat against the screen will break it.
    i’ve forgotten a print and started another before and it didn’t break it just made a huge resin mess.

  4. After setting up my Photon with the assistance of someone familiar with AnyCubic products, we started the test print. Upon checking four hours later, after processing over 1,000 slices and the build plate rising fully out of the vat, examination showed nothing attached to the build plate. I haven’t emptied the vat yet to see what might lie within.

    What could cause this? Build plate too warm or too cold, perhaps?

  5. Surprised there is nothing about the screen considering that they typically give out within a month of working. Would definitely recommend updating.

  6. I have an anycubic photon mono and I don’t know quite what the problem is. Every time I set it print, it starts moving and everything but when it finishes there is nothing there. I know I put enough resin in the tray. Any ideas?

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