Brother P Touch Label Maker Troubleshooting

A label maker is a helpful tool that may help you organize your house, workplace, or work environment. Even if you’re ready to invest in your label maker, how much do you know about them? You may be worried that once you’ve labelled all of your boxes, the labels will start to peel off. When it comes to learning, experience is a powerful tool.

The Brother P-touch label maker series includes more than 70 distinct types, ranging from hand-held to desktop. The hand-held label makers are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Although there are many specific types, most of them operate on the same basic principles. As a result, we’ve created a table with some of the most common issues and solutions for how to fix Brother label maker tape.

By printing a label using the Brother P-touch label maker, you may run into the same or comparable issues. The label is not printed after hitting the Print key in some cases. Through the printed label, a blank horizontal line is shown. There are several more issues, etc.

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A Brother P-touch Label Printer will not allow this to occur. Lamination formulas for each label have been developed to withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and chemicals and dampness. You may finally organize your garage, shed, and even your wet basement using a Brother label machine.

Brother P Touch Label Maker Troubleshooting

Brother P Touch Label Maker Troubleshooting

Some Known Issues and Their Solution

In the Brother P-touch line of label makers, which comprises machines ranging from handhelds to desktops, more than seventy different configurations are available. The hand-held label makers have a compact design, making them simple to transport to any location.

On the other hand, desktop computers are much larger and must be used and handled while seated at a desk. Even though there are many different models, they are all organized according to the same core operational principles. The following article summarizes some of the most common problems with Brother label maker tape, as well as potential solutions.

The P-Touch Label Maker Stops While Printing Label

It is one of the most common problems of this machine. If you see striped tape on a cassette label, replace it since you’ve reached the end of the tape. Replace all batteries or directly connect the P-touch label maker to the AC adaptor.

The Machine Is Not Powering On

Here is another prevalent problem Brother p touch label maker won’t turn on. You can’t get your label printer to switch on no matter what you try. If your label printer doesn’t switch on, ensure the batteries are put correctly, with the positive and negative poles facing in the same direction. Look for the batteries and double-check that they’re correctly inserted.

If the screen stays dark after testing and changing the batteries, the adapter’s connection may be an issue. Locate the adaptor and double-check that it is connected properly. The screen is damaged even when the system is turned on; thus, it remains dark. Replace the screen and power up the device again. It may be impossible to push the ON button if the faceplate is cracked. Then you must replace the faceplate.

After Hitting the Print Button, The Label Does Not Appear

That is another issue users face. The primary cause could be Brother p-touch label maker tape jammed. In addition to entering the text, check to see that the tape cassette is positioned correctly and sufficient tape remains to finish the job.

It is possible to clip a curved section of the tape and then thread it through the exit slot. The correct way to unstick a tape involves removing the tape cassette, gently removing the stuck tape, and then cutting the tape after it has been removed.

Problems with Printing and Paper Jams

The problem starts with printing fails on your printer. Brother P-touch label maker turns off when printing. When the PRINT key is hit, the machine frequently switches off, indicating weak batteries. The batteries must be replaced as a solution because an expended or expired battery may harm the machine’s functioning. So, all four batteries should be replaced with NEW ‘AAA’ alkaline batteries when replacing them.

The paper will not print if the tape becomes caught above the tape guides. This happens when the label is taken from the printer rather than cut. Make sure the tape feeds beneath the tape guides to correct the problem. The tape guides are on the cassette rather than on the label printer.

If the cutter unit is missing, the tape may feed in the wrong direction and jam. The cutter unit consists of two green plastic pieces positioned near the printer’s tape feed slot. Check out the cutter blade replacement guide if you’re not sure where this is.

If you press down on the cutter lever and it does not bounce back about 3/4 of an inch, it is stuck. Replace the cassette tape. Examine whether the cutter level returns to its original place. It’s worth noting that if the rear panel isn’t entirely closed, the cutting lever will not move.

How To Reset Your Brother P Touch Label Maker

When you wish to remove all saved label files or if your P-touch labeler isn’t working correctly, you may reset the internal memory of your P-touch. That is how you reset your brother’s p touch label maker. Turn the P-touch off. Press the Power key while holding down the Shift and R keys to turn the P-touch back on. Release the R and Shift keys.

If you wish to clear your label maker, you can also do that. First, select the rows you want to erase while holding down the Ctrl key. Select Delete Contact or Delete Record from the context menu when you right-click a row for P-Touch Editor.


Why is my P-Touch label maker not printing?

If no text is supplied, the label will not be printed. Is the tape cassette adequately placed, and is there enough tape left? Make sure that the tape cassette is appropriately placed and enough tape left.

Why are my labels printing blank?

A dirty sensor is frequently the cause of blank label printing. Labelwriters like this use thermal printing processes to print labels. They scan the label paper for chemically treated spots that darken when applied heat.

How do you open a Brother P-Touch label maker?

On the desktop, double-click the P-touch Editor icon. You can also follow the following approach to start the -Double-click Macintosh HD, then Applications, then P-touch Editor, and finally the P-touch Editor icon. The P-touch Editor begins.

How do you fix a jammed label maker?

You have to remove the label marker’s batteries. Then pull the tape cassette out of the device with care. Remove any fragments of labels or extraneous items that may have become stuck within the label maker with a pair of plastic tweezers.


When trying to print a label using a Brother P-touch label printer, you may run into the same issue or one that is very similar to a problem that has already been encountered. If this happens, you may want to examine the list of the frequent issues that occur with the Brother label maker tape and the solutions to those issues that were shown earlier in this section.

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