Brother Printer Not Recognizing New Toner Cartridge?

For any printer user replacing the toner cartridge is very common. After changing the cartridge, the printer may not recognize it, which is a very common incident. Likely we find a large number of Brother Printer users who are experiencing this very frequently.

This problem mostly comes after you replace or change the ink cartridges with one from third-party brands. The compatibility distortion is one of the reasons behind it.

But this is not as complex as it seems to be. If you are looking for some easy fixes, you are at the right place. You’re not alone, there is a large scale of users who want these solutions.

So, let’s jump into the main context:


Actually, the period of changing the ink cartridge varies from user to user. The more you will print, the earlier you will have to get a new cartridge. As soon as it is empty you will see a notification like the below.

[The dialog box appearance may look different from device to device]

Before any troubleshooting, you need to know what are the actual signs that make sure about the issue.

In brief, the notification will be as follows:

  1. Printer Cartridge not detected.
  2. Cartridge error
  3. Cartridge protection enabled
  4. Cartridge not recognized
  5. No cartridge installed
  6. Printer cartridge not detected
  7. Toner is not compatible

Apart from this, a sign of an empty level of ink or toner can also be displayed on your printer to notify it.

Brother Printer Not Recognizing New Toner Cartridge? Common Reasons with Fixes

Brother Printer Not Recognizing New Toner Cartridge

Software Failure

The printers are programmed for detecting the cartridge automatically when you insert it. It recognizes the new cartridge and shows the full ink level on its own. But sometimes the program gets distracted and considers it as the previous one (Which was empty).

As this is a software issue, resetting it will be an effective solution to it.

We will be showing, how to reset your printer at the end of the article.

Plastic Cover around Cartridge

Sometimes in a hurry, the users forget to remove the polyethylene straps around the cartridge.

As the cartridge is covered with protective plastic straps, the printer can not recognize it and detects no cartridge.

The easiest solution is to open the chamber and check if there is any plastic strap, tape, or cover stuck with the cartridge. If it is, then remove it properly and insert the cartridge into your printer again.

Damaged or Isolated Connectors

By some ways the connectors of the cartridge can be damaged. They are called Contacts. Damaged contacts are unable of reading the information from the chip.

This disconnects the communication with the cartridge. As a result, the printer can not detect the cartridge and considers it as blank empty or error.

Even dirt stuck on the connectors also affects the same. So, try to clean the contacts properly and then insert it again.

You will find out how to clean the contacts at the end.

Firmware Bugs (After or before Updating):

Here is another problem with the software. Generally, the printer companies like Brother use to send firmware updates for the printers. Firmware updates are produced to make the system comparatively more bug-free and user-friendly.

But there are some dark sides of firmware updates according to user complaints. Firmware updates are accused of making the system heavy in cases. Also, new updates can prevent the cartridges by notifying “Cartridge Not compatible” even if the cartridge is compatible.

There are no instant fixes to this certain point. Just flash that to the previous version, or wait for a newer update that can fix the bug.

We discussed the possible reasons but there are some more specifics for Brother printers as,

  1. Restart your printer first.
  2. Press the power button 7 times. It will reset your printer and clean the previous data and all the error notifications. The printer will start from zero again.
  3. Even you can reset your Brother printer from the menu either.
  4. After you have done the three steps above,

Lift the cover of your printer up > Hit the clear button or back button > Arrow Keys for scrolling to the reset options > Choose the cartridge reset option > Click OK and then 1 to get back to the menu.

  • For getting into the inkjet printer reset menu, Press the back or clear button and then same as the previous.

And finally,

Cleaning the Connectors

Generally, the connectors are placed at one side of the cartridge (Most often at the back of the toner cartridge). You will find a flat piece of copper or a flat metal piece. Keep in mind that, many cartridges even don’t have a connector with them.

Before starting to clean it make sure you have turned the printer off and unplugged the power. Unless there is a massive chance of having an electric shock. Though it is not necessary for inkjet printers. Now follow the steps below:

  1. Eject the toner or the ink cartridge and put it on a flat surface. Keep that in a safe space.
  2. Have a look at the metal flat plates around the cartridge.
  3. Visualize properly where those metal contacts are connected with the printer.
  4. Wipe the connectors with a dry cloth. Remove if there is any dirt visible and be careful that you don’t make any damage to it.

Also, keep in mind, that the cloth should be lint-free.

  • Now place the printer again in its place.
  • In the end turn the power on and try printing again.

In Conclusion

Not recognizing cartridge or cartridge error is not something too uncommon for a printer user. Whether you are a Brother Printer user and you are facing the issue, don’t bother yourself so much and follow the few steps we mentioned above. But still, as it didn’t work out then it’s time to take the printer to an authorized service center. Try to avoid third-party repair or service centers if you still have the warranty.

Also, for very old printers, you should make a decision. If your Brother Printer is too old and it is showing unnecessary errors. Not been working properly. Better you go for a new one. Because no electric device is gonna last forever.

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