Chain Drive Vs Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Choosing the best garage door opener for yourself is indeed a tough task. Still, if we expose two options as the chain and the belt drive then we have a large comparison arena where any of these can be better a good deal on different aspects.

To be so sure about which one is the best universally or which one is the best for you, you need to run a detailed comparison and that is what we are gonna show you here. We are gonna explain to you which one is better in between the chain drive or belt drive garage doors.

To choose one from those first you need to differentiate. And the first step is knowing how this works?

But before that let’s talk about the highly asked fact, the cost, and the price.

If you are too impatient to read the brief, we would recommend you to get to the last of the essay and understand the chart first.

Chain Drive Vs Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

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Chain and Belt Price

The chain drive garage openers are more affordable than belt-driven ones.

Most often the chains are very much common in the market, so the availability is also stable. Chain driven garage openers are less expensive, which makes it demandable in the mass market. Also makes it popular with a large scale of people.

On the other hand, belt driven garage openers are not that common among the mass people. Also, this is more expensive which is a problem in many cases.

Though in terms of long lasting, belt driven doors win.

How They Work

Next, the thing you will be concerned is about the working system of both of these.

The chain drive garage door opener works with metal chains that turn the door open and close. There are moving metal parts along with gears. These components work together and run the opening and closing process.

On the other side, the belt driven door opener works with its tension springs. There you can find a rubber belt which plays the main role. It actually slides the trolley and triggers the door.

And the door gets opened.

Simply, the chain driven one where uses the metal component and its chain for the work, the belt driven one here uses the rubber belt and elasticity to complete the task.

According to the customer feedback and reviews, belt driven opener works more stably.


As we noted previously that the chain driven door opener works with a number of micro components, so it needs more maintenance. At least compared to the belt driven door opener, it needs more maintenance. You even need to lubricate the chain along with the metal gears.

How to Lubricate the metal gears? Read the manual properly. You need to be regular in lubricating and lubing at least 2 times a year.

Both of the types last almost around 10 years according to the way you use them. Also, the durability may vary from model to model.

Also, some review analyses and claims say that the belt driven door openers need no maintenance cost like the chain driven ones, and also, they last more.


This is completely non-neglectable. Whenever you are going to equip one of these door openers in your home business place, you will certainly be concerned with the strength because most of the machines lose at least a little amount of their power in the long run period.

So, if the strength is already lower at the beginning period, then it will make a crucial downfall in near future after power loss.

Here a simple conclusion for you is, if you are gonna make the work with a car door, then the belt drive will make it done.

But if you are going for a bigger one like 2 car door or even larger, you got to have chain driven door opener.

So, the chain driven door opener has more strength to supply additional power.

Noise Issues

We shall be jumping into the main points for this area;

  • Belt driven garage openers are quieter than others. So, in case you have a garage completely attached to your living place and wall, taking belt driven opener is a good choice.

The very less amount of noise it creates may not irritate your living experience.

  • On the other hand, chain driven door opener is much noisier than others. The reason is simply its micro metallic components. Though frequent lubricating may reduce noise that’s really very little.

If you have a completely detached garage from your living room and place, then chain driven system is for you. Because the noise from the door opening and closing won’t bother you.

Wi-Fi Convenience

For Wi-Fi support and built-in Wi-Fi control, you should choose a belt drive opener. Most often the chain driven door openers use older technologies that run with classic mechanisms and without wi-fi capability.

You may find the MyQ app that helps you control your door system and notify you of important warnings and other notifications if you equip a Deluxe belt drive package.

Though depending on the model, the Wi-Fi range and capability differ. Sometimes over the way of use the adapter also gets damaged but it is truly a rare issue and in some cases for user’s personal fault.

Pros and Cons

Also, if we are heading you choosing a perfect one according to your choice then this quick pro and con analysis with charm may help you;

 Belt Drive OpenersChain Drive Openers
Economical *
Battery Backup* 
Wi-fi Compatibility**
Lifting Capacity *
Non-Slip *
Open and close Speed* 

In a simple sense, belt-driven openers are of a bit higher price range, but it has more convenience and longevity. In the market, if you go for Raynor products, you get some corner-to-corner LED lighting with specific models.

The belt-driven door openers have got a power range of around 1/2 hp to 3/4 hp. If you are concerned with the battery backup then Raynor Prodigy II™ are appropriate models for you. Even you can add a backup battery to your system.

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