Coleman Mach Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Do you own a Coleman Mach air conditioner? In need of your Coleman Mach air conditioner troubleshooting? Do not worry any longer! I am here to tell you all about how you can fix your issue and get back to your day. Read the rest of the article then you are good to go.

Air conditioning is a necessity that we need to use during summer. Or even we might need them in other cooling seasons. It is not hard to maintain an air conditioner, but you must do regular maintenance. Even then, if you find that your air conditioner needs troubleshooting, this slight inconvenience can ruin your day.

Reasons Why Your Coleman Mach Air Conditioner Needs Troubleshooting

Reasons Why Your Coleman Mach Air Conditioner Needs Troubleshooting

When you face issues with your air conditioner, it’s not like your lightbulb is stopped working. You cannot just replace it. But on the contrary, doing your chores will get you hot and sweating. That is why it is imperative that you find a way to solve your problem, whether by yourself or by hiring someone to do the job.

Before you start trying to fix your problem, you need to look for why your air conditioner is not working right. So, let us take a look at some of the causes below.

Something Smells Wrong

If you are experiencing a foul smell coming from your air conditioner whenever it is running, you cannot keep ignoring that smell all day, and it becomes mandatory that you fix the issue.

Bad smells can be the result of a dirty filter. When your air conditioner runs all day long, it will keep sucking out the air inside your room through the vent. In doing so, the dirt and dust in the air will gather on the filter. It can cause a foul smell to come out when the air conditioner runs.

Besides the dust in the filter, there is another reason for the foul smell coming out of the vents. Cooking smells, and even cigarette smoke can get absorbed, and these smells might circulate back through the house when the system is turned on.

Now, what to do if this is the case? Simple! Just change the Filter, and you are good to go.

How to Change the Filter for Coleman Mach RV Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

To keep your air conditioner in pristine condition and dust-free, you need to change the filter. A new filter can help you remedy your problems. So, you generally need to change the filter every one month to three months. Let us look at how to do just that all by yourself.

Firstly, the easiest part is to turn off the air conditioner so that you don’t harm yourself in any way. Look for the filter on the indoor unit or the air duct. Now, you have to remove the access panel or take apart the grille from the air duct.

After taking out the filter, clean this old filter by wiping it with soap and water, or you can buy a new one. Then, using the arrows for guidance, put the filter into place, and turn on the power to see if everything works. That is all you need to do, and you are done.

Dripping Water

Two things can happen as a cause of this. The drain line could get clogged, and then condensed water would gather in the pipe, filling it up. That is how it starts dripping.

Other than that, low refrigerant can be another cause. Built-up ice on the coil or refrigerant line while less refrigerant will melt and drip whenever the conditioner is turned off.

Strange Sounds

Air conditioners usually make a low hissing sound when the power is on. There is nothing to be worried about when this happens as it is the sound of refrigerant running through the unit.

Even hearing a low squeaking sound while it is running is okay as it is the sound of metal and plastic parts expanding and contracting with the temperature changes. But you should be worried about refrigerant leaking if you hear a bubbling or gurgling sound.

Temperature Shifts

When there is a refrigerant leak, you will notice temperature fluctuations caused by the air conditioner. There could be other symptoms like ice on the refrigerant, ice on the coil, dripping water, and hot air coming out of the unit.

Not Cold Enough?

There are many reasons for this problem. It could be because there is something wrong with the thermostat setting. But you should check if any heat or cold sources impact the thermostat readings.

Other than that, it could be because of a dirty filter, poorly sized unit, moisture in the system, or low refrigerant.

Poor Air Flow

It usually means one thing: the filter is dirty or clogged. So, just clean it well and test it out.

Compressor Not Working

A working compressor depends on contactors and capacitors. But improper refrigerant can also cause the compressor not to work.

Fan Not Working

Again, capacitors have to work nicely as well as contractors for the fan to work right.

Unit Does Not Run

Professionally get it checked for faulty wiring, poor installation, high and low-pressure problems, control board problems, and more.

When You Should Consider Getting a Technician for Coleman Mach Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

When You Should Consider Getting a Technician for Coleman Mach Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Usually, you can do a few things by yourself to do Coleman Mach 3 air conditioner troubleshooting too. Things like changing the filter every now and then and cleaning the unit. But, there are certain things you cannot do all by yourself, and for those, you need to hire a technician.

Critical components such as the compressor or the coil are very important for keeping your unit running well. So, you need professional help to fix issues involving these sorts of parts.

Wiring issues can be troubling to fix on your own if you are not experienced. The same goes for electrical and voltage problems. In this case, hire a professional.

Output issues and poor cooling issues that are unrelated to the thermostat need to be taken care of by a professional.

Fuses might blow frequently, or circuit breakers may also frequently trip, which you cannot fix by yourself. Also, refrigerant leaks and water leaks need to be fixed by professionals.

If there are any erratic or unpredictable operations, burning smells, loud and strange noise, or a hot or worn power cord, you can get a professional to look at the issue.

Warranty Coverage of Coleman Mach Air Conditioner

Warranty coverage is a matter you need to consider before buying any product. If you do not have a warranty, then you will have to spend more than if you did have a warranty in the first place. All Coleman models have great warranty coverage.

There is a lifetime warranty for the compressor of the Echelon models and LX CC17. A 10-year-old warranty is available for all other LX models. Another ten-year warranty is available for limited parts and also a 90-day labor-limited warranty.

Final Words

The need for Coleman Mach air conditioner troubleshooting is abundant if you own this unit. You have to know a lot of things before you try to fix any issues you are dealing with. Otherwise, you need a technician to get the job done by paying them. Make it fast, or you might need to throw it into the basement.

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  1. Truly appreciate both the information provided, as well as the tone of this article. You have instilled additional confidence in us that we need not overreact or panic if something goes awry with our unit. We have a 20 year old Coleman Mach roof unit on our small RV, and it is running well. My husband & I simply wanted to know if we should be looking for a drain tube or other apparatus on the RV from which the condensation should be dripping or trickling? Maybe it simply evaporates since we are in the Arizona desert summer? Perhaps that would explain why we don’t see any water dripping out & down somewhere~ which we see on a few neighbors RV’s currently. We just bought the vehicle, so we are trying to be responsible in maintaining the AC in good working order. Thank you for any further info you might offer, as well as what is in this article~ grateful to you. =)


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