Epson XP 430 And XP 440 Printers Not Printing

Using Epson XP 430 or XP 440 model primer?

And facing not printing issues?

Not printing issue for Epson XP 430 and XP 440 is not an uncommon issue. Moreover, you may face it with Epson XP 420 and even with other models as well. So, it is easy to fix the problem. And here, we come up with the guidelines to troubleshoot your Epson printer.

Reasons For Epson XP 430 And XP 440 Printer Not Printing

Reasons For Epson XP 430 And XP 440 Printer Not Printing

Why your Epson XP 430/XP 440 model printer is not printing? Almost for all the printers, there are some common and specific reasons for not printing. And for those reasons, either your Printer won’t print anything or print slow. Even printers may print too many copies at a time or may print blank pages. The reasons are-

  • Connection Error
  • Set Up Error
  • Backdated Driver
  • Hardware Faulty Adjustment
  • Paper Jammed
  • Internal Glitch

These are the primary reasons for not printing almost every Printer. Now for the Epson brand, they are not so different. However, some specific model-based problems are also noticeable on a user basis. In the latter portion, you will know how to fix them.

Epson XP 430 And XP 440 Printers Not Printing

Epson XP 430 And XP 440 Printers Not Printing

Time to fix printing error of the Epson XP 420/430/440 model printers. For all these models, there are some common troubleshooting processes. We will know about them first. And then we will see some other problems’ fixing process connected with the printing issue.

Check the connection

Mostly your Printer is not printing because of a bad connection. You probably connected cables with the wrong ports. Disconnect the links and then reconnect. Besides, make sure your connection is not loose. If it is loose, tighten them.

If you use any USB hub for connection, try to connect directly to the computer. Moreover, you may use another USB port of your computer in this regard.

Besides, check both the Printer and computer and make sure they are connected on the same network for wireless connection. In this case, ensure your internet connection is stable.

Set the Printer as the default

Unless you set your Printer as the default printer, it will not print. To do so-

  • Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click on your printer device and choose “Set as default printer”.

Now, it should work. Otherwise, go for further steps.

Update Driver Software

Mostly the printers won’t work for improper or backdated driver software. An updated version printer driver is crucial to solving such errors in printing. Let’s see how to update the driver/firmware.

  • Go to the Epson official website.
  • Type your printer model name in the search bar.
  • Choose your Printer from the search result list.
  • Go to “Support”.
  • Click on the “Driver +”.
  • Download the latest file from the top. Either download the driver “Recommended for you”.
  • After downloading the file, open the file and install it accordingly.
  • Have a restart of your PC.

You must get a dedicated printer driver from the site for all the model XP 420, 430, or 440. If, after updating your driver, still it’s not printing, go for next.

Set up the Printer Spooler service

The print spooler is the bridge between the PC and the Printer that allows performing all your printing tasks. Through this, you may recreate the connecting process for both devices. Moreover, you can clear all previous print jobs using this service. So, knowing this service setting is important.

For continuous printing, you should check this spooler service.

  • In the windows search bar, type “services” and open it.
  • Double click on the “Print Spooler”.
  • Set the Startup types to Automatic and Service status is running.

Now, clear the previous print tasks if it is already set in automatic and service status is already running. For doing so-

  • Open the service app from windows.
  • Double click on the “Print Spooler” and click on the “Stop”.
  • Minimize the “service” window, open the File Explorer, and type “%windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS” in the address bar.
  • Delete all the files from this folder.
  • Open the “Service” window and double-click on the “Print Spooler”.
  • Click on the “Start > OK”.
  • Turn off both PC and Printer.
  • Unplug from the power cord.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes.
  • Replug the power cord and turn the Printer and PC on.

Check Print Queue Settings

From the Printer Setting window, open the Maintenance Tab and click on the “Print Queue”. Now –

  • Check no print job is paused. Cancel or unpause any job if necessary.
  • Make sure your Printer is not offline.

Check Hardware Status

Check Hardware Status

If your Epson XP 430/ XP 440 is still not printing, check the hardware’s status.

  • Check the ink cartridge. If there is no ink in it, replace the Cartridge with a new one. Ensure the print head is in the cartridge.
  • Check your replaced hardware (if any). Try to install an original part or hardware if necessary.
  • Check your computer has enough memory if you can’t print large images.

Fix the paper jam

Your Printer can’t print anything if the paper inside the machine is jammed. To fix it-

  • First, cancel the print job from your PC.
  • Pull out the jammed paper from the tray.
  • Resume printing again.
  • If still, it causes the inside paper to jam, turn off the Printer.
  • Lift the printer upper cover and remove the jammed paper or reset all paper again.
  • Lower the cover and turn the machine on.
  • Start printing again.

Fix Slow Printing on Epson XP 420/ XP 424/ XP 430/ XP 434/ XP 440/ XP 446 Printers

  • Make sure your Printer is compatible to run on your PC.
  • Make sure you have installed the correct Epson Printer Driver
  • Increase the system’s memory for a high-resolution image printing
  • Clear space on the hard drive.
  • Close the programs which you are not using.
  • Connect the Printer directly with your PC USB port.

In addition, for XP 440 and XP 446, turn off the “Quiet Mode”.

[To know how to do settings in the product software for the fastest printing, check the FAQs portion]

Fix Not Printing Over Network

  • Make sure your Printer is turned on, and you have installed the Product’ Network Software described in the product manual.
  • Set the IP address correctly on your network. 
  • Print a network status sheet and ensure all the settings are correct. If the status is Disconnected, unplug all cables and then reconnect again.
  • Disable the Privacy Separator function on the wireless router or access point. 

Reset Printer

To fix the internal glitch of your Epson printer, a hard reset is necessary. To do so-

  • Turn off the Printer
  • Press and hold the reset button at the back of the Printer.
  • While holding it, turn on the Printer.
  • Release the reset button, while after 5 seconds, a warning sheet will print out.
  • After more 5 seconds, showing the factory reset the IP address of your Printer, another paper sheet will print.

Contact Customer Service

If your Epson Printer is still facing printing issues and none of our guidelines let you solve the error, now it’s time to contact customer service. Tell them about your product details and the problem. Moreover, tell them how did you try to fix it. They will reply soon with the exact solution.


Do all Epson printers have a reset button?

Yes, all the Epson printer models have a reset button on their back to reset the printers to the default factory settings.

How to do settings in the product software for the Epson fastest printing?

  • Make sure the setting of your “Paper Type” matches the type of your loaded paper. 
  • Turn any high-speed settings on in your printer software.
  • Choose a lower print quality setting.
  • On Windows – Select the Extended Settings/Speed and Progress on the Maintenance tab. Now select the setting given below-
    • Always Spool RAW Datatype 
    • Page Rendering Mode 
    • Print as Bitmap


Hopefully, this article will help you to fix your Epson XP 430 or XP 440 printer’s not printing issue. Follow all the steps one by one carefully. Contact customer service if needed. Let us know how it is going after troubleshooting.

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