Fitbit Versa Screen Not Working

Fitbit Versa offers just the right blend of smartwatch and fitness tracking features for a reasonable price.

Moreover, it is stuffed with premium features like tracking a detailed range of fitness matrices, providing on-screen regular workout tutorials, etc. But if its screen does not work properly or it’s a black screen issue, the essence of this smartwatch gets diminished.

Is your Fitbit versa screen not working? No more worries. Now, here we are to give you a solution so that you turn your Fitbit Versa screen into working mode. Let’s dive into it.

Reasons For Fitbit Versa Screen Not working

Fitbit Versa Screen Not Working

No matter how many features a smartwatch has, the device turns completely useless if the screen doesn’t work or it gets a black screen. And before you troubleshoot it, you need to find the reason for which the screen turns dead. There may arise many situations for which the screen of Fitbit Versa may not work.

Exhausted Battery

The most possible reason for Fitbit Versa’s black screen is the dead battery. When the battery of your Fitbit Versa is completely drained, it won’t turn on. It can happen in two ways.

If you use the Fitbit for several days and its battery can be exhausted for continuous use

If you leave it unused for months. In that case, its battery can get drained also.

Software Glitch

Fitbit Versa is a mini wearable smart device. An automatic firmware update might have changed its system or been affected by a bug or glitch. Eventually, these glitches can cause your device’s black screen issue

fitbit versa glitch

Faulty Charger

When the charger gets damaged, your Fitbit may not charge properly. In that case, the home screen won’t turn on.

Sleep Mode Settings

Enabling sleep mode actually lowers the screen brightness of your watch, which may lead to confusion. You may check it in the dark by taking a closer look at your Fitbit watch.

Physical Damage

The most common reason for the Fitbit Versa screen not performing is physical damage. Your device might be fallen from some topper surface. Your device’s touch screen could be cracked or damaged inside. In this situation, your device is not going to turn on.

Methods to fix Fitbit Versa Screen Issues

It’s time to fix the screen error issue of your Fitbit Versa. We have provided all those possible troubleshooting ways to fix it in this portion. Needless to say, these steps will be on all the Fitbit Versa models 1, 2, and 3.

Restarting your device

Everything comes in order when you restart your device, including software/glitch problems. To restart your Fitbit Versa-

  • Press the left button and hold it for 10-15 seconds.
  • Once the Fitbit logo appears, release the button.
  • Now, wait for the restart process to be done.
  • You can resolve the process two or three times.

This simple restart works as a remedy to fix Versa’s black screen.

Fix Charger Issue

A faulty charger can be responsible for reducing the durability of your Fitbit device. If your device does not charge properly, check the charger to see whether you need a new replacement Charger or not. Moreover, the USB cable may get damaged sometimes. So you may change the cable to solve this issue.

In addition, you may try to solve the problem by cleaning the charging port with cotton swabs.

However, you may check your current charger by trying someone’s Fitbit device. If still, it’s not charging, it means you need a new one. So buy a new charger.

Change The Battery

When the battery becomes old, then it doesn’t have much power to run the gadget. So, in this case, you should change the battery and then see if the issue is solved or not.

When you charge your Fitbit Versa, make sure that it has a little battery life to continue the charging process. If your device’s battery is empty, then it will not take charge.

Sleep Mode Settings

To turn off sleep mode, there are two methods-

First is:

  • Go to the Quick Settings
  • Press on the half-moon icon to turn it off.

Second is:

  • Go to “Settings > Quiet Modes > Sleep Mode” and turn it off.

Device Factory Reset

A factory reset can completely resolve almost all the issues on your device. In this regard, you have to follow some easy steps to device factory reset.

  • Press & Hold all three buttons of the device
  • Wait for about 10-12 seconds.
  • Once the Fitbit logo appears, release the button on the bottom right only.
  • And once the device vibrates, release the other two buttons.
  • The reset process will start.

[To know more detail about “Fitbit Versa Reset”, check the article “Fitbit Versa Reset – Instructions And Troubleshooting Guide“]

Contact Fitbit Customer Support

Some deep hardware problems may remain if your Fitbit Versa is not turning on or has a black screen even after a factory reset. In this situation, you should contact Fitbit customer support. They will tell you what to do in next.


fitbit versa

1. Fitbit Versa not turning on after swimming

Though Fitbit versa is water-resistant up to 50 meters, unfortunately, it may sometimes fail. You should always keep it dry once it gets into the water. If it shows problematic issues after dipping, you should restart the device and see how it functions. If the screen is not working, you need to replace it through a warranty.

2. How can I update my Fitbit Versa?

When an update is available, a notification will appear in the Fitbit mobile app. After you start the update, follow the progress bar in the app. Keep your watch and phone close to each other during the update. It may take several minutes and heavy pressure on the device battery. So you must have enough charge in your watch or connect it to the charger while it is updating.

3. Why won’t my Fitbit device sync?

If your Fitbit versa is not syncing, the probable reasons are incompatibility with other devices, multiple device pairing, Bluetooth connection error, or other internal glitches. Moreover, if your device is not syncing, you may check our article “Fitbit Versa 2 Not Syncing: A Complete Guideline To Troubleshootto solve the sync error issue


Now you know why your Fitbit Versa screen is not working and what you should do to fix it. So, follow our guidelines accordingly to troubleshoot it without wasting any time. Otherwise, it may turn more faulty.

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