Garage Door Wall Button Not Working?

It can be so frustrating if your garage door does not open because of a simple wall button. The solution may lay on your understanding of what a garage door wall button even is.

The remote unit of your door is the button that you see on the wall that will connect to the main opener that is near your ceiling. If you do not understand the basic parts of your garage door, you may have no hope of troubleshooting any garage door issues.

Now, what to do if you find your garage door wall button not working? The solution can be very straightforward. Read the rest of the article to find out how to troubleshoot this problem.

Garage Door Wall Button Not Working

How to Test if Garage Door Wall Button Not Working?

The garage door wall button and the remote control are the two common systems that will help you control the door. You can find this control as a hard-wired wall button in the garage.

The wall console is not a sophisticated device. In most cases with garage door openers, there are only two wires connecting to the wall switch.

Furthermore, the wall control has the power to debilitate the wall switch and the radio remote. A lot of the openers have lamps attached to them. The button with which you can switch on this lamp is fitted on the wall unit as well.

The garage door is something that you will use almost every day and even a few times a day. Using it so frequently may cause some technical issues.

For example, the wall button may stop working suddenly. How to test it if this happens?

The steps that you need to take when this problem occurs are given below.

Testing for Power

You have to start this test by examining what the electronic display or LED light that is on the wall control unit is doing. It will either be on, or it will be turned off.

You will have to inspect the next thing to see if the electronic display is working correctly or if the LED light is turned on.

But, you cannot proceed with your inspection if the LED light is off or the electronic display is not functioning correctly. Now, your job will be to check and make sure that the garage door opener has power. To check that, you will have to locate the LEARN switch on the motor unit and press it. Only one of two things can happen now. Either the light on the motor lights up, or it fails.

Now, if it does, in fact, fail, you will have to completely reprogram the garage door opener’s outlet’s house circuit breaker. That is important for restoring power to the motor.

Doing this might not solve the problem. If this happens, you need to test the electrical outlet with a lamp or a small gadget. This will determine if the outlet works or not. You need to get help from a professional if it is faulty.

But, if it works, you have to replace the garage door opener’s logic board. Your motor will have power if it lights up. Now, you will have to go ahead and examine other issues.

Testing the Wiring

After doing the test mentioned above, you have to examine the wiring between the wall console unit and the motor unit. Do this if the motor is working, but the wall button is not.

You have to start by checking the connections of the wirings between the motor and the wall console. A white wire will be bearing red marks. It needs to be connected to the red terminal. The plain white wire will need to be linked to the red terminal. You have to make sure that the wires are organized and connected.

Now, you need to be checking the wires that are connected to the wall console unit. Reconnect any loose wirings you may find.

Repair any damage there might be in the wires between the wall switch unit and the motor.

Testing the Concealed Wiring with a Digital Display

You have to check the concealed wires after taking the above-mentioned steps. Meaning, that after you have checked the visible wire connections, this is your next step.

Disengage the wall console and disconnect all the wall console wires from the motor. Slip insulated 2-strand wire and strip around half an inch of insulation from either end. Connect the white and red matching terminals on the wall console to the motor unit using the 2-strand wire.

One of two things can happen. If the wall console starts functioning, replace the wiring to fix your issue.

If the wall control does not function correctly, you may need to call a professional.

Testing the Concealed Wiring of Wall Consoles with an LED Light

This is an easier test than the one explained before.

First, you need to disengage the wall unit and disconnect the wires that are linked to the wall control on all sides.

The step that comes next is bringing the bare ends of those wires into contact and seeing if the garage door is moving or not. Again, one of two things can happen, either the garage door moves, or it does not.

If it moves, the wiring is proper, and the problem is not with the wiring of the wall console unit. You should replace the unit entirely. If the door does not move, then you have to take the following steps.

Disconnect the motor wires and start creating a jumper wire. To do this, cut a three-inch strand of insulated wire and strip half of the insulation from either end. Connect it to the wall control terminals on the motor.

You need to replace the wiring if the door of the garage moves. And if it does not, you need to replace the logic board.

Final Words

If you find your garage door wall button not working, it can be a hassle. It could ruin your day as the garage door is one of the most used doors in the entire house. That is why you need to follow the steps in this article to make sure you are able to get on with your day.

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