Glowforge Troubleshooting

In this era, art is not a matter of toil anymore. Well, it actually is but toil is not a big deal as it’s a matter of your heart, it’s a matter of your vision. And who doesn’t want his art piece to be felt, to be touched? This is where another invention of modern times, the 3d printer comes in.

In the field of 3d printers, Glowforge is one of the most well-accepted and well-known 3d printer manufacturing companies. They are in the market since 2014 and from then to now, they have earned a place of assurance.

But the sad truth is, there are flaws in everything built by man and that’s obvious. For this reason, we will talk about some of the most commonly faced problems of Glowforge 3d printer users and their possible troubleshooting processes. So, let’s jump straight to that.

Glowforge Troubleshooting – Common Errors

Glowforge Troubleshooting

The Material Thickness Error Message  

This is, without a doubt, one of the most common problems that take place in the Glowforge 3d printers. Actually, there are a few reasons behind this error message and it’s a bit tough to blame a particular cause.

However, the good part is, though the problem is pretty annoying, fixing it on the other hand is very easy. To get rid of it, all you have to do is the material that you’re putting inside the printer for printing purposes, must be raised up by not less than  0.75″ from the surface of the inside part of the printing machine.

This step should definitely solve the issue that you are dealing with. If the problem is still there and you are getting the error messages again, reach out to a professional.

Not Loading All the Parts of A File

Well, in some cases, when rendering files from the library, users may face that the entire image of the file is not loading or the entire image of the file is not shown. Actually, it’s not a problem. Because when you upload a file a thumbnail is created and that thumbnail is actually shown instead of the full file.

Also, another thing is, if you delete any part from your previously made design file, the system will save the final result on top of the existing file without making any copy of it and the thumbnail will be the same. So, don’t worry if you come across any of these things.

The Printer is Not Calibrating When Turned On

This is yet another mostly seen complexity in the Gowforge 3D printers. Usually, the printer calibrates when it gets turned on. There are quite a few reasons behind the printing machine not calibrating while turning on. Let’s get to know about them and after that, we will jump to the solutions.

Some of the common reasons are-

1. The camera of the printer is unclean.

2. The printer is not connected to the internet or there is something wrong with the existing internet connection.

3. Materials within the bed are generating images that can’t be properly processed.

4. Hardware issues and it’s pretty rare.

Now that we know some of the reasons behind this let’s get to know how we can fix this.

1. Clean the lid of the camera. Sometimes dust gets stuck in the camera lid and for this reason, the printer won’t be able to pictures when it’s turned on. Thus printer will fail to calibrate. So, cleaning up the camera lid is one of the solutions.

2. If the problem is with the internet, you may try restarting the device. It is most likely to fix the problem but if it fails, reach out to your internet service providers.

3. If the problem is still there despite going with the previously stated solutions then there is a high chance that there is something wrong with the hardware and you must call a professional in this regard.

Glowforge not cutting properly

Stuck in The Middle of Printing For a Long Sized Project

Sometimes printing for long tasks may take quite a lot of time and this is where this problem arises, the printing gets stopped in the middle. One of the core reasons behind this problem is overheating. Let’s get to know about some of the probable solutions to this problem.

1. If the printing gets stuck in the middle don’t be scared as it’s because of overheating and the

the machine will cool itself down and exactly from where it paused.

2. Try to place a fan on the right side of the printing machine as it will cool down it.

3. Keep your Glowforge machine turned off when you’re not using it.

The Printer is Unable to Cut Through Proof-grade Medium Acrylic

Often times the printer fails to cut through proof-grade medium acrylic. To get rid of it, there are some measures you need to take.

1. Firstly, your material has to lie flat, and to do that, it’s a must to have flat materials and a properly positioned clean crumb tray.

2. Secondly, there has to be no damage, dust or obstruction preventing the laser light to reach the material.

3. Thirdly, it’s a must to properly set up your design.

Stuck on Homing

Now that we have come to know about some of the issues and their solutions, let’s get to know about another thing and that is what we can do if it gets stuck on homing. Let’s dive in.

1. Firstly, switch off the machine, the computer and unplug the router and wait for a few minutes.

2. After that, plug in the router again. Restart the computer and the machine let it finish its calibration

3. Next, open the app and verify that the status is “Ready”.

However, there are some other measures that you can take along with the mentioned measures and these are:

4. Check if the camera lid is clean or not.

5. Check the logo on the top of the machine is clean.

6. Ensure that there is no glare coming from the sun via the window.

Adjusting The Depth of Engraving

In a lot of cases, users find the depth of engraving too deep and they want to the depth to be minimal based on their needs. So, to adjust the depth all you need to do is-

1. Make sure that instead of varying power, you go with the engrave set converting to dots.

2. Reduce or lessen the LPI.

“We Are Sorry, An Unexpected Error Has Occured”

The above stated error statement is another most common problem that the users face. Mostly when they try to log in to their Glowforge account, they come across this error code. Maybe some add-ons or plug-ins are causing this problem. To fix this-

1. In the first place, disable all the add-ons and plug-ins from your browser.

2. After that, re-install them one by one and reload the Glowforge page and try to find out which plug-in is actually causing this problem.

3. After detecting the plugin remove it from the browser and you’re good to go.

SVG File Error

One of the most typical issues of the Glowforge 3D printer is the SVG file error code. If this error takes place then-

1. First try to open the SVG file in ink space, as a plain SVG file saving it.

2. After that, open the newly saved file.

3. If the problem is still there, reach out to an expert or professional.

Glowforge common problems

Yeah! That’s it for now. We tried our best to form a good quality, well-researched article. I hope our toil won’t fall in vain. Thank you very much for reading. Wishing you all the very best.


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