Honeywell Vista 128 128BPT 128FBP Programming

As far as security is concerned, nobody in this world would prefer not to take any sort of measurements in this regard. A home, office, or any sort of place like that may face any kind of natural and unnatural risky accident anytime.

The world is progressing at a breakneck pace, things are becoming more accessible and easier for us. But as things are getting easier, the matter of security is also getting a bit more complex. 

On the other hand, as the world progresses, the technology sector is coming up with nothing but amazing tools. And yes, technological advancements have also made a place when it comes to home security. 

An alarm control turbo panel is that sort of a home security tool. In this market. Honeywell has made a name for themselves through their Vista models.

In this article, we will be talking about how we can program the 128(Programming it to a door contact), 128BPT(System-wide data field), and 128FBP(Zone programming). We will also be talking about some other things related to them. So, let’s dive in! 

Honeywell Vista 128 128BPT 128FBP Programming – Complete Guide

Honeywell Vista 128 128BPT 128FBP Programming

Programming A Wired Door Contact to Vista 128

1. First of all, when you open the panel, there will be a golden-colored wire that you will have to connect to the door contact.

2. Then, get the keypad press 41408000 and this will take you to the programming mode. 

3. Hit *934 and after that press 1 for zone programming and then press 0 to set to confirm. 

4. Next, enter the zone number (for example 002*).

5. Press * again. Based on which door you will be using, select zone type. Keep pressing * till you get to the “Input type” option. Here press 01 and again keep pressing * Then enter zone number 000 to skip this option. 

6. Press *, quit menu mode, and press *99. That’s it. 

Vista 128BPT: System-Wide Data Fields Programming  

To do the system-wide data fields programming on the Vista 128- 

1. Enter the programming mode by pressing the installer code and 8000. You will get 8Foll/#View-00 on the display. 

2. Press *97 if the panel is not programmed before to set the factory defaults. 

3. Press * and next, put the field number to be programmed. When the field will be completed, the keypad will beep 3 times and move to the next field. If you choose not to change the next field, press * and put the next field number to be programmed. 

The first page of fields (*00-*90) 

To make any form of changes in the page of fields, press *94 and press *99 to get back to the previous page. 

4. Press *99 or *98 to exit the program mode. 

Vista 128BPT: Partition-Specific Data Fields Programming

1. Enter the programming mode by pressing the installer code and 8000

2. Press *91.

3. To start programming, enter a partition-specific field number. 

4. When you’re done with the entry of the first partition-specific field page, the next field-specific field will appear and after being done with all the partition-specific fields, you will be taken to the very first programming field.

5. Go with the exact same procedure for every single partition in the process of installation. 

Zone Programming on The Vista 128FBP 

1. First of all, press 1 to get to the zone programming mode. 

2. Then press * to move to the next page. 

3. Then, press 1=Yes to for the “Set to confirm” option. 

4. Next, you will have to put the 3-digit zone number that has to be programmed. 

5. Press * and you will be done. 

6. If you want to program more zone numbers, press # as it will take you to the first option. 

Now that we have talked about some of the programs of 128, 128BPT, and 128FBP, we will talk about some other basic yet major things related to them. Let’s go. 

How to Reset the Master Code 

To change or reset the master code of your panel- 

1. Put the default master code and follow it by pressing 8 and then 02 for the master code slot. 

2. Then, enter the new code twice. After that, you will get to hear a short single beep sound that indicates that the job is done. 

How to Change Time and Date on Your Vista 

To change the time and date of your Vista panel- 

1. Enter the master code of your panel and then press #.

2. Press 3 and then press 6. 

3. When you get to see the date and time, press *.

4. Next, enter the two-digit hour and minute settings. 

5. Press 1 for selecting AM and press 2 for selecting PM. 

6. After that, enter the last two digits of the year, two digits month setting, and two digits day setting. 

7. When you are done with entering the last number, wait for 30 seconds or press *. 

And the job is done!

Configuring Vista BPT Keypad for Pro-watch Integration

To do this- 

1. Enter the installer code of your panel and 8000 at the end of the installer code to get to the programming mode. 

2. Press *05 for the “System events notify” option. Then, enter 1 and you will get to hear a beep sound. 

3. Next, press *14 for the “RS232 Communication” option and press 1. 

4. After that, press *94. This will lead you to the next page of programming fields. Then, press*70 for the “Event Log Type” option and enter 11111 in order to enable the event. You will get to hear another beep sound. 

5. Press *78 for the “Extended Home Control Event” option and enter 1. 

6. Press *79 for the option “Home control events” option and then enter 11111. 

7. Press *80 for the “Log faults and Restores” option and enter 1. 

8. Now, exit programming through press *99 three times. 

And you’re good to go. 

How to Disable The Auto-Stay Arming

To disable the auto-stay arming- 

1. First, enter the installer code and 800. 

2. Press *84 and this will take you to the “Auto-Stay” page. 

3. Then press 0. You will get to hear a beep sound. 

4. Press *99 to exit the programming mode.  


1. How many zones are there in the Vista 128BPT? 

Ans: It has 127 wireless zones. 

2. How to get to the zone programming mode? 

Ans: We have discussed it in the 128FBP section, you will get the answer there. 

3. What does “Open/Close Reporting Schedule” mean? 

Ans: There are three schedules(Daily, Holiday, Temporary) in the panel. The Open/Close reporting schedule is the summary of these three schedules. 

4. Where can I get a manual and a cheat sheet for my panel?

Ans: You can easily find them online. 

Wrapping It Up! 

That’s it. We are done with this article. That was our take on the Honeywell Vista 128, 128BPT, and 128FBP programming guide. 

This write-up was a tough one to research and write about. We genuinely hope that you will be benefitted from this. Because if you get the information you want, our hard work will pay off. 

Thank you very much for being with us. Wishing you the very best of luck.

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