Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping

Hoshizaki; A known brand for manufacturing foodservice industry equipment including ice machines and refrigeration. We are gonna talk about the Hoshizaki Ice makers here. Though They have a few models (FD‑1002MRJZ‑C, FD‑650MRJZ‑C, F‑1002MRJZ‑SC, etc.) in the market, functionally they are pretty much similar.

 But if the ice machine from Hoshizaki is way older, you may find issues such as beeping and not working properly in it. We will be digging deeper into how you are going to fix and troubleshoot the Hoshizaki ice machine beeping.

Noting down one more thing, as the models work similarly, they have very similar beeping codes and patterns. Our troubleshoot will be completely applicable for any of the models you have been using.

We will be categorizing the troubleshoot session into discrete categories. In random order, there will be a different pattern of beeps along with their reason as points.

So, let’s get started.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeps Meaning

The beeping of your Hoshizaki Ice Machine can be defined as some notification or warning indication of the device. This informs you about where is the problem and what trouble your device is facing right now.

There are a bunch of different beeping patterns to define different indications.

One Beep

Our Hoshizaki Ice machine may beep one time as a Temperature Safety Warning. Basically, there is a safety function in your device that prevents heat damage to the whole engine.

In case the machine is on excessive overheat You will start hearing one beep continuously as shut-down a reminder.

As soon as this increases up to 127 degrees Fahrenheit, the thermistor will shut down suddenly.

The reason for one beep may be from

  • Hot water in Unit
  • Shorted Thermistor
  • Control Board Relay
  • HGV (Hot Gas Valve) Compilation

Two Beeps

This is an indication of a long harvest cycle.

A harvesting cycle means when your machine has ejected the ice from it’s ice mold.

The control board of the device has it’s defrost safety timer that prevents long harvesting. This may consume power safely and decrease heat leaking.

When the machine is running a long harvesting cycle which is more than 20 minutes, the machine will give you a warning with two Beeps and a “20 Min” marked orange LED.

Here, the reasons are

  • TXV (thermostatic expansion valves)
  • HGV (Hot Gas Valve) got Opened
  • Defection in Compressor
  • Open Thermistor

Three Beeps

Three beeps somehow define similar to the previous one, as Long Freeze Cycle.

A freeze cycle means the time between filling the mold with water and then it is frozen. As soon as it finishes, the float switch has to be open and the harvest cycle has to get started.

But in case it doesn’t happen the control board of your Hoshizaki will be shut down for safety issues and show you a Yellow LED with “60 Min” with three beeps.

The reason behind the three beeps are

  • Closed Float switch (Up Position)
  • HGV Leaking
  • Low Charge
  • Compressor Fault
  • Water Inlet Valve is leaking

Four or Five Beeps

Four beep alarm stands for Bin Control K-4 connector short circuit. And five beeps mean that the bin control’s K-4 connector has an open circuit.

Whatever four or five beeps can be seen on the old devices where mechanical bin control is available, like in the KM-280, KM-500, KM-630 and KM-900 models.

For the new models, mechanisms are changed and you won’t hear four or five beeps in those devices.

Six or Seven Beeps

This is an incorrect voltage warning.

When the voltage of your Hoshizaki freezer falls below 92 Volts +/- 5 percent, it will make 6 times beep and then emergency shutdown. The control board is programmed to shut it down in such a situation to prevent unwanted damage to the circuit.

As soon as the correct voltage is delivered, the device starts again. Also, if the voltage crosses 147 volts +/- 5 percent, it will shut down making a seven-beep warning.

The reason behind the issue,

  • Voltage Surge
  • High or Stinger leg connection the o wrong wire
  • Improper wiring

Eight Beeps

This is a problem of De Energized Gear Motor Relay,

This is a complex situation when the compressor relay won’t energize and force the machine to shut down both compressors along with gear motor relays.

Turning the device off and on and a manual reset may be helpful for it.

We will be expanding details about resetting your Hoshizaki ice machine at the bottom.

Nine Beeps

It is a Bin control check warning. The beep will happen in the risky situation of overfilling ice storage.

There is a proximity sensor to detect overflow. As a result, when the mechanical bin control finds the bin is full, the proximity switch opens. The control board shuts the machine down instantly for safety.

You can turn the machine on and off for a safe manual reset.

Tips out of the box

Your Hoshizaki Ice machine is integrated with a number of complex parts. Each part can get damaged for different reasons. And for each problem, the ice machine may get stopped or not make any ice.

As there are complex mechanisms, small issues may term your device to not work. So, proper maintenance of the machine is strictly recommended.

A proper power line with adequate voltage is necessary. Lower voltage and too higher voltage may harm your device highly.

Water leaking on the circuit board is a curse for it. So, keeping the whole area clean and under surveillance for an older device is important.

Leaving all these discussed issues, so many times the sensor and circuit may go malfunctioned. Maybe there is no problem with the device at all, the whole system is running well and ice is produced at its regular way or timing. But in the meantime, you hear beeps continuously.

Even if you are applying methods of troubleshooting the device, the beep is not stopping. Now, this is time for a beeping reset to your device.

Also, if the sensors can be damaged that, they send wrong beep warnings. Try to visualize it all.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Reset

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Reset

Device reset

On your Hoshizaki device, there is a reset button next to the yellow and orange light over the control board.

Keep the device powered on and then press the button. The device will begin its startup process and the reset is done.

Sensor Reset

You will find a metal panel covering the circuit board area of the device’s back. There will be one screw holding it in the place. Unscrew it out and the panel will come open.

There will be a power switch below, make sure that is on according to the manual.

Behind the jack and the connectors, almost in the middle of the board, there is a black button on the side of the LEDs. Click that and hold it for a couple of seconds, the device will reset its beeping. That’s it.

To reach the black button get a thin plastic stick or pen, or the board can be caught short circuit. Even you can get a severe electric shock.

In the end, you have to know that, the device will be running fine, still, you need to give it better maintenance, otherwise, your Hoshizaki Ice machine will be stopped working after days. Do not use third-party replacement part that is unauthorized.

But after the whole procedure if the device isn’t working fine yet, call the nearest Hoshizaki customer service and get expert help. Utilize the warranty if it is still available.

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