Keurig K Duo Troubleshooting

Going to sleep thinking about coffee, and waking up to a freshly brewed cup of the same- what else would a perfect day look like to a caffeine addict? Don’t know about you guys, but this is definitely what keeps me going each day.

And when it comes to coffee, finding the perfect coffeemaker can be the hardest thing to do. However, those of you who have used Keurig coffee brewers surely know how amazing it is. They are not only popular as of now, but have stolen millions of hearts with their top-notch performance for years.

Even though Keurig has been ahead in the game with their quick brewing, you may face some issues with it from time to time. But don’t be worried because we’re here to save your day! Just by following our quick and easy fixes, you can enjoy your morning coffee with a smile on your face.

Keurig K Duo Troubleshooting

Keurig K Duo Troubleshooting
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Troubleshooting 101: How to save your morning coffee

Grounds Remaining in Coffee Cup

Grounds Remaining in Coffee Cup

Often, when your Keurig K Duo starts to act up, you may find residual coffee grounds on your cup. No one likes coffee grounds floating at the top of their morning coffee, do they? But what’s the solution?

To troubleshoot this problem, simply follow the below steps and you should be done in no time-

  • As the coffee grounds may have accumulated in the exit needles or the entrance needles, you’ll need to clean it right away. For this, use a thin object such as a paper clip or piece of metal wire to clean the K-Cup pod holder’s exit needle. In case you’re confused, look into the user’s manual.
  • Secondly, go ahead and similarly clean the entrance needle.
  • Another reason why your coffee cup has grounds residue could be exceeding the coffee capacity. To avoid this, never fill the machine with more than 15 tbsp for regular ground coffee and 12 tbsp for decaf ones.
  • If the above steps don’t help, the problem could be the type of grind for the beans. For this, simply shift to a coarse grind for your K-Cup and you should be good to go.
Keurig K Duo Brewing Little Coffee

Keurig K Duo Brewing Little Coffee

Occasionally, you may notice that your Keurig isn’t brewing enough coffee and you’re left with only a partial cup. At that moment, there are a few things that should be followed to overcome the problem-

  • Firstly, make sure that there is enough water where it is supposed to be, in the Keurig K Duo’s water reservoir. If there isn’t, fill it up right away.
  • If the water reservoir is removed when brewing, you may end up with little coffee.
  • From time to time, it’s a possibility that the exit needle gets clogged with debris and coffee grounds. To fix this, simply clean the exit needle with a wire or so. Do so slowly and carefully without damaging the needle.
  • In case none of them seem to work, go ahead and replace the water reservoir. Once this is done, perform a rinsing brew, keeping the K-Cup pod unattached. This will allow the water line to unclog in a jiffy.
  • Another reason behind partial brews can be a clogged drip stop. If and when this occurs, make sure to remove the filter basket as well as the drawer. Then go ahead and rinse them thoroughly to wash away any residual grounds in the plunger.
  • Failed to fix the issue with all the steps above? The underlying cause could be repeated descaling on your brewer or living at a high altitude. So, what should you do? Call the Keurig customer care center without any delay!
Keurig Won’t Brew at All

Keurig Won’t Brew at All

Well, even though this sounds like a nightmare to every coffee addict out there, this situation could happen at times. However, like every other troubleshooting issue, we have solutions for this too. Simply pay attention to the steps mentioned and follow them accordingly-

  • Once you have put the K-Cup pod in the K-Cup Pod holder, push down the handle firmly. Make sure that it’s set in place properly. Otherwise, your machine won’t brew.
  • Look at the indicator lights. If the “add water” light seems to illuminate, add water to the water reservoir right away. This might seem silly, but a lot of us tend to make this mistake from time to time. However, be certain about the amount of water being filled. Never exceed the MAX fill line, or else your brewer will start to overflow.
  • In case there’s enough water in the machine reservoir, check whether it’s tightly put into the right spot. Oftentimes, when the water reservoir isn’t placed onto its base firmly, the brewing might stop working.
  • Assuming that the “fill water” indicator illuminates even after refilling the reservoir, there might be issues with the machine itself. In such scenarios, the only way out is to talk to the experts- call the customer service hotline right away!
Brewing Machine Won’t Switch on or Keeps Shutting Down

Brewing Machine Won’t Switch on or Keeps Shutting Down

Now, this happens to users more often than ever. The reasons behind it are quite silly and easily overlooked, hence the problems. Just make sure to remember to do a few things and you’ll be good to go-

  • To turn on the Keurig K Duo brewer, be sure that you have correctly pressed the OZ or CUPS button.
  • Often, we tend to overload all our appliances with the use of a multi-outlet splitter. This is exactly where we go wrong! When brewing your coffee, always be 100% sure to plug the brewer into its own outlet. Sharing the outlet with multiple appliances will cause damage to the machine and ruin your coffee too. Better to be careful than spend more money on a new brewing machine, right?
  • To ensure energy saving, Keurig K Duo comes with an automatic shutdown feature. They’re designed to turn themselves off after 60 seconds of inactivity. In case it seems to be active even after a few minutes, go ahead and call customer care!
Water Leakage from Keurig K Duo

Water Leakage from Keurig K Duo

Having a bad day isn’t only limited to brewing a bad cup of coffee. When you notice water leaking from your Keurig brewer early in the morning while you have to rush to work, that’s even worse! Do you clean up, check the brewer or run to the office so you don’t lose your job?

Worst possible scenarios aside, we have the perfect solution if and when water starts to leak from your coffee machine-

  • First off, make sure that your water reservoir is seated firmly on the base. As mentioned earlier, this could be a big factor.
  • Check the well underneath your reservoir for any signs of water accumulation.
  • Carefully take the water reservoir out and look for leaks. In case you do find leakages on the reservoir, it’s time to get it replaced. Before you head off to work, make sure to order one from their official website. Well, at least you’ll end up with a perfect cup of coffee once you are home!
  • Given that the reservoir is devoid of any leakage signs, check the gasket line around the puncture needle. If the gasket isn’t lined up in place, your brewer may start to leak. Simply move it down by a quarter inch to seal the place firmly.
Brewer Won’t Heat Properly or Takes Time
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Brewer Won’t Heat Properly or Takes Time

Whenever you observe that your Keurig isn’t heating, it’s probably because the water pump is acting up. And as soon as the Keurig brewer detects that water isn’t pumped correctly, it’ll shut itself down for internal protection. To overcome this problem, all you have to do is-

  • Reset your water reservoir. Once this step is done, take out all the water by simply holding the brew button for around 5-10 seconds. Refill the reservoir and try brewing your coffee again.
  • Given that you had your brewer stored in a cold environment for a while, run 3 straight rinses without the K-Cup pod. This is because storing coffee machines in lower temperatures cause the water to freeze inside the brewer. Doing the water rinse will allow your Keurig to warm down and function properly. Unless you do so, you’re pushing the machine at risk of possible internal damage.
  • If none of these hacks work for you, there could be an underlying motherboard problem. Sadly enough, this can’t be troubleshot without the help of a professional technician. So, you know what to do, call Keurig customer support without any delay!

Now that we’re almost at the end of troubleshooting the Keurig K Duo brewer, we thought these tips might be useful for you all-

  • Make sure that the paper filter is properly seated flat on the filter basket.
  • Always empty the water reservoir before storage. When transporting it from one place to the other, be certain to do the same.
  • Never forget to store your Keurig K Duo in a cool, frost-free surrounding.
  • Just in case you had it stored in a cold setting, water rinses it a couple of times. And then let it warm down at room temperature for 2 hours prior to use.
  • If you require servicing your Keurig brewer, don’t ever try it at home. Since these are not manufactured to be user-serviceable, it’s always recommended to take them to experts. This way, you can ensure its durability and avoid any internal damage.

So, folks! We’re done and dusted with every troubleshooting nook and cranny we could find for the Keurig K Duo. Hope you have a good day and be blessed with the best cup of coffee!

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  1. K goes on and off, must be sensor related to coffee holder that controls whether unit works or not. Green lite comes on and when activating 12 cup button unit turns off. This am I held coffee holder in tightly to the unit and it worked. Is there a sensor that controls unit cutting on if coffee filter holder does not sense coffee holder in place?

  2. We just took our new K- Duo coffee Maker out of the box- so excited to use it. We are trying to program the carafe to come on automatically in the morning with 12 cups of coffee, but only the one cup button will blink. Can we not automatically set the carafe to come on in the morning. Please advise. Thank u!
    P.S. We set the clock to the correct time and we set the clock to the time we automatically want the brew to start in the morning. We chose the 12 cups, but only the single cup will blink. Help! Thank u!


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