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Konwin Heater Not Working

The ‘infrared’ heater is very important for heating the room as well as outdoors in the winter season. It is very popular in colder countries.

This type of heater produces heat by emitting electromagnetic radiation. Due to improper use and irregular maintenance, the Konwin heater may be out of order.

This article will describe why the Konwin heater is not working. The most common reason and troubleshooting guidelines will be discussed here for your problematic Konwin heater.

Konwin Heater Not Working

Konwin Heater Not Working

If your Konwin heater is not working, the below-listed problem may happen. To solve your heater problem, follow the specific guidelines for specific problems. The common reason of your Konwin heater is not working are listed below:

  • Blown fuse
  • The heater is not turning on
  • Overheated machine
  • Damaged electric circuit breaker
  • A warm cord of the heater
  • The machine is on but does not produce heat
  • Keeps turning on & off automatically
  • The heater is not turning off
  • Blowing cold air
  • Poor heat circulation
  • The blower fan is not working
  • The blower fan is running but no heat
  • Heater making noise
  • Heater producing a burning smell

These are the most common problems for which your Konwin heater is not working. Let’s discuss every point in detail.

Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is the most common reason for not working your Konwin heater. Fuse is a safety device for your heater. This device protects your heater from ‘overheating’.

To check whether the fuse is ok or not, just use a multi-meter and check the continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the fuse.

A blown fuse is an indicator of air flowing in a good way. Every time you change the thermal fuse, check the air vent.

Before testing the fuse, do not forget to unplug the electric line.

The Heater is Not Turning ON

The main reason for not turning on your heater is an improper power supply. When your heater is not turning on, check the power supply first.

At the time of power supply checking, you need to check the below-mentioned items:

  • Loose connection between the power supply socket and plug.
  • The circuit breaker may be tripped or broken.
  • Power supply cord which may be damaged.
  • Insufficient air reaching at the unit.

At the inspection time, you may find any of them are improper.

To solve the power supply-related problem do the following task. Suppose, connect the power supply socket and plug tightly, reset the electric circuit breaker if it is tripped, change the circuit breaker if it is broken, change the power supply cord if it is damaged, and lastly ensure the sufficient air reaching at your heater.

Overheated Machine

Due to the improper thermostat setting your heater may overheat. To set your thermostat temperature follow the below instructions.

Firstly, set the temperature at the maximum level of your thermostat. Then run your heater. When you are satisfied with the current temperature, slowly reduce the thermostat regulator until it is switched off.

In this way, you can set your thermostat temperature and can save your machine from overheating.

Damaged Electric Circuit Breaker

If your electric circuit breaker is damaged it will not turn on your heater. Sometimes the electric circuit breaker may also trip due to the overvoltage or ampere.

The solution to this problem is very easy. If the circuit breaker is damaged, change it. On the other hand, for the trip circuit breaker reset it again.

The Machine is ON But Not Producing Heat

When your machine is on but not producing heat, then you need to check the front grill of your heater. Clean up the front grill if it is dirty and keep always it clean.

After that, check the blower fan of your machine. If it is dirty, clean it and maintain a free airflow.

After that, check the air filter. Due to the filter blockage, the machine will not work and do not produce heat.

Lastly, check and clean the rear vent. If it is clogged, clean it.

Hope the problem will be solved in this way. If you need more assistance to clean the above-mentioned items, follow the owner’s manual. You can also call a professional repairer if you are not confident enough to do this task.

Frequently Turning ON and OFF (Automatically)

When this trouble comes in front, you need to think that the heater is not getting enough air. Remove the nearby obstacles like tables, furniture, plants, etc. Maintain a good airflow to your Konwin dryer.

Sometimes, due to the faulty control switch, this problem may also come. By inspecting the continuity of the switch with a multi-meter, you can understand whether the switch is ok or not. Replace it, if it has no continuity.

Blowing Cold Air

Mainly for two reasons, this may happen. Check the setting of your Konwin heater. Sometimes, you may have selected the fan-only option. Reset the heater to restore the previous setting.

Another one is that, when your heater reaches the preset temperature, it will stop producing heat. But the fan will move for 2-5 minutes. At that time, it will not blow hot air. It is not a problem.

Poor Heat Circulation

The blower fan of your heater is mainly responsible for improper heat circulation. On that occasion, clean the fan and adjust the fan speed. Fan speed mainly depends on the health of the capacitor. Check the capacitor health with a multi-meter. If the capacitor is in bad condition, replace it.

Don’t forget to turn off the heater before checking the fan and capacitor health.

Heater Making Noise

Making noise while operating is normal for your Konwin heater. Some models like as Quartz, Radiant, and Parabolic will make noise after turning the heater. Due to the expansion of the heating elements, these sounds are created.

The Blower Fan is Running But Not Heating

This may happen due to bad or faulty heating elements. For Konwin heaters, the heating element is a long coil.

To check the heating element, use a multi-meter and test the continuity. Replace the coil if it has no continuity.

To open the heating element, remove the heater control knob. Don’t forget to shut off your heater before testing the coil’s continuity.

The Heater Produces a Burning Smell

For the new Konwin heater, a small amount of burning smell is normal. Don’t worry after getting a burning smell from your newly purchased heater.

Some other reason for this burning smell is dirty heating elements. It is also risky for your heater. Regularly clean your heater’s heating elements, filaments, and front grill.

Most important thing is to turn off your heater before conducting any cleaning schedule.

Konwin Heater Reset Procedure

Konwin Heater Reset Procedure

When your heater is shut down automatically or not working, you need to reset your heater. To reset your heater, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Unplug the electric line from the main power line.
  • Wait at least 5 minutes for cooling down the machine.
  • After that plug in the power line again.
  • Then press and hold down the power button of your heater for 5 seconds.
  • The heater will function then as usual.

These are all about Konwin heaters not working troubleshooting. Follow every mentioned item carefully before calling a professional service provider. Also, ensure safety precautions when you are troubleshooting your Konwin heater.

Hope this article will help you to solve your Konwin heater is not working problem.

This troubleshooting guideline is applicable for the below mentioned Konwin heater models and some others also;

BY1201, GD9315BCW-A8, GD9315BCW-A1, GD9315BCW-A2, GD9315BCW-A3, GD9315BCW-A4, GD9315BCW-A5, GD9315BCW-A6, GD9315BCW-A7, GD9210-BJ6, GD9315BC1-BJ1, GD9210-BJ1, GD9210-BJ2, GD9210-BJ3, GD9210-BJ4, GD9210-BJ5,

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