LG Dishwasher AE error code Troubleshooting

Who likes cleaning their dishes? No one does! That is why we tend to buy products that are dishwasher safe. But, when our dishwasher breaks, all hell breaks loose. 

What does AE mean on an LG dishwasher? It is when you find a leak in the dishwasher. Eventually, you will find yourself with a broken dishwasher that stops working altogether. That is why you need to find a way to troubleshoot this issue.

Why worry when we have come to you with all the solutions in this article? Just read along, and you will be just fine.

What Does LG Dishwasher AE error code Mean?

As mentioned above, when there is leakage happening inside your dishwasher, the AE code will appear on your LG dishwasher. 

The leakage sensor of the unit is what detects this issue. A small float element is activated when the machine finds water in the sump. This happens through a signal that is sent to the control board. 

But, there is a short-term failure associated with the code. So, you would need to unplug the LG dishwasher for a few minutes before turning it back on.

LG Dishwasher AE error code: The Causes

LG Dishwasher AE error code

There could be a few reasons why this code appears. The main reason is using too much detergent. 

There will be too much foam if you use too much detergent on a single wash. This could quickly start to leak and cause the error to occur.

Another reason could be that your washer’s drain filter is somehow clogged. Other than that, this error can be caused by a wrong connection or breakage of the hosepipe. 

There are many other reasons why this problem may occur. You will learn about them in the rest of this article and how to solve the issue.

Using the Wrong Detergent

Using the Wrong Detergent

There are many kinds of detergents out there. Some create a lot of foam or suds, while others generate less. You need to check which type of detergent you are using on your LG dishwasher, as the amount of foam can cause an AE error to happen.

To understand your detergent, you need to know how it works. The sudsing process of a detergent is when fatty acids react with water to create bubbles that take away the grease from the dishes. This is how the foam is formed.

You need to know which detergent is best for your LG dishwasher model. Because if you do not know that, your detergent will not complete its task.

And, you cannot use soap in your dishwasher as it is terrible for the washer as well as it does not do the job correctly as a detergent would. 

With soaps, there will be a buildup of suds, which can lead to the door of the washer not being sealed correctly. This will lead to leakage and an AE error code. 


  • Use the correct detergent for your dishwasher.

A Broken Hose

LG Dishwasher AE error code-A Broken Hose

The drain hose of the dishwasher has an essential task on its hands. The drain hose takes the water from the dishwasher to the drain pump after every wash. That is one of the most crucial jobs for a dishwasher as it ensures that there is no overflow of water when the dishwasher has washed all the dishes.

This is why the drain hose needs to be sealed at all times, or it will leak. It needs to be appropriately connected to its connections. Otherwise, there will be leakage. 

If the drain Hose Pipe is somehow damaged, water will leak, and error code AE will appear.


  • Tighten the dishwasher and the sink openings to ensure that the ends of the pipe are sealed securely.
  • Place a container below the dishwasher and turn off the power.
  • Let the water drain into the container.
  • Reconnect the hoses.
  • Wait for a while and turn on the machine to check if everything is in order.
  • If this does not work, replace the pipe with a new one.

Clogged Drain System

Clogged Drain System

The Drain System of the LG dishwasher includes the drain filter. As with any type of appliance’s filter of any kind, you should clean or at least check up on it regularly. 

A drain filter keeps large food particles or other dirt and debris from entering the machine. There can be some buildup on the filter over time that will cause leakage and make it hard for the washer to do its job.


  • Please take out the filter and clean it with water and soap.
  • Keep it under running water so that all the debris can come off.
  • Gently scrub with an old toothbrush or a sponge to get the stubborn bits out.
  • Check to see if there is any debris near where the filter is supposed to be installed.
  • Wipe the filter clean and let it dry.
  • Install the filter and turn on the machine to check if everything is fine.
  • If the filter is completely damaged and the device does not work with it, replace it with a new one.

A Faulty Inlet Valve

A Faulty Inlet Valve

The job of an inlet valve is to let the water come into the dishwasher. It is an essential job as this water is what cleans the dishes. The machine would have turned useless if it were not for this inlet valve. 

If the inlet valve is damaged somehow or not completely sealed tight, water will start to leak inside the LG dishwasher. You do not want that to happen, as it will cause an AE error code to appear. Plus, the washer will not work anymore.

So, the inlet valve needs to work properly by opening and closing correctly whenever it needs to. Or else your washer might overflow with water. The leak that this will cause will surround the door or the bottom spray arm.

You can still use your dishwasher like this. But that means that you have to use it as a manual washer. That is not a preferable solution. But, that works if you do not have a budget to replace or repair the inlet valve.


  • The inlet valve needs to be replaced with a new one.

Defective Float Switch

LG Dishwasher AE error code-Defective Float Switch

You can find the float assembly in the tub of the LG dishwasher. It is situated on the bottom. The main job of the float switch is to prevent excess water from getting into the dishwasher tub.

When water has reached an expected level, the float lifts and triggers the float switch. Then, the trigger makes it to that water flow starts shutting off. 

If the float is not able to move up and down easily, the trigger will not go off. Then, the float switch will not be able to cut off the water supply. This will eventually make it so that the water will eventually overflow.

Eventually, there will be leakage if the float is defective and cannot detect the machine’s water level. Thus, the AE error code will appear.

If the float switch is not damaged, then the mushroom float will easily be able to do its job and keep the machine working fine. Otherwise, your LG dishwasher will not only leak and show error code AE, but it will also stop working altogether. 


  • If the mushroom float fails, you need to replace it with a completely new one as there is no way of repairing it.
  • There is no way of repairing the float switch as well. That is why you will need to change and replace the float switch with a new one.

Final Words

Doing the dishes without a dishwasher is a big hassle. Those who are used to using a dishwasher simply cannot go back to washing dishes with their hands. We have other daily chores to attend to anyways. Do we not?

But, what do to if your dishwasher fails you? And, what does AE mean on an LG dishwasher? Well, if you have already gone through this article, you should know all about it and how to troubleshoot this problem.

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