Liftmaster garage door opener programming

Almost every garage door remote requires some programming after installation. Similarly, you will need to configure your LiftMaster garage door remote if you are going to replace the previous one or if you have recently installed a new LiftMaster opener in your garage.

Luckily, a LiftMaster opener requires simple programming to make it active. Need instructions on how to program a Liftmaster garage door opener? If that’s the case, you’ve found the proper place to be. Read the article to get your answer.

How To Program Liftmaster Garage Door Opener?

It’s time to program your Liftmaster garage door opener. But how? Follow the steps accordingly discussed below.

How To Program Liftmaster Garage Door Opener?

Step:1 Close The Garage Door

It’s important you close your garage door before you start the programming. If you start programming while your door is open, it may malfunction. So keeping the door closed is the first step to do.

Step:2 Open The Garage Door Opener Panel

Garage door openers are positioned on the garage roof. Accessing the unit requires a ladder. Find the unit’s panel. Liftmaster garage door openers include side and back panels regarding the models.

To access the motor’s interior, open the panel. When opened, the panel swings down from hinges attached to the device.

Step:3 Bulb In Garage Door Opener Panel

Ensure an LED or light bulb is plugged in the door opener. That is because it works as an indicator of successful programming. Once the programming is done successfully, it will flash.

Step:4 Find “LEARN” Button

Find the “LEARN” button on your garage door opener. Can’t find the “LEARN” button on LiftMaster? You can locate the “LEARN” button next to the antenna just below the light cover of the garage door opener. Usually, it is located on the back or side panel of the opener.

You should use this button if you’ve got a wall-mounted panel; if not, you should access it from the door opener unit. However, some garage door openers come with several types of control panels that can be used to program the Liftmaster remote control.  

Step 5: Activate the “LEARN” Button 

Before you start programming the remote button, you need to activate the “LEARN” button. To do so, you have to give a single press this button. This step will activate the “Programming Mode” of your garage door opener.

Remember, if your Liftmaster garage door opener came with a MyQ panel, press the “LEARN” button for two times.

Step:6 Activate The Program Button On Remote

Each Liftmaster remote has a different programming button. For example, insert a paper pin into the hole on the side of the remote, if you have an 890MAX or 895MAX. To activate the controller’s LED, insert the pin from the back and push it in. To program an 893MAX remote, remove the visor pin and push the program slot until the LED turns on.

In order to use a keyless remote, hold down the * and # buttons simultaneously until the keypad lights up.

Step:7 PressThe Button To Program

Refer to the instructions for your door opener to learn how many times you must push the button on the remote to preset it. The color of the ‘LEARN’ button of the garage door opener device describes the number of times that the required programming button should be pressed.

A single press and release of the remote control button are all that is required to activate the yellow “LEARN” button on your remote. Moreover, press and release the button two times for the purple “LEARN” button. Repeat this process three times for an orange-red “LEARN” button, and for a purple “LEARN” button press the button four times.

Step:8 Complete The Programming

Press and release any either of the two other buttons located on the remote once you press the button that you want to program the requisite number of times. Now, give the ‘LEARN’ button on your garage door opener device a single press. It will light up the LED located at the side of the button.

Press the remote’s button and hold it that you chose to configure. Under 30 seconds, once the opener knocks two times and the bulb inside the device flashes the programming of the button is done.

Step:9 Have A Test

It’s time to have a test. Press and hold down the programmed button for a few seconds. The garage door will automatically open if the programming is successful.

Step 10: Repeat The Process

If the program fails or you see the door is not operating after the completion of the programming, you should repeat the process. Moreover, the programming process is the same for other buttons on the remote.

Contact Customer Service

For first-time programming of the Liftmaster garage door opener, understanding the whole mechanism might be quite complex. If you don’t know the process or are not good at this even after going through this article, you should contact the Liftmaster support team or customer service. They will let you know how to program it or send their technician. 

How To Reset A Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Remote?

Liftmaster garage door openers come with a remote control that you may use to open your garage door. In order to link the remote to the main system, this remote is pre-programmed with a default code. To prevent unwanted access to your garage, you should change the remote’s default code after the first time you use it.

On the motor of a Liftmaster garage door opener, there is going to be a button that mentions “Learn.” You will need to do the following in order to reprogramme the Liftmaster opening system:

  • You need to press the remote’s button.
  • To start the reset process, Press the “LEARN” button that is placed on the motor.
  • Keep pressing the “LEARN” button and the remote button until the LED on the door opener unit begins to blink, which will indicate that the system has been successfully reset.

How To Reset The Code Of The Garage Door Opener Code

In order to protect the safety of your goods and your house, you must change the code for your garage door opener regularly. The good news is that resetting the code for your garage door on the keypad is a rather straightforward operation. Here, we are to inform you about the process of changing the pin code you use to enter your garage if you decide it is time to do so.

  • Press the “LEARN” button, and release it immediately. Now, if your garage door opener is equipped with a MyQ control panel, you may need to perform this step more than once.
  • After pressing the “LEARN” button, you will have thirty seconds to enter the new PIN code using your keypad. After that, press the button labelled “Enter.”
  • If you successfully change the four-digit pin code, the Led on the garage door opener would flash rapidly or completely turn off.
  • Perform some tests with your new pin.

How to erase all codes


Hopefully, now you know how to program the Liftmaster garage door opener. We have tried to give you step-by-step guidelines to make the task easier for you. Moreover, we included other tips to reset your remote and device pin to add more safety.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and program your door opener.

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