Ninja Coffee Maker Beeps 5 Times And Stops

As a coffee-lover, you will never want to see a malfunctioned coffee maker just after waking up. If your Ninja coffee maker beeps 5 times and stops, do not worry, as 5 times beeping does not always mean a damaged coffee maker.

Some typical causes stop the brewing cycle and make the coffee maker beep. Those issues are often fixable, and you can fix them without a technician’s help. First, you must know the reason behind the beeping to fix the problems.

Before you think of getting rid of your current Ninja Coffee maker, figure out the problem and try some fixes. Ninja coffee maker beeping 5 times means the problem is a clogged water line and needs two cleaning cycles. Also, there might be an issue with the water reservoir valve causing beeping issues. The Ninja Coffee maker won’t brew if the valve is broken.

Your Ninja Coffee maker needs proper maintenance to run smoothly. For a longer lifespan of a coffee maker, there is no alternative to proper maintenance. You must know the appropriate ways of maintenance. It is essential that you handle the machine carefully to avoid any accidents.

Ninja Coffee Maker Beeps 5 Times And Stops – Troubleshooting

Ninja Coffee Maker Beeps 5 Times And Stops

Ninja coffee maker beeps 5 times does not mean it has only one type of beeping style. It can beep mainly in two ways. You must observe the Ninja coffee maker error codes to find the actual reason behind the beeping.

Here are two sorts of 5 times beeping and their troubleshooting,

Ninja Coffee Maker Beeping and Stops Brewing

In such a situation, the coffee maker stops brewing after it beeps 5 times. Generally, the coffee maker stops in the mid-way of the brewing process. Sometimes, the coffee maker completes the beeping before it starts brewing. If your coffee maker ends its 5 beeps without brewing the coffee, the problem lies with the water reservoir’s waterline or the valve.

The ways to solve the above problem:

Clean The Water Reservoir

Ninja coffee maker automatically turns on its clean light when it needs cleaning. Sometimes, you might have to run the clean cycle without getting the automated warning. The inner connections and the brew basket of your coffee maker get clogged because of the minerals from water. Also, the caffeinated coffee beans pull out natural oils, resulting in a clogged waterline.

Do not worry after learning that your coffee maker might have a clogged water line. Cleaning the inner connections of the coffee maker and the brew basket is easy. With the help of a water and vinegar solution, you can easily clean off the water reservoir, the brew basket, and the inner connections like the waterline.

To start the cleaning process, pour the water-vinegar solution into the reservoir. Then click on the “Full Carafe” and “Clean” buttons by keeping the carafe empty below the brew basket. After starting the clean cycle, let the coffee maker complete its 60-minute cleaning cycle. Once the process is finished, thoroughly rinse the carafe and the reservoir with clean water.

Check The Water Reservoir Valve

The water reservoir valve underneath the water tank is usually made of plastic. During the brewing cycle of the coffee maker, this plastic valve opens automatically. If this valve gets broken, the coffee machine won’t be able to pull sufficient water from the reservoir. As a result, the coffee maker will stop brewing and beep 5 times.

Now, if you see your coffee maker’s valve is broken, it will be best to replace the water reservoir. Otherwise, you can try fixing the problem by calling an expert.

Inspect The Water Reservoir

It is vital that you check the water reservoir fill line on a regular basis. Your coffee bar won’t brew if it has insufficient water in the reservoir. When the coffee maker does not get enough water to brew, it beeps 5 times and stops brewing. If this is the case, fill the reservoir with water up to the fill line and place it back. Check whether the beeping continues or not.

Also, remember not to fill the water reservoir beyond the fill line. If you do so, it will invite other issues to your coffee maker.

ninja coffee maker parts details

Ninja Coffee Maker Completes Brewing Before the 5th Beep.

If your Ninja Coffee maker completes the brewing process before the 5th beep, there are still problems with the machine. You might think there is no issue with the coffee maker as it completes the brewing cycle and delivers you a hot cup of coffee. Though it s giving you a fresh hot cup of coffee, it requires some maintenance to stop the beeping problem.

Check the filtering mechanism and the ‘Drip Stop’ box to fix this problem. The ways of fixing the issues related to filter and Drip Stop box are as follows-

Inspect The Drip Stop

The Drip Stop is a unique feature of the Ninja Coffee maker that prevents the dripping of coffee throughout the brewing cycle. However, the coffee maker will not start brewing if you forget to reopen the drip stop. The unique design of the Ninja coffee bar does not allow the machine to brew if the drip stop is closed. It will beep 5 times if the drip stop box is closed.

Check The Filter Mechanism

ninja coffee maker filter problems beeping

Sometimes if the filter of the coffee maker is not pushed in well, the machine will beep 5 times. So, check the filtering mechanism if your coffee maker completes the brew cycle and beeps 5 times. Ninja Coffee bar disassembly of the filter needs to be placed well. So, push the filter and check whether the beeping problem has been solved or not.


Ninja Coffee Maker Beeping faqs

How do you reset a Ninja Coffee maker?

One of the effective troubleshooting of a ninja coffee maker is resetting the machine. If none of the other troubleshooting works, try to reset the device by unplugging it from the socket. Then wait for 5-10minutes and let the coffee maker rest. After you plug back the machine, it will regain its original condition and work fine.

Why does my Ninja coffee bar stops brewing?

When the coffee maker’s inner connections like the waterline and valves get clogged up, it stops brewing. The calcium and other minerals from the water create clogging. You can get rid of this issue with a water-vinegar solution. Mix one cup of water and vinegar and pour into the reservoir. Then start the descaling or cleaning cycle.

Why is my coffee machine beeping?

If your Ninja Coffee maker is beeping non-stop, the water reservoir is empty. The coffee maker will not brew if the reservoir is not filled to the fill line. Always check the water tank before you fill the coffee filter.

Descaling steps of your Ninja?


To save yourself from a troublesome morning without a hot cup of coffee, go through regular maintenance with your coffee maker. If your Ninja coffee maker keeps beeping beeps and stops, inspect the water reservoir’s fill line and the valve carefully.

Also, checking the drip stop box can fix the problem of 5 times beeping. These simple solutions will give you a perfect morning with a perfect cup of coffee.

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