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Samsung TV Error Code 107

Are you a Samsung TV user? Do you see Error code 107 on your screen? If both the answers are “Yes” this article will solve your problem.

For a Samsung TV user, Error Code 107 is one of the most annoying issues. When your Smart Hub can’t connect your TV to the internet, such an error happens. So, it is an OpenAPI problem. And you can easily fix the problem in a few moments. All you need to know is the reason behind it and troubleshooting steps to get rid of it.

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And here, in this article on “Samsung TV Error Code 107 – A Complete guideline to Troubleshoot”, you will know in detail about the problem and solution. 

So, let’s jump into the main course.

Reason for the Samsung TV Error Code 107

The main reason for the Samsung TV Error Code 107 is the Internet Connection Failure for what reason Smart Hub cannot perform. Now you need to find the reason behind this network error issue. 

  1. ISP Issue
  2. DNS Configuration Failure
  3. Faulty Software Update 
  4. TV Setting Issue
  5. Faulty Wiring
  6. Overheating Issue
  7. Corrupted Smart Hub
  8. Others

These eight reasons are the leading causes of your Samsung TV Error Code 107. Now the big question is how to troubleshoot this error. So it is not so hard. You can easily solve it in moments.

Let’s see the process.

Troubleshooting: Samsung TV Error Code 107

Samsung TV Error Code 107

So, to fix the Samsung TV Error Code 107, you can do two things at the first stage. When you can’t understand the exact reason for this error, you should go for it.

  • The first is resetting your Wifi Router. However, before resetting it, check whether other devices connected to the same router have an internet connection or not. If not only, then reset your router.
  • If the first one does not work, the second is to turn off your TV. Unplug from the outlet and after 5 minutes replug it. And then turn on the TV.

These two methods are the primary technique to fix the problem.

Now let’s jump into the reason basis troubleshooting.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) Issue:

The wireless connection failure happens when your ISP upgrades anything to the broadband line or the whole connection. Besides, the main server crashing is also a reason when the internet connection goes off. Both might be a reason for your Samsung TV Error Code 107. 

So, to fix the issue, you can contact the service provider. And tell them the problem. They will solve it soon.

DNS Configuration Failure:

One of the possible reasons for Error Code 107 of your Samsung TV is the DNS configuration failure. Mostly TV software is responsible for such failure. However, you can fix the issue by changing the DNS setting from your home gateway.

And for changing the setting of the DNS configuration, you have to follow some simple steps.

  • Go to TV Menu > Settings > Network > Network Status.
  • Next, click on “Network Status”.
  • Once the diagnosis is complete, click on the “IP Setting”.
  • Then click on “DNS Setting” and choose “Enter Manually”.
  • Enter your DNS address  

Now your new DNS configuration may allow you to access the internet.  

Faulty Software Update:

Sometimes after a new software update like 1303, 1169, and others, the Error Code 107 in Samsung TV happens. The latest update might contain a few bugs that cause such network disconnection issues. This problem is also called a bad firmware issue. 

To fix this problem,

Either install another new version of software/firmware Or roll back to the previous version.

Now installing a new software version is easy when you have a proper internet connection. You can automatically update your software, but you can’t access the internet in case of a 107-error code. And that’s why you need to update it manually. For manual installation, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Download the new firmware file on PC
  • Next, unpack the file to a USB flash drive
  • Then, connect the USB drive to the TV
  • Now, open “Settings” on your TV
  • Go to Support > Software Update.
  • At last, select “Update Via USB”. 

TV Setting Issue:

Incorrect TV settings is another reason for the Error Code 107 on your Samsung TV. You can check the “Settings” to identify where is the issue. But it is so tough to adjust one by one program. Now an easy task that may solve the problem in a moment is “Reset your TV”

[To know “How to reset Samsung TV” check our FAQs portion]

Faulty Wiring:

It is rare to cause error 107 for the faulty wiring. However, from a few technicians, we know that faulty wiring is an issue. So this error occurs if your ethernet cable or connection cable becomes damaged.  

To solve the issue,

  • Contact the ISP. if the problem is in their cable line, they will change it
  • Change all damaged wires and connection ports, If the problem is in your connection cable or port.

Overheating Issue:

Overheating is another major reason for the Error code 107 of your Samsung TV. In this case, such overheating may cause major hardware issues for your television.  

So, the only thing that you can do is follow preventive caution not to cause any significant hardware damage.

  • Try not to keep open your television for the whole day. At least after 3-4 hours, give a 10 minutes cooldown break to your TV.
  • Clean the ventilation hole of your TV
  • You may use a mounted cooling fan for your TV.

Corrupted Smart Hub:

A corrupted Smart Hub means your hub is unable to perform online activities. It is a one-sided hub issue. In this regard, your home hub may not work correctly. Your TV may have access to the internet, but of a sudden, it shows “No Connection”. And then you will face Error Code 107. All these facts happen for a corrupted smart hub.

Now to fix the Smart Hub,

  • Reboot your TV first, 
  • If still, you have the same issue, reset the hub.
  • You may contact customer service.

[Note: To know “How to reset the smart hub” check the FAQs portion]

Others Issue:

Around 30% of Samsung TV users can’t find the exact reason for the Samsung TV Error Code 107. If you are one of them, you can do a few things.

Either you may change the network channel from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz or vice versa. 

Or manually change the IP address or change the subnet mask and other parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to understand my router is corrupted?

It is very simple to identify whether your Wi-Fi router is corrupted or not. You have to check all the devices connected to the same router. If you find none of them has internet access, that means your router is corrupted. In this case, it needs a reset and reconfiguration.

How to reset my Samsung TV?

To factory reset your Samsung TV, you must go through a simple process.

  • Open TV Settings > General > Reset
  • Enter the PIN (0000 is the default PIN code)
  • Press on “Reset”
  • Select “OK”

Now reset process will start. And after a while, your TV will restart automatically.

How to do self-diagnosis on Samsung TV?

If you don’t want a factory reset for your television, then this self-diagnosis tool will help you. Generally, this self-diagnosis tool works to solve a particular issue like a picture problem, sound problem, Smart Hub problem, and connection issue. The process is quite simple. You select “TV Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis.” Now you can run a different test or reset it.

How to reset the Smart Hub of Samsung TV?

To fix the 107 error code and all the online access issues for a Samsung TV, “Reset of Smart Hub” works as a cure. And in a very simple process, you can do so.

  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Then select “Settings > Support > Device Care > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub.

Your Smart Hub has now been reset.


Suppose you buy a Samsung Smart TV. What do you expect? Obviously, great internet access to all platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and so on.

But unfortunately, when you try to access them, it shows you the Error Code 107. So, it is essential to know the reason behind the issue and the troubleshooting process.

And here in this article, we provide everything you need to know to troubleshoot Samsung TV Error Code 107.

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