Samsung Washer DC Error Code

If you’re into a Samsung washing machine, then my friend, you have a chance to get the DC error code while running it. Don’t worry. It’s not a major issue, and fixing it is pretty easy. Let’s get straight to the fixes. 

But the question is, what does DC mean on a Samsung washer? Though there are quite a few reasons behind this flashing DC code, some issues are certain. Usually, it means a weight-related balance issue in the machine. That means the washer cannot spin because of the imbalance of load. 

As we previously mentioned, you don’t have to worry whether it’s a weight-related problem or something else. This problem is pretty basic, and the troubleshooting processes are easier to apply.

Samsung Washer DC Code: The Fixing Guide

Samsung Washer DC Code

Load Balancing

Load Balancing

In most cases, the DC error code can be fixed by readjusting the clothes that are in the machine. There are some common reasons behind imbalanced loads.

This includes bulky apparel like jeans, towels, bedsheets, sweaters, jackets, oversized and undersized loads, etc. These overweight clothes can exceed the maximum weight-bearing capacity. 

So, whenever the Samsung washer DC code occurs, check inside your washing machine and try to balance the clothes.

Make sure to keep the clothes balanced around the spin, not like bulk on one side and very few clothes on the other side. The spin barrel won’t be able to spin properly if the clothes aren’t placed in a balanced manner. 

At first, start with redistributing the clothes that are in the machine. If this measure doesn’t work, remove some clothes and start the machine again. Maybe the weight of the clothes is too heavy to bear for the barrel spin to run. So, removing some items may help.

But if you are washing the usual amount of clothes or there is no bulky item, try to reduce some weight because there is a high chance that a large number of normal weighted clothes have already exceeded the capacity the spin barrel can bear. 

Another thing is, you shouldn’t be washing very few numbers of clothes with your washing machine. For example, if you’re washing a single piece of cloth or a maximum of 2-3 clothes, your washing machine will show a DC error code.

The thing is, these washers have a minimum and maximum load requirement. You can’t end up going with the number of clothes that are below the minimum weight requirement. Also, you can’t go with the number of clothes beyond the maximum limit. So, a balanced mid-range state is a must in this regard. 

Properly Leveling the Machine

Properly Leveling the Machine
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The weight readjustment should solve the DC error problem. But if it doesn’t, maybe your washing machine is not in level. If this is the reason, the machine will detect it and trigger a warning. 

Make sure that the machine you own is placed on a level or flat surface. If you have any tool that can measure the leveling, then use that to determine whether the machine is in the right state. 

You can go with using a cup that has a measuring scale or a glass of water if you don’t own a labeling device. Place the cup beside the machine and see if the upper level of the water and the top of the machine are in the same position. You will be able to determine that easily.

If the surface is not flat enough, try to move your washing machine to some other place in your house, which is even flatter. If you can’t do that, then try to adjust the leveling pegs of your machine. 

If your machine is in an uneven state, select a peg of the machine where the surface is the lowest. After that, spin it counterclockwise and raise it. If the pegs are already high enough, spin them clockwise and lower their position. 

Properly leveling the machine should fix the Samsung washer DC code error, but if the problem still exists, you need to check the suspension rods of your machine. 

Check The Suspension Rods of Your Machine

Check The Suspension Rods of Your Machine

The washing machines that Samsung makes have drum rods that can be worn and torn over time. The DC error code taking place due to some issues with the suspension rods is one of the most common scenarios. Fortunately, its fixing process is toil free and won’t break the bank.

If you think that some issues are going on with your suspension rods, then replace the Suspension Rods. You can easily buy them via local stores or online stores, and they cost not more than $100(in most cases less than that). The fun part is, that replacing the older rods with the new ones is pretty easy, and you may even need to hire a professional. 

The entire replacing process is pretty simple. First, unplug your machine. After that, separate the control panel. Then disconnect both the wire harnesses. 

Following that, now you have to unsecure the retaining clips. Use a screwdriver that is flathead in this regard. After that, lift the lid and keep it in a safer place. Now remove a rod and clear the upper side of the mount. (However, you have to keep in mind one thing in mind. Don’t try to remove and replace all of the rods at one go.) 

After that, keep lowering the rods and clear the lower side of the mount. Now remove the rods and keep them in a place. Use a towel or cloth to clean up the grease from the internal parts of the machine. 

Paint silicon grease on the parts of the new rods with which they will come in contact with the mounts of the machine. Now, lower one end of the rod to the mount, which is lowered, and the opposite of the rod to the mount, which is upper. Place the rod properly and repeat the same process for the rest of the rods. 

Then unclamp the lid, lower it, connect the two wire harnesses again, and replace and secure the control panel. Now, plug in your machine and load a new set of clothing and see if it properly works or not. 

Other Reasons

Samsung Washer DC Code-Other Reasons

However, there can be some other reasons behind the DC error code. Let’s get to know about them as well. 

Sometimes, if your machine’s door is not properly closed, the DC error code will appear. So, check the door to fix that. 

If, instead of DC code, there is a DC1 code, then maybe the main door lock is not working properly. Restart the machine.

If there is a DC3 code, the add door lock isn’t working, and troubleshooting the process is the same. Restart the device and if it doesn’t solve it, reach out to an expert

If following the above-stated steps fixes the DC error code problem, that’s great. If it doesn’t, it indicates that reaching out to an expert or professional technician is a must.

I hope this toilsome research-based guide will help you get rid of this problem. I wish you all the best! 

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