Samsung Washer SE Error Code Troubleshooting

The Samsung washing machine is one of the smartest home appliances on the market. It has the special ability to show trouble. By checking those troubles, users can solve the problem. In this article, I will discuss the meaning of SE codes and possible troubleshooting guidelines for Samsung washing machines.

Moreover, it is totally easy to troubleshoot the SE error code by the user. So, do not call any technician after getting the error code. Try to solve the code on your own using our troubleshooting guidelines.

Samsung Washer SE Error Code

Samsung Washer SE Error Code

If your Samsung washing machine is showing an SE error code, it means your washing machine has drainage-related problems. In many models, it is also coded as a 5E or nd error code. So, the error codes SE, 5E, or nd are the same meaning in the Samsung washing machine.

So don’t panic after seeing this error code. This is a very common and normal error code in Samsung washing machines. You can also run the washing machine without solving the error code.

This error code needs to be solved as soon as possible. Otherwise, big damage can occur and cost you much.

To fix the SE error code, you need to follow some steps and check some components of your Samsung washing machine.

What is the reason for the SE error code?

After washing the clothes, the machine starts the rinse cycle. In the rinse cycle, the machine drains out the dirty soapy water. After that, it pours clean water again for the next laundry cycle.

At this moment the problem may occur. It produces an SE error code when the machine cannot rinse out the dirty soapy water.

The causes which may prevent draining the dirty soapy water are given below:

  • The drain filter may be clogged, preventing water from passing to the drain hose.
  • The drain hose may be clogged at the junction of the filter or the siphon.
  • The water pump may be out of order.

When your Samsung washing machine shows an SE error code, you should check the areas mentioned above to troubleshoot the problem.

Fixation of SE error code

Your Samsung washer’s SE error code, you can fix your own. It will save you extra cost for the servicing. To fix the SE error code, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps one by one.

Clean the drain filter

Clean the drain filter

Due to the blockage of the drain filter, water may not pass through it. Firstly, check the drain water filter whether it is blocked or not. If it is blocked, you need to clean it properly. The drain filter cleaning procedure is given below for your better understanding;

  1. At the lower right corner of the machine, you will find a cover that hides the pump filter and the drain hose of this machine.
  2. Before unplugging the drain hose, keep a bowl under it so that the dirty water cannot flow to your floor.
  3. Remove the plug and drain the water into the water bowl.
  4. After that, use a screwdriver to open the filter. And turn the screw anticlockwise to open it.
  5. Fully check the filter hole because some foreign objects may be stuck there. Put everything out there.
  6. The filter also needs to be cleaned with soap with a small brush so that fixed dirt can come out fr9m the filter.
  7. Fix the filter again at the designated place and connect the hose.
  8. Cover the pump filter as before you start the filter cleaning work.

By doing this, SE trouble may be cleared. In some Samsung washing machine modes, the filter screw needs to turn clockwise to open the filter. Additionally, do not use hard or aggressive chemicals for cleaning the drain filter. It may harm your filter permanently.

Check the drain pump

Check the drain pump

If your Samsung washing machine’s drain pump is faulty, it will not drain water from the machine. Due to this reason, the SE error code may come. The pump may be fault by blockage of the impeller, or the pump’s electric motor may be damaged.

To check the drain pump, follow the below-listed steps:

  1. Unplug the washing machine first.
  2. Then disconnect the water supply also from the machine.
  3. After that, you can remove the rear access panel.
  4. Disconnect the electric wire connection from the machine and check whether any physical damage is present or not. If found, any damage changes the electric wire with a new wire.
  5. After that, remove the pump casing to check if any obstacles are there or not. If any obstacle is found there, remove it to solve the error code.
  6. Lastly, check the motor continuity by providing an electric connection out of the machine. You can use a multimeter to check the continuity. If the continuity is not present, you should change the pump motor.

In some parts of the world, you cannot find the pump motor individually to replace. On that occasion, you need to replace the full Drain Pump to make your washer functional.

Check the washers drain hose

Check the washer's drain hose

Sometimes the washer’s drain hose may be clogged by some tinny objects. If the hose is blocked by something else, it will not drain water from the washer, and then it shows an SE error code. To clean your washer’s drain hose, follow the below steps:

  1. Disconnect the electric line and water supply of your machine.
  2. After that, remove the hose from the washer.
  3. Clean the drain hose with a mixture of hot water, vinegar, and baking soda.
  4. Lastly, fix the drain hose at your washer and plug in the electric line to check the machine.

Defective pressure switch

Defective pressure switch

The pressure switch sends signals to the control board to drain or add water inside the water. If the switch is defective, it will not correctly send signals to the control board.

It will also not send the draining signals, and the machine will not drain water from the washer, and the SE error code will show on the machine’s display.

You can check your machine’s pressure switch with a multimeter. If the multimeter does not show any continuity, the pressure switch may be defective. Replace the Pressure Switch to run your washer.

Suggestions to avoid SE error code

Users can also follow a regular maintenance schedule so that this SE error code cannot come frequently. The suggestions from our side are:

  1. Clean the drain filter at regular intervals.
  2. Unclogged the drain hose after every 3 months.
  3. Be sure that the water is not submerging the drain hose.
  4. Use the same wash cycle for every wash load.
  5. Clean the washer with proper cleaning solutions at regular intervals. 

In sum, we can generally say that the SE error code in the Samsung washer is not a big problem. Any users can solve this error code just by using above mention guidelines. You can also follow our guidelines to prevent SE error codes and increase your washer’s lifetime.

If you observed the SE, 5E, or nd error code in your Samsung washer, you can follow our troubleshooting guidelines before calling the authorized service provider

The guideline mentioned above is also applicable to the Samsung washing machine models below. If your washer’s model matches this list, you can follow our guidelines without any hesitation.

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