Samsung Washer UR Error Code Troubleshooting

When it comes to modern-day electronic stuff, Samsung is a well-known name. From smartphones to washing machines they are into quite a lot of things.

That’s why over the span of time they have earned a place of trust among users when it comes to buying any home or personal electronic appliances.

Since 1993, Samsung has been regularly manufacturing washing machines. None of the human creation is free of defects. So does their washers.

If you are a Samsung washing machine user, you may have come across various error codes. However, particularly, we will talk about the UR error code in this write-up.

The UR code is one of the most common error codes that appear in Samsung washers. It mostly indicates that the machine is imbalanced.

But honestly, there are some other reasons behind the appearance of this code. Don’t worry. This is one of the most basic error codes and fixing it is not complex either.

Let’s jump straight to some of the reasons or problems and their measures.

Samsung Washer UR Error Code

Samsung Washer UR Error Code

Imbalanced Laundry Loads

This is one of the most common reasons behind the UR error code. Mostly, when the clothes are not well distributed, or there is more pressure on one side of the spin cycle because clothes got tangled up, this issue takes place.

Also, some clothes consume more water, thus gaining more weight. This also increases the overall weight of the clothes that are in the machine.

First, turn off the machine and properly distribute the clothes to solve it. Make sure that the clothes aren’t balled up on one side of the machine. You can also remove some of the clothes to reduce the overall weight.

There can be other problems, such as not enough clothes in the machine. That’s why it may show the UR error code. So, simply add some more clothes to get rid of it.

If the above-stated problems aren’t the cause, turn off the machine, bring out all the clothes and run it for a short time without any piece of clothing or detergent. If the code still exists, then there are definitely some other reasons.

Uneven Surface

The UR error code may occur if the washing machine is on a surface that is uneven or not flat enough. If that’s the reason, the overall load won’t be evenly distributed, and it usually comes to notice when the machine is about to spin. 

Place your washing machine on a much more even or flat surface to get rid of it. If that’s not possible, tangle some piece of paper and place it between the floor and your washing machine, and you will get a decent outcome.

Other Internal Minor Malfunctions

There is a high chance that your washing machine can show the UR code, but there is no problem. Maybe, the machine somehow mistakenly detected an imbalance, but in reality, there wasn’t. It can take place due to digital controller failure.

In this case, switch off your washing machine and switch it on again after 10-15 minutes. This should solve the problem.

But if it doesn’t and the UR code still exists, maybe the control circuit board is not in the right state. You may need to go with its replacement or solder any part or contact experts.

The Machine is Inclined

One of the most common reasons behind the appearance of the UR error code is that the machine is not at a proper angle with the surface.

And the best part is, that tilting the machine or adjusting its feet solves it in most cases. However, there are some other reasons behind this inclined issue. Let’s get to know them one by one.

Problem with the Bearing

If your washing machine is excessively shaking or continuously making grinding noises, there must be some issues with the bearing.

A bearing is a tool that makes sure that the drum of the machine properly and smoothly rotates all the time. If they are damaged, the UR code will be shown. Also, there can be oil leakage in addition to generating the code. It would be best if you simply replaced the old bearing with new ones to solve it.

Problems with Drive Belt

If there is any sort of problem with the drive belt, the UR code will occur. As a result, the drum of the washing machine won’t be able to spin at a proper speed.

That’s why you need to replace the Drive Belt as soon as possible to get rid of it.

Problem with the Transducer

There is a possibility that your machine is properly working, but the UR code is still shown on display. This means the sensor that controls the drum rotations is having some issues. Simply replacing the transducer will fix it.

Problem with Suspension

If there is any form of failure in the casing or springs, the machine will not be in a balanced position. It suspends the drums and doesn’t let them run properly.

The imbalance problem can also occur if there is any failure with the vibration dampers.

You will get vibrations and hear noise if any of these problems occur. You may need to get in touch with the experts to solve them.

Removing the Shipping Stuff

Shaking and vibration can show the UR error code. It can be caused due to shipping materials. So, if you see shaking or vibration, check the shipping bolts. You can easily identify them by seeing the “Handle with care” or “Fragile” written on the container.

These bolts are meant to tighten the washing machine with pallets during their shipping. So, there is a high chance that these bolts are still rattling inside the machine’s drum, and you need to bring them out as soon as possible.

Shock Absorbers Aren’t Properly Working.

If the shock absorbers are broken or aren’t working properly, the machine will show the UR error code, and it can shake and vibrate.

Usually, there are two to four shock absorbers inside a washing machine. These shock absorbers are meant to make the drum rotate and move without any form of hindrance. If unfortunately, you experience any form of shaking or vibration, there is a high chance that the shock absorbers are malfunctioning.

The shock absorbers are placed deep inside a washing machine. Bringing them out and replacing them is not a DIY thing, my friend. So, getting in touch with an expert is nothing but a must in this regard.

Failure of the Tachometer

A tachometer is basically a component that keeps up the track of speed at which the drum of your washing machine will properly function and won’t cause any damage.

If there is any form of problem with the tachometer, the machine won’t be able to spin properly; thus, your clothes won’t be cleaned effectively.

During the cycle of your washing machine, if you come across any noise or something like that, there is a possibility that something is wrong with the tachometer. So, getting expert help is a must.

Worn out Drum Bearings

A set of drum bearings that are loose or any form of problem in the motor can cause the washing machine to shake or vibrate generating the UR error code.

Replacing the Bearings is a time-consuming process as the tub spindle has to be disassembled and removed. So, you can think of reaching out to experts in this regard as well.

That’s it! We are done with discussing the possible solutions to the UR error code on Samsung washing machines. I hope this toilsome research-based write-up will be of your help. Thank you very much for your time. Wishing you all the very best.

Hold on! There is one more thing. The solutions stated above will work on quite a lot of Samsung washing machines. I will leave the model numbers below so that you can check them out.

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