Litezall Bulb Troubleshooting

Litezall produces LED lights, but some unique ones. Apart from usual LED Bulbs, Litezall produces wireless bulbs which can even change the color with remote commands. Runs on 3 AAA batteries and an easy peel and stick installation system.

But being an electronic device running on batteries and remote, it may have a few issues in the long run.

We will be narrating the issues as FAQ answers respectively below:

Litezall Bulb Troubleshooting – DIY Problem Fixing

Litezall Bulb troubleshooting

Why is My Litzall Bulb Remote Not working?

It may happen for two reasons. Mainly when the remote battery is down. A remote battery set can last for 6 months or around. But the problem is, after 3 months the range and frequency distribution start decreasing gradually.

This decrease may make you feel like the remote is not responding well and day by day the problem increases.

On the other side, if the battery of your bulb gets drained, the capacity of catching the signal may decrease. This makes it not respond to the remote signal properly.

Different sources claim battery life in different ways, but on average you better change your batteries in 6 months once.

Litezall Bulb Won’t turn on

One common issue when propane or natural gas lamps are used is that the flame may go out.

This can be caused by a number of things, such as clogged air filters, broken wicks, or even a blown light bulb.

If you’re having trouble lighting your lamp with a match or lighter, try substituting a litezall bulb. These bulbs use less energy and last longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

Why the Remote buttons are not responding?

There are several reasons behind this. Regular use for a long period damages the carbon underneath the buttons. They get decayed, as a result after long, you have to press the buttons harder to make it work.

This is an annoying situation for every user. And this overpressure for every single press damages the circuit permanently.

As a result, the buttons don’t work like they used to do. You can replace it or use it decently from the beginning to resolve the problem.

Some other maniacs like sweat, extreme dust may enter into the remote. And sweat hampers the board directly, dirt or dust gets stuck after a long term of exposure.

Stuck dust prevents the keys to touch the carbon surface. So, the button press doesn’t register and stops working.

A user should not expose the remoter in open weather like out of windows, balconies unprotected.

Even after a few days, the outer and button surfaces should be cleaned with a brush. So, the dust won’t be able to make clusters underneath.

Litezall Bulb features

Why my Litezall Wireless bulb is blinking continuously?

Often there may be two reasons, one can be a function from the remote that you turn on without knowing.

As a result, the light blinks as programmed and commanded to do that. This ain’t be considered as a problem.  But another reason is the circuit failure.

Basically, the LEDs are vulnerable to high heat and water. We sometimes use the lights on the side of another higher ranged bulb. Those bulbs produce extreme heat and being by it’s side the LED gets significantly damaged.

Heat mainly melts down the circuit elements. As the LEDs are run by diodes. This gets highly damaged by heatwaves. Also in case of wet air for a long time, or spilled water on the LED may connect the circuit in the wrong directions.

This may create short circuits and ruin the whole circuit. At these conditions the circuit board cannot enable the system properly, as a result, it starts blinking for the lack of power.

You can save your bulb just by keeping it in a safe ambiance. Keeping distance from overheating and water or rains.

Why Litezall Bulb Colour Not Changing?  

Lite changing errors mostly happen when the circuit command is not being received properly.

Just guess, your circuit is damaged somehow. Day by day it is being incapable of supplying the power for individual colors. At a certain moment, you will find the LED is not changing color anymore. This is one kind of circuit failure. You can not fix it because the whole IC is damaged. But using it gently may save you for so long.

Also if your Litezall is too old and you are having these issues then it may be not reversible. The circuit damages can not be recovered solvently.

Litezall Bulb color not changing

How to reset the bulb or remote control?

Firstly, the bulb is paired with the remote. You gotta press “On” and favorite 1 button at the same time for three seconds. The bulb will start blinking green. Once it is red, your unpairing is successful.

But this is a differential process. Varies in some cases. So it’s better if you read the manual of your bulb and go through their instructions. Because there are almost 5 to 6 basic ways, you can reset your bulb.

Don’t run behind shadows, Read the manual first.

Why the bulb is showing different color than the remote?

It is often the malfunction of the remote control. The remote is basically run by the integrated circuit and current flow patterns.

Whether the remote is not programmed properly, it can happen that, you are pressing a button and the program is referring to another function. As a result, maybe you are clicking blue and the light is being red.

This is manufacturing trouble. It cannot be fixed.

On the contrary, what if the color-changing function of the bulb is broken. And it is taking the wrong command while you are pressing the color button of your remote.

Again, users sometimes use the remote and leave them on the table, dining, and anywhere. If it is left on some watery surface or some water is spilled on the remote. Seemingly it is nothing, but of a sudden, the remote will be ghosted.

You will see the remote is working automatically and if you press a button, some other function works.

You just need to avoid these situations stated above by taking the necessary precautions.

Why is my LED Bulb Dimming?

Dimming is caused by voltage failure. A circuit basically supplies a sufficient amount of electricity through the LED arena.

This creates different amounts of charge flow and voltage that produces different colored lights.

But when the voltage or power flow is not sufficient, it may not be able to push it’s to its edge. That’s the point your LED starts dimming. They do not produce full brightness anymore.

But the worse thing is it may increase from day to day and turn into your product failure apparently. You can barely fix the circuit’s internal problem.

In the end, if you are using the bulb for several years and it’s been creating problems now, do not try to fix it if it is talking too much. Even you have fixed it you are not sure how it is gonna perform in the future.

So, in this kinda situation, try getting a new Litezall for your house. It will be more satisfying and worth of money.

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