Whirlpool Refrigerator Not Cooling but Freezer Is Working

Refrigerators are by far one of the best innovations we could ask for. Whether you’re cooking in surplus for the day after or have leftover pizza slices, just store it in the refrigerator and you’re out of worry. But what happens when your freezer is working but the coldness just isn’t hitting right?

With almost everyone being a jobholder nowadays, it’s a day of disaster when such an incidence takes place. So, what do we do?

Get a new refrigerator with half your paycheck? Or do we get it fixed?

No worries, because we got you! We have listed down some of the most common scenarios for such issues and we hope to save up some of your bucks. Let’s start then, shall we?

Whirlpool Refrigerator Not Cooling But Freezer Is Working

Whirlpool Refrigerator Not Cooling but Freezer Is Working

Troubleshooting 101: When your refrigerator works but doesn’t cool

Have you overstuffed your refrigerator?
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Have you overstuffed your refrigerator?

The most usual reason behind your fridge not cooling but freezer works could be this- your refrigerator is overloaded.

This causes the vents in the freezer to restrict the cold airflow, resulting in the food staying warm even with the functional cooler.

To keep the optimal airflow intact, always try to maintain the number of items you have stacked up. Try not to exceed using only 3/4th of the space to ensure proper circulation. Little steps go a long way! If you believe in this saying, here are a few to-dos to avoid overfilling your refrigerator-

  • Rearrange the food items so you don’t block the vents. Always maintain the 3/4th rule.
  • Dispose of spoiled food or old empty containers
  • Arrange the shelves according to your needs to avoid overstuffing
  • Organize the food items properly in the refrigerator after every grocery shopping. Use food-safe containers to sort them out.
Is the door seal damaged?
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Is the door seal damaged?

More often than ever, due to prolonged use of refrigerators years after years, the door seal starts to wear off. And when this happens, even with a fully functional cooler, the cold air will leak out of the fridge and make the interior warmer.

If you suspect that the rubber seal might be the cause, clean it with a wet cotton cloth and check for any damages. In case you find any rips or breaks in the seal, replace it with the aid of a professional and you’re good to go.

DIY Tip: Use a piece of paper or thin cloth halfway inside the fridge when closing the door. Now, try pulling the paper/cloth out with a little force. If you have succeeded with only a small pull, your fridge’s rubber gasket probably isn’t doing its job properly. Replace it right away!

Temperature- Is it set right?
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Temperature- Is it set right?

In case your Whirlpool refrigerator is fully running but the inside temperature is warm, check the temperature settings. Oftentimes, we tend to overfill the shelves with tons of food while the temperature isn’t set to low enough.

This can easily be fixed by pressing a few buttons. Simply said, just follow the owner’s manual provided with your Whirlpool fridge and set the temperature accordingly.

Condenser coils- Are they clean?
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Condenser coils- Are they clean?

Another big cause why your Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator is not cooling but the freezer is working could be the condenser coils.

These coils, usually located at the back of your fridge tend to cool and condense the refrigerant from vapor to liquid.

However, when dirt and grease accumulate in them, the freezer starts to act up, i.e., functions properly but fails to cool. Another drawback could be the fridge becoming noisy or the electricity bill rising up than usual.

The best way to avoid this problem is to clean the coils once or twice every year. And how exactly do you do this?

  • Firstly, make sure that the plugs are disconnected and the refrigerator is turned off.
  • Next, pull it to an open space where you can work safely and effectively.
  • The most effective way to clean the coils is to use a narrow hose vacuum to pull in all the debris.
  • Clean off the remaining dirt with a fine bristled brush and switch on the fridge. And you’re done!
Evaporator fans- Functional or not
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Evaporator fans- Functional or not

Evaporators work by making the inside of the refrigerator cool. They also consist of a fan nearby, which circulates the cool air freely inside the fridge and make the food cold enough for storage.

When this fan starts to function poorly, the cold airflow will become inefficient and cause your food to go stale faster. Things to do in such cases-

  • Check whether the Fan blades turn easily or not. Is there a noisy sound when it runs? In this scenario, get a multimeter test done.
  • If the fan has come to a halt, it’s time to get it replaced with professional help.
Is the defroster fully working?
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Is the defroster fully working?

The defrost system in Whirlpool refrigerators or any other fridges in fact, runs in intervals throughout the day.

The main job for this part is to remove the frosted areas in the fridge to ensure proper cold airflow.

When this goes wrong, you will start to notice bits of frost buildup at the back of your refrigerator even though the freezer is cooling. There could be some other issues with the defrost system that includes-

  • Defrost Control Board- Also known as the “brain” of the refrigerator. When this part starts to malfunction, the defroster won’t operate in intervals and eventually, frost will build up.
  • Defrost Thermostat- Defrosting cycle will be hampered as the evaporator coil’s temperature will have an incorrect reading.
  • Defrost Timer- When this functions poorly, the defrosting cycle will be messed up

The perfect way to fight this issue is to call your technician and get it checked or replaced. Experts are the best when it comes to electrical equipment.

Damper Control- Check it out
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Damper Control- Check it out

The damper control aims to allow proper airflow into the refrigerator as per requirements. When more cold air is needed, the door opens and when less air is required, the door closes down.

In case this Damper Control door is stuck or defective, enough cold air circulation will be restricted, causing the refrigerator to warm down even when the freezer is fully operational. So, what should be done?

Simply call Whirlpool customer care and get it replaced if suggested.

Power failure?
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Power failure?

Sometimes, in the event of a power failure, your refrigerator might also start to act up. In such cases, be certain to do the following-

  • Make sure whether the cord is damaged or not. In case of wear and tear, get it changed with a new one. Better to be careful than sorry!
  • Check whether the cord is plugged into the power source properly. If not, take it off and plug in firmly.
  • Check the circuit breaker to ensure if the fuse is blown. In this case, just simply flip the fuse back on.

With this, we hope to have covered up all possible causes behind Whirlpool freezer cooling but not the fridge. Having said that, to keep your refrigerator running for years at a stretch, here are some tips from us to you.

Tips and tricks- Make your refrigerator last longer!
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Tips and tricks- Make your refrigerator last longer!

  • Keep the temperature on look according to the amount of food stored.
  • Check the condenser coil checked by a professional at least once a year. Whirlpool customer service is only a call away!
  • Always keep the food covered. If possible, use food-graded containers to store them in place.
  • Close the refrigerator door properly after every use. A little air leak will damage your fridge to a great extent!
  • Replace the door rubber gasket as soon as you notice damages.
  • Try placing the refrigerator at a distance from the wall.
  • Keep the frost accumulation on a regular check. Too much frost buildup might indicate a damaged internal part.
  • Lastly, keep your refrigerator clean! Simply, soak a cotton cloth in soapy water and gently wipe the inside and outside.

Remember to maintain these little “to dos” and your Whirlpool refrigerator will last years with little to no issues. Adieu!

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