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ADT Doorbell Camera Flashing Red Light

You have bought an ADT doorbell camera and maybe or may not be using it for quite some time. Suddenly it starts blinking red light, and you are wondering, “Why My ADT Doorbell camera is flashing red light?”

ADT Doorbell Camera

Today, here at – You will get to know the reasons responsible for this circumstance.

Technological advancement is flying humankind high. It has made our life so smooth and easy that now we don’t even rely on peepholes anymore to know who wants to visit us at our residence.

Now we have doorbell cameras enabling us to know who is knocking on the door.

We can even talk to that person through these doorbells if we want to play safer.

We don’t even have to be at home as we can do that with our smartphones staying anywhere. Thus, this marvelous piece of technology helps to keep our homes safe. Yes, definitely, these are useful. Like, imagine yourself having these privileges a couple of years back! It’s quite unbelievable, isn’t it?

There are quite a lot of doorbell manufacturing companies out there. Among them, ADT is known as one of the most known and used doorbell manufacturing brands.

They let you know and see when a person presses the doorbell and wishes to enter your house. Their doorbell can also be recharged, or you can directly connect it to the main electricity source of your house and use it.

Look! Man-made innovations are not free of flaws(and they can never be). So does this ADT doorbell, and one of the symbols of detecting an issue is if the ADT doorbell camera flashes a red light.

Okay! When there is a malfunction, the ADT doorbell camera starts flashing red light, but what’s the issue?

Why is my ADT Doorbell Camera Flashing Red?

Why is my ADT Doorbell Camera Flashing Red?

Well, there may or may not be quite a few reasons behind flashing the red light, but there are three key reasons behind this occurrence, and these are-

1. The internet connection is not stable, or your doorbell somehow got disconnected from the wifi network

2. The battery is running out of power

3. AC power source is disconnected, or it got disconnected from the main electricity source (Conditions applied)

So, as we know the key reasons, let’s get to know how we can fix these problems.

Internet Connection Failure

Internet Connection Failure

A stable internet connection is a must for ADT doorbells to function. So, you need to check your wifi connection and router in this regard. You may go with switching your router off and on once. If you find everything okay, then check your wifi connection strength.

Having 90% signal strength is a must, and to properly run, an ADT doorbell needs 2mbs of upload speed. So, keep that in mind as these are the necessary things that you need to fulfill.

If your internet connection issue is solved, the flashing red light will go away. Then a blue light will replace the red light indicating that the problem is not there anymore.

However, you can also get to know if there is anything wrong going on with your doorbell with the help of the ADT pulse app. You can easily download the app from the Google play store and Apple app store.

Battery Issue

ADT Doorbell Camera Flashing Red Battery

If everything is okay with your internet connection, the battery can cause issues. Usually, when the battery is running out of enough power, the red light starts to blink.

Well, when the red light starts flashing due to battery power shortage, you won’t be able to know the exact amount of power or battery charge you are left with. So, recharge the battery to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The recharging process is a bit manual. At first, you need to remove the faceplate of the doorbell. After that, you will find a charging port. Then, using a USB charging cable, you will have to start charging it from your source of power via this charging port.

Now here comes a question, how do I know if the battery is charging? Well, if the problem is fully recovered and the battery is fully recharged, then the light on the battery will shine with green light. It takes almost an hour to reach 100% battery percentage or one complete charge. One complete charge or 100% will easily serve you for a couple of months.

After recharging the battery, you will have to unplug the USB cable and restore the faceplate of the doorbell. If the problem still exists, you may need to go with a brand new battery to replace your existing battery. In this regard, it is highly recommended to reach out to an expert before making any decision.

However, despite the flashing red light, you can also know the power state of your battery using the ADT pulse app. Along with battery notification, they also enable you to use some other facilities with their app.

AC Power Is Disconnected, or It Got Disconnected From the Main Electricity Source

Though a rechargeable battery powers the ADT doorbell, it can also be powered by the main electric source of the house. In that case, you are free from the toil of recharging your battery. It can be a little bit expensive, but it’s worth the price and hustle.

If you use the main power source of your house to run your doorbell, then if there is an issue with the power source or AC connection, the red light of the doorbell will start flashing. To get rid of this problem, you must reach out to an expert.

(If you do not use the main power line to power the doorbell, you won’t face such complications. It’s because you are using only batteries to power the device. If you see your ADT doorbell camera flashing red light, it means you may end up facing battery-related issues.)


The ADT doorbell camera begins flashing red light when it goes through any form of the problem as flashing the red light works sort of as an alarm system when an error occurs.

I genuinely hope that this research-based written guide will help you identify the problem and execute a solution. If you still find those issues existing, you should go to an expert. Good luck!

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