Xfinity Stuck on Welcome Screen

Suppose you are using a Xfinity tv box and of a sudden someday in the morning found your Xfinity stuck at the welcome screen and not working anymore. In such situations, you need proper troubleshooting to your “Xfinity Stuck on Welcome Screen”. And that is we are going to crawl down today.

So? Let’s get started,

Xfinity Stuck on Welcome Screen

Xfinity Stuck on Welcome Screen

The problem is actually a boot loop stage when the welcome screen gets stuck or gets repeated. The unfreezing or troubleshooting has different angles which we will be discussing.

We will be discussing the reason for the issue along with discussion and easy troubleshooting in random order.

HD Tv Function

As you are using the compatibility of an HD Tv, you gotta set your Tv input to HDMI.

Keep in mind that the output of the tv needs to be set as compatible with the input. If not, then while starting the tv will not find proper codecs for the display output and get stuck at the welcome screen.

Check Remote and Battery

Check Remote and Battery

Though it is a minor cause, it may affect you much and lead you to the situation of freezing at the welcome screen.

It is significantly easier to get your remote battery degraded. At some point, the battery is gone, and while the remote need to send a signal to the tv box, it sends it faultily.

Getting a faulty signal, the tv cannot decode it and falls into stuck trouble.

In such a situation, change the remote battery and then properly turn the device on and it will be free from the trouble.

Damaged Cable

Damaged Cable

A damaged cable can affect your tv in specifically two ways,

Power Cable

Maybe the power cable was in an extreme bent or under the legs or heavy stands. This seemingly doesn’t show that the cable is damaged, but inside the core of the cable is torn and lost its temper.

Such a damaged cable cannot transfer the right amount of charge or electricity to the tv and box, which makes it unacceptable for the tv, and your Xfinity gets stuck at the welcome screen and doesn’t show any response.

Simply change the cable and get a newer one. Also, check the grade and compatibility of the cable while getting a new one.

HDMI Cable

Your tv is connected to Xfinity tv box with HDMI cables. Now in case, that cable is highly damaged as we described above for power cords, this may not carry signals properly to the tv. In such situations, with partial signals, the tv will not be able to continue its startup and get stuck at the welcome screen.

Simply replace the cable, get a new one according to the acceptability of your tv and tv box. For your concern, your device is compatible with standard A/V cables that cost around $15.

Restart The Device

Restart The Device

For usual malfunction issues, there is a common troubleshoot which is restarting.

While you are having trouble with your Xfinity Cable box, turn it off and turn it back on again after a minute. Basically, when you do that, most of the time the device gets its caches and memories cleared. And with a fresh restart, the device may solve the problem itself.

My Account Online

My Account

You can restart the device from “My Account Online”, go through these steps;

My Account > Manage TV > Troubleshoot > Continue > Restart Device > Latter > Start Troubleshooting

Xfinity My Account App

Xfinity My Account App

Even you can restart it from Xfinity My Account App as;

Click the A button > Click on Ok and then choose Restart

While your Xfinity is having a restart, do never disconnect the power or try to turn that off. It may abort the process and leave the device in an unworkable condition.

Restart From Xfinity Settings

Restart From Xfinity Settings

On the remote press the Xfinity Button and then;

Settings > OK > Device Settings > Power Preferences > Restart

Restart your TV

your TV

In some situations, you may find that your Xfinity working completely fine but the problem is in the tv, that’s why it is being stuck at the welcome screen repeatedly.

Straight turn off your tv and then start it again. A restart may solve the issue instantly.

If your tv has a restart button, it’s fine. If it doesn’t have, go for a manual restart.

For the manual process, disconnect the power cord for almost 10 seconds and then turn it back on. It will be fine.

Reset the Device

Pretty common if the restart doesn’t fix the issue. In that case, you can save yourself with a reset of your Xfinity X1 tv box. It can be done in two different ways as below;

Reset with Power Button

Your Xfinity tv box has its own power button, and you gotta hold it for more than 10 seconds. You will see the device is having a restart. And the else steps you need to perform as we are describing below.

Reset Manually

Plugging your Xfinity from the electricity also works in the same way.

Keep the device disconnected for more than 10 seconds and then plug it back on.

Check Internet Connection

Check Internet Connection

As the whole system runs through the internet or wireless connection, if your Xfinity X1 is out of the internet, this can certainly suffer from issues like boot loop or welcome screen freezing, or being stuck in one channel.

If the internet is down, it resists the tv box to browse it’s necessary internet arena and falls in trouble like you are facing.

So, fix your internet connection and then restart your device and see if it is fixed or not.

WPS Connection

WPS Connection

You may get some help by connecting your Xfinity with WPS buttons.

Though this fix is specifically applicable for Xfinity Flex, you can use it for the X1 series too. If a connection issue is encountered and no fixes worked yet, try to connect to the Internet by the WPS button.

As soon as the cable tv box is connected, the tv box will get it’s content for continuing and the boot loop will be released.

Modem Getaway

If after all these steps still the problem continues then restart the modem getaway;

  • Pull it out from the power outlet. It is gonna take about 3 seconds to be off completely.
  • Plug it back again and connect the ethernet then.
  • As soon as the lights stop blinking, your work is done.

Contacting Customer Care

Contacting Customer Care

If you have performed all these steps and nothing happened. Maybe there are some serious inside issues that are tough for you to fix.

So, it is better to seek expert help then. Call our nearest Xfinity customer service and get help from them.

Also, if you have the warranty, utilize it.

In the end, keep in mind that the issue may not mean to be serious. Maybe there is some connection, internet, or tv compatibility issues. It can be fixed easily. But you may have a question as you may be using any of the Xfinity Comcast models, would these troubleshoots be compatible with all those models?

Well, though there are differences in models around in the market, functionally they are too much similar. As a result, you can apply these troubleshoots to all those models similarly on whatever the model you are using such as; Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex, Xfinity RDK-03005, and similar others. Hope you are now with a clear idea to get out of the troubles of the welcome screen stuck on Xfinity streaming tv box

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