Aluratek Digital Photo Frame Troubleshooting

Those days are long gone when every household owned a bunch of photo albums to reminisce their days.

With technological advancement, most of us now own digital photo frames to keep our favorite memories right at the top of our desks.

When it comes to digital photo frames, Aluratek is by far one of the best manufacturers out there.

Their photo frames are not only chic to look at, the IPS display, advanced touchscreen feature, Wi-Fi connectivity, and huge internal memory are a plus! Besides, you can use them for a variety of other uses too, be it a calendar, an alarm clock, or a weather app, they have it all.

But what should you do when your Aluratek digital photo frame starts to act up? No worries, we have your back. Here, we have come up with the possible problems you might face as well as their solutions. So, let’s start!

Aluratek Digital Photo Frame Troubleshooting

Aluratek Digital Photo Frame Troubleshooting

The frame won’t turn on

Often, the users tend to face this issue from time to time. In case this happens, the first thing you should do is check the connections between the power cord and frame. Any loose connections could be the likely cause. If this isn’t the issue, use a thin pointy item, such as a pin to reset the frame.

Photos not being displayed

The picture format is the most practical reason why the photos won’t display in your digital photo frame. Most digital frames such as the Aluratek one, only accept photos in JPEG format. For this reason, before you transfer the photos to your digital frame, make sure they are saved in the correct format on your device.

Pictures are fuzzy

The prominent factor behind this issue could be the picture resolution. If the photo being displayed has a poor image quality, Aluratek’s LCD display will likely make it look fuzzy or unclear. So, be certain to use high-quality shots on the photo frame to ensure a sharp image.

The frame turns on and off

Some models of Aluratek come with an auto power-saving mode feature that turns on and off accordingly. When the battery tends to reach its lowest, the frame will automatically turn itself off. Besides, the timer set to turn it on and off at a certain time can also be the likely cause. Make sure to check the frame’s settings and set the time to your ease.

Touchscreen not functioning properly

Touchscreen not functioning properly

This is something we all face with today’s modern touchscreen devices. However, the most probable reason could be the layer of dirt and oil accumulated on the screen. More often than ever, cleaning the frame screen with a wet wipe or cotton cloth will solve the problem in a jiffy. If that isn’t the case, contact the Aluratek digital photo frame helpdesk to get it checked or replaced.

Speaker doesn’t work

In the event that your digital photo frame’s speaker isn’t operating properly, there could be a few possible scenarios-

  • The USB connection is loose. For this, simply take it off and plug in tightly.
  • The cable might be dislocated or broken. In such a case, get the cable replaced.
  • The speaker grills might be jammed up with dirt and debris. Make sure to clean it with a fine bristled brush and try again.
  • Damage by dropping or hard-hitting the device could make the speakers dislocate and stop working. Always use the device gently and carefully!
  • Check the settings. Sometimes, we tend to overlook such a simple setting as this. Make sure that the speakers are enabled.

Wireless connection isn’t established

Wireless connection isn’t established
Photo Credit: Best Buy

If this is the problem you’re facing, ensure that your wireless router and network are fully operational. If your Wi-Fi connection is running, check the network settings and make sure it matches your Aluratek digital photo frame.

Screen is blank

Given that you encounter the frame’s LCD display to be blank, check whether the memory card is inserted properly into the slot. Moreover, if the USD device connection is loose, the screen might also appear white. Besides, some high-resolution pictures might take a few seconds or more to be fully displayed on the photo frame. So, wait a while before you jump to any conclusions.

Just in case, none of these work for your Aluratek digital photo frame, try getting it checked whether there’s an issue with the motherboard or not.

Pictures freeze when scrolling

Pictures freeze when scrolling
Photo Credit: PCMag

In case you notice the digital photos freezing when in motion, simply reset the device. For this, use a pin or sharp object to reach into the reset slot. And you will be good to go!

Dead pixels on the screen

Something silly that most of us ends up doing is keeping the device plugged in at all times. As harmless as it may seem, always keeping the photo frame plugged into a power source may cause the screen to burn out the pixels. What should you do if that’s the case? Get the screen replaced and don’t make the same mistake again!

With this, we have come to an end with our troubleshooting advice for the Aluratek digital photo frame. We hope to have helped you out with the suggestions. Have a good day!

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  1. My frame says Unfortunately, cloudphotoframe has stopped.

    How can I fix it? I’ve tried to restart it. It goes back to the same screen.

  2. I am trying to set up my app and in the third step where there is supposed to be a QR code on the frame, there is none. It just says “loading” and has said that for the past 5 hours. I have restarted it four times. Help!

    • When I say my “app”, I mean the “add device” part of installing the device on my app. There is no QR code anywhere.


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