Harley Davidson Security System Troubleshooting

Harley Davidson has been producing motorcycles in basic configuration accompanied by a Smart Security module. This system involves a remote key fob that starts the engine upon pressing the button.

This system is not complex, rather a simple one with access to most of the vehicles.

The control module is mounted inside the motorcycle intricately so that criminals don’t get to detach the system from the vehicle easily.

But this system has some flaws that sometimes interrupt the function.

Thus, the users may face some problems related to that. Keep on reading to find out the methods of Harley Davidson Security System troubleshooting the issues.

Harley Davidson Security System Troubleshooting

Harley Davidson Security System Troubleshooting

Before getting started on troubleshooting

Check the condition of the motorcycle before you start working on troubleshooting. Take time to check all the lights, signals, horns, tires, sparks and brakes.

Make sure your engine is in good condition so that any steps taken during troubleshooting do not affect you later on.

Harley Davidson Security System Troubleshooting Process

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To troubleshoot the Harley Davidson security system, do the following procedure-

Step 1: Remove the battery

Open up the lid of the battery compartment and take the Battery out. You need to clean the hollow of the compartment. Use a Contact Cleaner Spray for five seconds. After that, insert a new set of batteries. Finally, close the lid of the compartment.

Step 2: Reach the alarm sensor module

Lift the back-end of the seat and place a spirit level on the module. You need to readjust the sensor module in a way that the bubble stays in between the two imprinted lines.

You have to press the module down to reattach it with the hooking pad so that it sticks to it. After that, set the back-end of the seat to its place.

Step 3: Trace the wiring

The sensor module is usually mounted underneath the seat. When you reach the alarm system near the handlebar, you need to realign the loose wires using the locking clamps to hold their position.

You can use the tip of a Flat-edged Screw Driver or any spatula of a similar sort to do so. Now, you will have to repeat this procedure on the alarm siren that is placed at the back of the motorcycle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the red key light indicate on a Harley?

The red light is an indicator of the functioning security system of your Harley bike. It goes off after you start your bike. Meaning, the system is disarmed after your signal.

How do I bypass the Harley key fob?

  • Harley Davidson security systems come with a key fob and a five-digit PIN. Sometimes the PIN is not provided to the customers.

    If you don’t happen to have the PIN, visit or call your local dealer and ask for the PIN. They can trace it by digital interfaces. You also get the option to change your PIN according to your preference once you know it.
  • When you do not have the key fob but know your PIN, you can easily start the bike by following these steps. You need to turn the ignition on and the security light will flash after that.

    Then, press and hold the left-turn signal until you see “enter PIN” visible on the speedometer. Input the PIN using the left-turn signal to choose and right-turn signal to select digit. The bike will start after you’ve entered your PIN.

Can I reprogram a Harley key fob?

It is possible to reprogram your Harley Davidson security code if know your PIN. Follow the question “how to change the Harley Davidson factory PIN to my desired number?” To reprogram your security key fob.

Is it possible to disarm my Harley security system? How do I do so?

It is possible to disable a Harley Davidson security system. You can do it using a PIN code. To start with it, you have to keep the ignition on, and simultaneously hold down both the turn signal buttons (at the left and right handlebars).

The LCD of the computer will show five empty windows, where you will need to enter the digital security code. To enter the first digit, use the left turn signal key to select the value. After that, press the right signal key to go to the next code cell.

Keep doing it until the secret code is entered entirely. When the whole code appears on the screen, press the turn signal on the right-hand remote control. That is all you need to do to disarm your smart security system.

Does my Harley have a security system?

If your Harley Davidson bike has a security system, it will have an alarm and will come with a key fob. If you add the siren and pager, you might have two key fobs.

What is the default Harley security code?

The default security code that Harley Davidson provides is 31313. It applies to any Harley Davidson motorcycle.

How does Harley Davidson security system work?

Harley Davidson security system works while the ignition is turned off. After you park and turn off your ignition, the smart security system automatically activates within five seconds if it cannot detect any motion near the bike. The security system arms the bike until it is disarmed by using the key fob.

How to turn the hazard lights off on a Harley Davidson?

First, find out the hazard switch from the dash. Then, you need to press the hazard lights’ turn on the switch to start the hazard lights. The four turn signals should flash by now. Finally, press the switch again to turn off the hazard lights.

While dealing with hazard lights, keep in mind the following things that, hazard lights keep on flashing even if the engine is turned off. It goes on until the battery is completely rained out.

Besides that, the turn signals will be disabled if the hazard light is flashing in case you keep your hazard lights on. So, you need to be careful about this as it might cause accidents while you are driving.

How do you remove the battery from Harley without an alarm?

You will have to disarm the security before removing the battery. Turn the ignition on to let the alarm disable itself. After that, you can remove the battery without the alarm blaring.

How do you read Harley Davidson codes?

First, you need to switch off the ignition switch and run it. Then push the odometer reset button or the toggle switch on the left control mount. Turn on the ignition switch and release the odometer reset button.

The indicators and background lights should turn on and the word “diag” will appear. Now you need to press the odometer reset button and you will find a selection menu showing “PSSPt”.

Here, you will get an extensive list of codes that represents the areas of the diagnostic module. There are module lists available to diagnose the problems according to the code visible on the screen.

How to change Harley Davidson factory PIN to my desired number?

To do that, firstly, you need to keep the security key tag to be nearby to the smart security system module to adapt to the change of codes.

Next, you need to do a set of five-step repeated actions of the ignition button in the following pattern: on-off-on-off-on.

After that, press the left-turn signal three times and the right-turn signal once. The turn indicators will blink several times and the current PIN code will display on the LCD window. It will promptly flash and will ask you to enter the new code.

Then you input your desired code and press the right-turn button. After doing that, there comes the most important part-saving the new code into the security system.

To do that, you need to turn the ignition off. The smart security system will save that new security code once you’ve shut down the system.

What to do in case the key fob gets lost?

A new Harley Davidson key fob can be ordered in case the existing one is lost or damaged. You can program it from the dealer with the frequency set with the smart security module.

But it is recommended to replace the system if the battery is dead. It is much easier that way. You can also remove the security protection and reset it at Harley if you don’t have a spare key chain or new battery at hand.


Some of the troubleshooting methods of Harley Davidson security systems are simple and do not need expert attention. Look for the solution online to fix the less complicated issues.

For more complex problems, however, I would suggest you visit your nearby dealer or call one whether or not you are acquainted with the person

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  1. It would have been useful for you to detail what to do about getting a FLSTF 2008 FatBoy Harley fixed with a new battery that sets off the alarm with either key fob both of which have new batteries and have not been an issue since purchase. You appear to allude to this condition in the last para before the Conclusion as a problem. I have not found any videos that address how to get a Harley started with 2 key fob failures.

  2. I have a 2012 Heritage classic, went into the garage and it did not recognize my fob, tried spare..nope. changed battery for new, nope still nothing. Forgotten security code long ago, and cant remember where I had written it down. Now what ? can the dealer reset it for me if I take my bike in ?
    From New Zealand

  3. 2015 Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200X
    Both Fobs not working (new batteries put in) so I cant get the bike to run.
    I cant recall my PIN either…(neither can the dealer).
    Main bike battery died (and has since been replaced).
    Security system activated, but no sound from the siren when it alarms, just flashing lights (sound went after changing the new bike battery).

    Anyone out there know anything. (nearest HD dealer is 300 miles away) and the bike wont turn on?


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