How to replace mirror on a 88 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail

Replacing The Mirror Glass In 88 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail (Guide)


Long time 88 Harley-Davidson Softail users, it’s possible that you feel that the mirrors are going hazy.

There is an option to replace them with a pair of mirrors that you may find at aftermarkets.

They are most easily available, and you can replace them by yourself. Also, the procedure does not require any technical or intricate process, which is very beginner-friendly.

Follow this article written on Replacing the Mirror glass in 88 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail bikes.

Here is a simple step-by-step method to help you out. Before beginning, let’s know the required tools.

Process of the Replacement Glass for the Mirror on a 88 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail

Replacement Glass for the Mirror on a 88 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail

You will need,

  • A Box Wrench,
  • an Allen Wrench,
  • and a Blue Loctite.

Step 1

To start with, you need to remove the turn signals of your bike. A lot of people may disagree with this step, as it is not required and it is possible to change the mirror without removing the turn signal. However, this step helps you to do your job much more easily than otherwise.

All you need to do is to use an Allen wrench to remove the turn signal from your vehicle while keeping the wires attached. This will clear your way to the mirrors.

Step 2

Now, at this step, you need to remove the existing mirrors in your Harley using a box wrench. Initially, you need to remove the lower mounting board. This will help you to take the mirrors off. Just pull it straight up, and take it away from the handlebars.

Step 3

This is the stage where you install the new mirrors. The replacing mirrors may or may not have the bolt system with a locking nut. If it does not have any, you should use a blue Loctite on the mounting board that the mirror came with. This is needed so that the bolt does not get loose vibrating. Otherwise, the mirror will not set and will vibrate.

Step 4

Most of the mirrors you will find at aftermarkets are made of aluminum. So, you need to make sure that you do not twist the bolt too tightly. And for this, the blue Loctite will be helpful to keep the mirror steady and tightly sealed.

Before tightening the bolt, keep in mind that you have to position the mirror in the proper place and then tighten it. If you already have tightened it and then notice that it is uneven, you’ll have to lose it again. You don’t want wrongly positioned mirrors. So be careful here.

Now, you need to place the turn signal and adjust it properly, and then tighten the mirror in place. Finally, start your bike to check if either of the turn signals or the mirror vibrates or not.

FAQs (Replacement Glass for the Mirror on a 88 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail)

harley davidson glass replacement 88 Heritage Softail

Q: is it possible to prevent the vibration of my motorcycle mirrors?

A: yes, you can prevent your bike mirrors from vibrating by installing a set of vibration isolators. You can find them at the local dealers of motorcycle parts.

These look like rubber plugs that have a rod attached on one side and a threaded hole on the other.

After purchasing one, set them between the mirror and the mirror’s mount. That will act as a shock absorber and will prevent your mirrors from shaking.

Q: Where can I find spare motorcycle mirrors for 88 Harley Davidson Softail?

A: online marketplaces are a good and easy way to get some. You will find them on eBay, Amazon, and many other sellers. Otherwise, you can find them at the aftermarkets or second hand-parts sellers easily. Also, check out the local motorcycle parts and repair shops.

Q: What are the basic tools I need to have in my Harley-Davidson repairing toolkit?

A: almost all the issues of your Harley motorbike need to be addressed differently. But for a well-rounded toolkit for multiple issues, assemble the following tools-

  1. Socket wrench set
  2. Multimeter
  3. Allen key set
  4. Impact driver
  5. Torque wrenches
  6. Brake bleeder
  7. Fork rebuild tools


Replacing the side mirror is a very easy task overall, but make sure to follow each step patiently and set the mirror in steady hands.

Otherwise, there is a chance of the mirror vibrating. Besides, you can also build up a mirror replacement kit consisting of the cleaning supplies, adhesive, and the necessary hardware to replace the mirror.

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