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Hydro-Rain HRC 100 Troubleshooting

The Hydro-Rain HRC-100-RS-RF is a sprinkler system controller’s wireless rain and frost sensor. This sensor includes a dependable freeze function that turns off the timer automatically. Hydro-Rain produces world-class, high-quality, and long-lasting sprinkler systems. The organization’s product innovation is up to par and may help you take your company to the next level.

Each model enables four possible start times for each of its three distinct programs, A, B, and C. They are water-saving features. The HRC 100’s water budgeting feature allows you to set watering periods ranging from 10% to a maximum of 200% of the authorized time in 10% increments.

If you’ve recently purchased a watering machine and are looking for the perfect watering solution, keep a few things in mind. The system becoming stuck, and the time keeps flashing is a common occurrence. It’s most likely because the display is flashing.

Hit the Start/Stop button once all of the settings are done and select the program. The machine is stuck because the unit believes a program has been established. Press and hold the Start/Stop button until the screen goes dark, then return to the Select button to resume your application.

Basic Hydro-Rain HRC 100 Troubleshooting

Hydro-Rain HRC 100 Troubleshooting

The first thing you should do is examine your manual. There is a good chance that your machine has various settings and functionalities specifically designed for multiple tasks. Some of the segments may be just for particular equipment.

There can be various problems with the unit you purchased. But most of the time, these problems are of two types. They can be either watering issues or they can be hardware issues. We will now discuss some of the most common issues.

Error and display codes

One issue is that the clock never stops ticking. As a result of this programming, if the controller is set to water within the next 24 hours, the display will alternate between the current and scheduled run times.

There is no or only a partial display on the controller

Push the reset button on the controller’s face if the transformer, battery, batteries, and fuse are all in working order. Worn-out or malfunctioning controllers cause display problems and need replacement. The electrical outlet should also be hot.

The controller’s display indicates “OFF,” “PWR OFF,” and “NO AC.”

A defective timer, burnt-out fuse, or dead outlet are all examples of blown fuses. If a component or controller has to be replaced, do so. You may need to do a hard reset or a power cycle if you don’t see the padlock icon on your device. Unhook the power cord, unplug the data cable, or turn off the circuit breaker for one minute before plugging it back in. Finally, you can do hydro-rain HRC 100 battery replacement.

HRC 100 Error Codes

The HRC 100 controller includes circuitry built in to detect various issues. The controller will show the station number producing the error if the word fault occurs before the word program. The controller will continue to work typically, but it can skip any station with a problem.

If more than one zone is malfunctioning, the station number displayed on display will be the number of the last station discovered to be malfunctioning. If stations 1, 2, and 5 are all down, the LCD will only show the number 5. This device only allows a specific amount of amperage to be output from each terminal, and if that limit is exceeded, a fault will be triggered. Your controller will cease delivering voltage to the timer to avoid it from hurting itself.

A defective solenoid crossed wires, or a short in the wire itself can cause this. First, we must determine whether the problem is with the controller or the hydro-rain valve solenoid. Remove the wire from the terminal listed in the problem notice and the related standard wire, and perform a short 1–2-minute hydro-rain HRC 100-c test cycle on that station.

The issue will be in the solenoid or wiring if you don’t see a Fault on display. If a Fault appears on the display when the cables are disconnected, one should replace the controller. Second, you’ll have to test the solenoid now that you know the controller is working. It may be done using a multimeter or by switching a solenoid.

Factory Reset Hydro-Rain HRC 100

Factory resetting is essential when connecting your device with the B-hyve app for the first time. Still, it may also help if you’ve made any Wi-Fi or network adjustments and need to rejoin your device or if you’re experiencing frequent disconnection troubles.

The device owner must provide access to the controller to wipe all settings on the controller and in the B-hyve cloud. It is a one-time event that is not possible to reverse. Also, it must be factory reset before anybody else may use the controller once it has been freed from an account.

A factory reset is simple to carry out and does not affect the controller’s settings. After a factory reset and a solid Wi-Fi connection, all settings are saved in the B-hyve cloud and returned to the device in a few minutes. To begin, open the entrance door. One should open the swing panel.

On the rear of the swing panel, look for the reset button. It runs along the top of the Battery. For 10-12 seconds, press and hold the reset button. All of the symbols on the LCD panel will light up, signaling a successful factory reset.


How is battery replacement of Hydro-Rain HRC 100 done?

Simply remove the black rubber cover from behind the sensor or transmitter to change the batteries.  Once the battery mount is connected with a cable, slide down, and replace both batteries.

Is it possible to use blu-lock on a mainline?

It is not suggested that Blu-lock be used when working on the mainline. The Blu-lock was designed to be used after the valve has been completely shut off.

How can I check for or remove unnecessary start times?

Turn the dial to “Start Time” to check for various start timings. Numbers 1-4 are often used to indicate several start times. You may need to use the left or right arrow to cycle through the times. If you see a start time, hitting the clear button will remove it.

Why are there so many start times?

Many current controllers let you group stations in a program so that they all operate simultaneously. If you have numerous stations with similar features, this is useful. Using the software, you may cycle all of your sprinkler spray bodies that are spray heads or rotors in succession. Alternatively, you may irrigate the whole landscape in one section one day and another the next.


We all know that time is money; therefore, these goods are made to help you save them. These items go together quicker and more accessible, whether it’s programming a controller, installing the system, or modifying it. You have more important things to accomplish than repeat a task. Your time and money are precious resources, and we’re here to help you find a solution.

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