Yootech Wireless Charger Blinking Green?

Yootech is a Qualcomm quick charge supported (QC Standard) charger. It is built-in with USB A to micro-USB cable. Compatible with a large scale of modern or recent phone models, such as iPhone 13/ 13 pro series and Samsung Galaxy S and Note series. Specs claim that the charger can ultimately be compatible with any of the devices that support wireless charging from Qualcomm technologies.

But as we know issues with electronic devices are pretty common. It can happen to user behavior or any internal or external vulnerabilities, faulty and poor manufacturing as well.

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Likely Yootech users also claim to have problems with Green Blinking. Now first we will find out if this is a problem or not, then Why it happens and how to solve this if it is a problem. Okay! Let’s roll with the flow:

Figuring Out the Incidence

Yootech Wireless Charger has a green border around the top in the basic shape. Now, in most cases, it seems like a decorated design but it is quite functional.

It works as an LED notification light for your charger. Gives you an indication about charging situations as well. Whenever you put your device (Phone, Earpod, or anything else) on the charging surface, the green ring starts to glow.

The glowing green light indicates that it has started charging. But if it keeps glowing continuously, it may become annoying for the users, so it is programmed to stop glowing after a few times. On the other side if you put some kind of object that is not able to charge, Any device which, the charger is refusing to charge, will make start the green ring blinking.

This is also a safety feature for saving your device from fires.

Whatever, this is clear that, the blinking and glowing of your Yootech Wireless Charger is the notifications of charging situations, not a malfunction or problem for always. We will narrate the things below.

Meanings of Blinking Green

Glowing For Normal Charging

The very fast and common reason for your Yootech wireless charger blinking green is the start of Normal Charging. Let me correct my word with “Glowing” from blinking. Let me explain why! Basically, the device doesn’t have any kind of LED Dot on it, so the only thing that can work as an indicator is it’s ring-shaped light.

So, when you put your device on it to charge, the charger starts glowing its green light. It indicates that the charge has been started normally. Pretty simple to understand, even if your charging device doesn’t come with a charging indicator.

But you can complain that glowing light in a dark room may be annoying.

Strongly agreeing! In a dark room, while you are trying to sleep, this glowing light can be a disturbance for your eyes. But actually, Yootech programmed their charger to glow for a very little time just when you start charging anything.

The glowing will stop so soon and you can basically sleep without any disturbance in a dark room.

Blinking For Charging Refusal

What is charging refusal? Your wireless charger is basically programmed for distributing charge to any device you put on the charging surface.

But what if you put a device that cant receive wireless charging or something that is not capable of accepting charge right now, it would be caught heat and even fire from the voltage the charger is providing. This is charging refusal.

The device is not taking charge, as a result, if the charger pushes more charge into it, this may produce heat and fire damage to your device and surroundings. In this situation, the Green ring starts blinking as a safety notification.

This blinks continuously so that you don’t miss the hazard notification somehow.

In a word, your Yootech charger blinks Green to notify charging defusal.

Yootech Wireless Charger Blinking Green? Reasons and Fixes

Yootech Wireless Charger Blinking Green

To be noted that, Glowing the LED Ring for a while is a good thing we know now. It indicates “Normal Charging” We will be finding the reasons for Blinking Green below. Because blinking is the indication of an error in charging to your charger.

Unnecessary and Incompatible Objects

Starting from the Unnecessary and Incompatible Objects on the charging surface. We know that the charger blinks a green circle when it is refusing the charge.

So if you put any object that is incapable of taking charge or any device that is incompatible of wireless charging, the charger will start blinking green.

Remove the object from the surface and the blinking will be stopped.

Thick Cover or Rugged Cases

Thick Cover or Rugged Cases May be problematic sometimes. Even though the provider claims, this can even charge over a 4mm thick case, the ambiance and device capabilities may matter sometimes.

If you are using a heavy cover for your phone, and then the green light blinks on the charger during charging. It’s because the charger is incapable of charging over that thing.

So, it’s better to get a bit thinner and wireless charging supported cover.

Main Power Source

Basically, the power outlet in the wall you are using matters a lot in the charging convenience.

If you are using an outlet that is faulty, cannot deliver enough voltage, or is damaged, can cause charging issues.

And charging issues or instability may cause your Green Led Ring to blink continuously.

The power input of your Yootech charger may be DC5V 2A, DC9V 2A. Now if your outlet is broken or damaged from inside, sparking internally with connections, it may lose a good amount of voltage on its path and may cause lower voltage charging.

As a result, the charger will no longer be responsive to charge devices and start blinking green.

To solve this, just try some other outlets, if it is fine then it is sure, the problem is in the outlet and you gotta change or fix that soon.

Damaged Power Brick

Damaged Power Brick may also bring you some charging issues and blinking.

As there is a certain value of voltage requirement for any charger, if your brick can not deliver that sufficient amount of charge, the charging errors will occur and you will see some green blinking notifications. Basically, the chargers are made for a decent scale of voltage inputs.

Too low or too high voltage may hamper the system or produce overheating and fire. Unstable voltage terms to charging error and Green Ring Starts Blinking.

Just getting a new brick may fix it all. But it’s always recommended to get authentic branded bricks or the ones that match the requirements.

Faulty USB Cable

Faulty USB Cable is also a reason behind your charger blinking green. As it runs on a USB 2 to micro-USB connection, the cable works as a bridge between the power outlet, brick, and charging surface.

We sometimes bend the charging cable or stretch it too much intentionally or unintentionally.

Seemingly it doesn’t look vulnerable but, on some days, this may turn into serious problems. Day by day the cable gets internally damaged. The core of the cables gets torn and the capacity of the USB cable gets decreased.

In this situation, the charger refuses to charge with a lower and unstable charging voltage. This is where your charger starts blinking the green light. Changing the cable and getting a newer one will solve your problem. But it is good to take accessories from authentic sources.

Not Necessary to pull a long conclusion. You know all about the issue now.

Still if your Yootech Wireless Charger is Blinking Green, you should better take it to Yootech’s authorized service center and let them fix or replace the unit if the warranty is available.

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