Beautyrest Heated Blanket Blinking

Beautyrest heated blanket is a popular choice among heated blanket users. Nonetheless, thousands of consumers love and use this blanket worldwide, especially people living in chilly and cold weather. 

But, Beautyrest heated blanket blinking problem is something that many users have complained about. There can be many reasons, from an open circuit to improper power cord connections.

Hence, if you are also suffering blinking problems in your Beautyrest blanket, this article is just for you because we will help you solve this problem in the easiest method possible.

Why is my Beautyrest heated blanket not working?

Why is my Beautyrest Heated Blanket Not Working?

When you see that your Beautyrest heated blanket is not operating correctly, the problem is probably a faulty contact between the plug, cable, and controls.

Hence, don’t just throw away the old problematic blanket yet. Before deciding to throw the blanket, make sure to double-check the connectors. If it is, reconnect the power cable to the socket and turn on the blanket.


Reasons for Beautyrest Heated Blanket Blinking?

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So, what are the reasons for the Beautyrest heated blanket blinking 

Open Circuit

The probable reason for the Beautyrest heated blanket to blink is an open circuit. Open circuit issues are common phenomena when a damaged wire is inside the blanket. These wires are not designed for frequent twisting, which occurs when you attempt to clean them.

Solution: Sadly, there are no solutions; you need to throw away the blanket and get a new one.

Improper connections

The Beautyrest heated blanket will blink red when loose connections between the power cord and the blanket and controllers.

Solutions: The solution is pretty simple. It would help if you secured the connections between the power cord and the blanket. Double-check all the cables before plugging back the blanket.

Disconnected throw

If the throw is disconnected or broken, the controller will flash red. And it is very easy to understand as even after reconnecting power cords, your blanket will keep blinking.

Solutions: You must reconnect the throw to the controller before resetting it by disconnecting the AC power plug and putting it in.

Blown Fuse

A blinking heated blanket or a not working blanket also means there can be a blown a fuse. Check the fuse inside the control box of the blanket, and if it’s blown, you will need to replace it.

Voltage fluctuations will create overheating. As a result, the fuse will explode. A blown a fuse is not a very common issue, and if you see it happening constantly, then there is a problem with the circuit it is connected in. 

There may be too many appliances operating from that same circuit. Use a different circuit connection if this is the case.

Solution: Open the control box, remove the old fuse, and replace it with a new fuse of the same power and resistance ratings. 

How to Reset a Beautyrest heated blanket?

How to Reset a Beautyrest heated blanket?

Sometimes, the simplest solution to all the heated blanket issues is to reset your blanket. Read below to know how you can reset your heated blanket. But before resetting your blanket, give it one last check whether it is working or not.

Checking procedure

  • Plug the power cable into a power socket turn on the blanket.
  • Adjust the temperature to the maximum level.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the heating element to start. Never, however, wait more than 7 minutes.
  • Check the blanket’s temperature by placing your palm between the folds.

If you see that the temperature is not increasing, you have to go to the reset process.

Reset procedure

  • Place the electric blanket on top of your bed.
  • Disconnect the power outlet’s power cable.
  • Verify that the controller is securely attached to the heated blanket’s component.
  • Now you will need to find the label at the bottom of the blanket. The wires should be connected to the modules besides this label.
  • Make sure to slide the power cord beneath the bed to prevent them from twisting too much.
  • Connect your blanket to an electrical outlet.

And hence you are done resetting your Beautyrest heated blanket.

Frequently Asked Question

Do electric blankets give off EMF?

Ans: Yes, electric blankets give off EMF at a certain level. The impact of an electric blanket left on all night on a user’s overall EMF radiation has been calculated to be 2 to 4 times that of atmospheric background home values.

Why did my electric blanket stop working?

Ans: To find out the reason behind this. Make sure the electric blanket cord is securely fastened to the blanket. Remove the plug from the blanket attachment and inspect it for dirt or debris inside the plug or on the wire that plugs into the blanket. Reattach the blanket connection to the cable. Your blanket should start working if there aren’t any internal issues.


Beautyrest heated blanket blinking problems can be irritating as you will sleep cold since your blanket won’t be working. 

However, you do not need to throw away your blanket yet. All you need to do is read this guide as we have discussed all the potential reasons for your blanket to blink red. Try all the solutions before deciding to buy a new heated blanket.

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  1. Had the blanket for about 3 months I know how to take care of it I have other ones, it just stopped heating, I have had other blankets for years and never stopped in 3 months????

  2. I am using my blanket for the 2nd year. It is starting to blink E4, what does this mean? Amazon gave a wrong number, i think. Or the number is being hijacked by unrelated promos.

    Other owners reported E2.



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