Sunbeam heated blanket blinking lights

If you do not want cold feet in the middle of a winter night, then the sunbeam electric blanket is just for you. But, if you are already a sunbeam blanket user, you might be well aware of the circumstance sunbeam heated blanket blinking continuously.

But, why is your sunbeam heated blanket is blinking? The thermostat settings are most likely wrong if the blanket blinks. If the thermostat settings are correct, you should check the power supply. A power supply issue could also cause the blinking.

There can be several other reasons for your sunbeam electric blanket blinking. Please do not go anywhere because today, we will discuss all the probable reasons why your blanket might be blinking lights and its troubleshooting tips.

Why is my sunbeam electric blanket blinking?

If the thermostat settings are wrong, the control is not firmly linked to the module in the blanket, or the power supply is malfunctioning, the Sunbeam heated blanket will flicker. When the connection between the plug, the cable, and the Controller is lost, the Sunbeam heated blanket will usually cease heating.

Check the connections before resetting the blanket. Make certain they’re safe. It covers the power cord’s connection to the blanket and the plugin of the electrical socket. Making the connections more secure will remedy the problem if the sunbeam blanket is flashing because it doesn’t have enough electricity.

Other Reasons for your Sunbeams heated blanket blinking – Troubleshooting tips

Sunbeam heated blanket blinking

Now, there can be many reasons for your sunbeams heated blanked blinking, and not working correctly. We will look into all issues one by one.

Sunbeam heated blanket Flashing F or “FF.”

The first problem is that your Sunbeam electric blanket flashes “F” or “FF” in the control panel. The control panel will flash F if the power cord is not connected to a wall outlet. A flashing ‘F’ error will appear if the cable is disconnected from the blanket.

The issue of a light flashing high on the gradient control on Sunbeam electric blankets is not uncommon. For those who see the FF indication on the digital control blinking, the cause is the same. You’ll need to reset your blanket if these things happen.

Troubleshooting F or “FF”

The fix for F and FF is both same. All you need to do is reset the blanket. Unplug the blanket from the wall outlet and double-check that the control wire has proper linking to the module before plugging it back in. Turn on the blanket. The blinking F or FF indicated that the blanket needed to be reset if it worked.

The problem is more severe if it still flashes FF after the reset. It might indicate that there is a problem with the heater or blanket. There might be a connection problem with the pure enrichment heating pad.

As a result, you will require the assistance of a specialist in this situation.

Sunbeam heated blanket flashes f2

Another common issue is your sunbeam heated blanket flashing f2. A blanket with a flashing ‘F2’ in the blanket controller means it is not receiving adequate electricity because the cable is not secured in the wall socket or the blanket’s module.

If the sunbeam heating blanket displays an F2, there may be a connection problem between the controller and the blanket, or there can be a sunbeam f2 heating pad error.

Troubleshooting F2 error

Disconnect the blanket from the power source for a few minutes and then plug it back in to reset it. Most of the time, the connection will get loose, and all you have to do is re-plug it. In many circumstances, this is sufficient to resolve the problem.

However, If the problem persists, you should see a professional or contact the sunbeam blanket customer service staff.

The flashing F1 issue

F1 is another fault code that may appear on your sunbeam heating blanket. This error number indicates that the connection between the heating pad and the plug is not secure. An f1 error notice will appear if the link between these two sites is lost.

Troubleshooting F1

As with other problems, the first step is you need to try to reset the blanket and try to get rid of the F1 error. It’s as simple as disconnecting and reconnecting the control to the module. You may have to reset specific blankets many times before they function. If yours has been reset several times but still won’t function, contact Sunbeam’s customer service department.

Sunbeam heated blanket Flashing yellow

If your Sunbeam heated blanket continues blinking yellow, then you will need to reset the blanket. Also, Examine the connection between the power cable and the dc source and the connection between the power adapter and the blanket. All the connections should be fixed and not lost by any means.

Sunbeam electric blanket blinking red light

If you observe that the sunbeam heating blanket is flashing red, it means there are some internal wiring concerns. There are cables within that might be used to heat the space. If these wires heat up and break, you may anticipate the blanket to flash red light.

A disconnected throw will also result in a flashing red light on the electric throw. You may have unintentionally unplugged the throw from the controller, causing the blanket to glow red to signify a problem.

Troubleshooting flashing red light

Tag the cord’s connection to the blanket with a gentle tag. Make certain it’s safe. Also, open the power cable and let it sit for a few minutes before connecting it back in. Examine the blanket for indications of wear and tear.

Call a specialist if you see any evidence of harm. They’ll inform you if the damage is repairable or not. If they cannot repair the blanket, you should consider purchasing a new one.

The Flashing E Problem

When it flashes E in your sunbeam electric blanket, the problem is a bit severe. The flashing E indicates a bad heating component inside the blanket.

Troubleshooting E

Reset the blanket if all connections are safe, but the control displays E. The majority of error codes are intended to alert you to a problem. Most of the problem codes will go if the blanket is reset.

How to reset the heating pad

You can reset the heating pad without any hassle. Read the whole procedure below to know the entire process.

Ensure the power wire is firmly inserted into the wall socket before unplugging the heating pad from the outlet. Then, open the control unit and clean out the control unit on the cable using a screwdriver. Last but not least, use a screwdriver to tighten any loose parts in the control unit.

How do you test electric blankets?

To test electric blankets, you need to run a fold test. It would be best to fold the blanket to find the control portion in the folding test. Carefully attach the module and cable with a plastic clasp.

Connect the power cord to the socket at the same time. Then, for about 5 minutes, keep the switch on and turn it on. In this case, the temperature you select is essential, and you should set it to the maximum setting.

Frequently Asked Question

We have discussed why your Sunbeam heated blanket might be blinking. Still, there are many other questions that need answering too.

Down below, we will answer all this FAQs

Q1. Can you wash a Sunbeam heated blanket?

Answer: Yes, you can wash a Sunbeam heated blanket. You may wash this electric heated blanket in cold water and mild soap for 15 minutes. You can also wash in a washing machine, but only on the delicate or soft cycle. Please do not use bleach in the washing machine. Only use cold water to rinse.

Q2. What is the heating time for a Sunbeam Electrical blanket?

Answer: It usually takes anywhere between 8 to 10 minutes for the heating pad to heat up. However, sometimes it can take up to 30 minutes for the blankets to heat up in case of any insecure contacts. If the blanket is bigger and the weather is colder than usual, you may expect to feel the warmth for roughly an hour.


If you suffer from Sunbeam heated blanket blinking issues, this guide was just for you. By simply resetting the product, you can grasp how to solve Sunbeam electric blanket flashing. But there can be some other issues with it. Hence, read this article carefully to understand all types of flashing signal problems and the troubleshooting tips for the issues.

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