Epson ET-2750 Not Printing Color

Color printers are one of the great inventions in printing media. Almost all printer manufacturing industries are introducing this technology. Epson printers are not different in this category.

Moreover, Epson has different premium series of printers. Epson Expression ET-2750 (Eco Tank) Wireless Color All In One Supertank Cartridge Free Printer is one of the premium models for printing.

What if this top-notch premium printer stops printing color?

Don’t worry. If you are using Epson ET- 2750 for printing which is not printing color, this article will let you know how to troubleshoot it and print color as before.

Reasons For Epson ET-2750 Not Printing

Reasons For Epson ET-2750 Not Printing

There are some very possible reasons for not printing color with your Epson ET-2750 printer. Once you know why this problem is occurring, you can fix it easily. Those reasons are-

Ink Level Low: When the ink level of your printer is low, you will get a notification alert on our computer. You will know that your printer is running out of ink in a separate tank or more from this alert. It means it’s time to refill the ink tank of your printer. Always go for the same ink required for your printer model.

Unsuitable Ink: Ever refill your printer ink tank with any other brand’s ink? Things that are unsuitable to a device can’t perform properly. In the same way, if you use another brand’s ink bottle to refill your printer’s ink tank, which is cheap, your printer is probably not going to print color.

However, Epson ET 2750 comes with 2 years of ink in the box. So after that period, when you are going to refill the tank, use the required one.

Outdated Driver: Epson updated driver software for their printers regarding users’ computer compatibility from time to time. If you use the outdated version of the driver file instead of the latest one, your Printer may not print color. So regular checking for the latest printer driver and updating it keep your Printer fast.

Clogged Nozzles: If the small funnel-shaped ink passing nozzles between the tank and printhead are clogged with ink and dirt, your printer will not print. This issue occurs when you use your printer after a long time gap. In this gap, the ink in the nozzle dried and clogged. But if you use the printer regularly, this clogging won’t happen.

Dried Ink: Another primary reason for not printing color with your Epson printer is the dried ink in the tank. Mostly this also occurs when you leave your Printer unused for a long time. During this time, the ink in the tank dried. Moreover, if you keep open the tank cover for a long time, the ink inside the tank also starts drying.

Internal Glitches: Continuous printing can often lead to internal glitches in the Printer. In that case, a printer may take the wrong command or stop printing the color as you want. So, after printing for a long time, give some rest to your Printer. Moreover, a simple restart can be a relief for you.

Epson ET-2750 Not Printing Color: How To Troubleshoot

Epson ET-2750 Not Printing Color

It’s time to fix your Printer. In the previous portion, you get to know the causes for the not printing color of your Epson ET 2750 printer. Now you will know the troubleshooting steps to resolve those reasons.

[Note: if the product warranty is available or the time is not running out yet, contact the customer service first before you proceed to DIY.]

Refill Ink Tank

When your ink tank of the Printer or ink level is low, you should go for a refill. For Epson ET 2750, the required ink refill is the Epson 502 Ink Bottles. To refill the tank-

  • Open the top of the tank cover.
  • Pour the ink through the tank hole.
  • Check the out glass to see if the tank is filled.
  • Close the top of the tank cover.
  • Print something to check.

If your printer is not printing color yet, go for the next steps.

Restart The Printer

A restart is always essential to keep the Printer running smoothly. Moreover, it removes internal junk files that create glitches while you command to print. To restart your Epson ET 2750-

  • Power off your Printer.
  • Disconnect from the computer.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes.
  • Connect to the computer.
  • Power on your Printer.
  • Go for a checking.

Change The Settings

The printer setting from the PC is the main thing to print anything with a printer. With the correct settings, you can decide how to print, what to print, and in which color to print.

  • Open the printer software from the PC.
  • Find print dialog box.
  • Select the “Printer Settings”.
  • Click on “Basic Settings”.
  • You can see “Black” on the right and “Color” on the left in this portion.
  • Select “Color” to print color.
  • Click on “Print” in the dialog box.

Now it should print color. If not, then go for the next step.

Update The Driver

It is a very crucial step that you update your printer driver from the Epson website. This step is very easy to do. Moreover, this single step can fix so many other issues of the Printer. Like not printing anything, internal noise, slow printing, and so on. To update the software-

  • From your browser, open the Epson official website.
  • Type your printer model name “Epson ET 2750” in the search bar.
  • Choose your Printer from the search result list.
  • Go to the “Support”.
  • Click on the “Driver +”.
  • Download the latest driver file from the top. Either download the driver from the “Recommended for you” box.
  • After downloading the software, install the file accordingly.
  • Have a restart your PC.
  • Check the printing.

Run A Power Clean

A power cleaning that allows replacing the ink from the tank. Through this simple maintenance, you can easily run your Printer without any further errors.

  • Open the “Maintenance” from the Printer’s control panel.
  • Select the “Power Cleaning” option.
  • Run it following the on-screen instruction.

Clean the Nozzle

After running the power cleaning, go for a “Nozzle Check” to ensure the Printer’s nozzles are not clogged with dry ink. If it is blocked, go for a cleaning. To clean the Epson ET 2750 printer nozzles-

  • Switch off your Printer.
  • Detach the ink tank by screwing. (Follow the manual to detach the ink tank)
  • Take some liquid cleaner of distilled water into a plastic syringe.
  • Pour a few drops into the nozzles one by one.
  • Wipe down if the liquid gets spilled somewhere.
  • Attach the ink tank.
  • Switch on the Printer.
  • Check the printing

Contact Customer Service

After following all the steps, if still, your Epson ET 2750 is not printing color, then contact customer service. They may ask a few questions regarding your printer model or Product Number. Provide them with the information and tell them in detail about the problem. They will tell you what to do. Follow their instructions accordingly.

How do I connect my Epson ET Printer to the Wifi?

Connect my Epson ET Printer to the Wifi
  • Turn on the Printer
  • Press the “Home” button from the control panel
  • Select “Wifi Setup” using the arrow button
  • Press “OK”
  • After completing the search, choose the network name.
  • Enter the password
  • And press ok


Now you know why your Epson ET 2750 printer is not printing color and what you should do to fix this error. Follow all the steps properly. Don’t hurry. First, identify the reason and then fix it.

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