HP Printer Troubleshooting

HP printers are normally very reliable. Hp printers have a solid build. But as a matter of fact, HP printers may show symptoms from time to time.

And we all know how frustrating it is when our printers fail at the most inappropriate moments. HP Printer troubleshooting is not that easy.  

It’s difficult to know how to fix the most common errors of these printers.

However, we’ve tried to identify 10 common problems you might face while dealing with an HP printer. So, let’s proceed with this HP printer troubleshooting guide.

Most Common HP printer Troubleshooting

Most Common HP printer Troubleshooting

HP Printer Paper feed problems

HP Printer Paper feed problems
Photo Credit: HP

Almost every printer user faces paper feed-related problems. It is the truth universally no matter what printer you use. We all have suffered more or less from this irritating problem.

If you are an HP printer user, it is likely that you have faced this problem and scratched your head over this issue.

Here in this portion, you will be guided to overcome some pretty specific troubleshooting of HP printer paper feed problems.

a) Papers are jamming

Any printer might face paper jams anytime. It is one of the most common problems. Paper jams may occur out of nowhere on any printer for different reasons. It happens mostly because of dirty pages. Additionally, the wrong type of paper may have caused it too. Another reason might be, is the pathway of the rollers that feed the paper through, is worn down.

Normally you can fix this problem simply by cleaning the printer periodically and using the correct type of paper.  But when the paper is still jamming after the cleaning then you might want to check and replace the Roller. Replacement of roller can be a very difficult job, as the replacement process is different for various HP Printer models.

 In some HP printers, the rollers are easy to access. Other models will require you to completely tear down to remove the rollers. You should always be careful while removing the paper. When you are trying to remove a paper jam, always try to pull the paper in the exact direction of the paper path. Don’t try to pull it from the back, as it might damage your printer severely.

HP printers are more likely to face paper jam problems than other printers. Some printers hold the paper vertically and pull them down through the printer. If you own one of such models, and you often face paper jams; the reason may be you are heavily using this printer whilst it is not designed for heavy usage.  These models aren’t designed for heavy-duty. So if you demand heavy use from them then this problem will occur.

b) Some or all of the printing on the page is faded

We all might face this problem. Whenever we command for a bulk amount of printing, we might end up having a few faded or blank pages. This problem might happen for some reasons.

  1. The toner of the printer is low.
  2. The setting of the print density is too low
  3. Or the Economode printing option is on.

To avoid this fading problem. We must check the toner every now and then and refill/replace the toner accordingly.

If the toner is low, just simply remove the cartridge and shake it to redistribute the toner. This might solve your problem temporarily. But if you want to fix it properly you might have to replace the cartridge.

For 2nd and 3rd reasons, most of the time there is a button on the printer which allows self-testing. This button will show you the current settings. If the printer’s Economode is on then the printout will be light. If you don’t want the light print, simply turn it off and/or set the density of the print a bit higher.

HP Printer printhead problems

HP Printer printhead problems
Photo Credit: HP

Sometimes we face problems with our printer’s printhead. Malfunctioning Printhead affects the quality of the print. The most common printhead problem is that it often gets clogged by dried ink. If you do not clean or remove the dried ink regularly, gradually more dried ink could entirely clog the printhead. The best possible way to avoid this problem is to use genuine HP ink cartridges. But you can also avoid this problem by cleaning. 

There are many different models of HP that has different types of print head. But cleaning them is almost the same. Follow the walkthrough given below.

  • Check the printer and cartridge’s compatibility; you can also try a reset that could clear all the error messages. 
  • Now ink cartridges should be removed from the print carriage. After the removal, go to the control panel of the PC. Check for any error messages in there.
  • As you have removed the cartridge, clean the cartridge. Clean the vents and contacts carefully.
  • Make sure that the cloth you are using is clean, soft and a little bit dampened. With this cloth clean all the accumulated debris and inks from the contacts of the cartridge.
  • Don’t forget to clean all the vents and contacts in the above-mentioned way
  • After you finish cleaning the cartridge, reinsert the cartridges into their slots. Push them down and forward until they snap into position.
  • Make sure every color dot on the cartridge label matches the color dots on the carriage         

There is also another reason for which, error may occur. If your printer firmware is outdated then errors could occur. To solve this problem, you might need to download updated firmware and install it on your printer.

The Printer is printing Ghost copies

The Printer is printing Ghost copies
Photo Credit: Youtube Channel – viandant5

Sometimes we face a situation where the printing of an image is proper but another copy of the same image also prints somewhere else. The only difference is that the other printed copy is much lighter.  This situation is called ghosting. 

This error occurs due to a problematic power outlet that has the job to supply power to the printer. To solve this problem, you should check the power outlet first. Plug the power outlet in a different printer to check if the result is the same.

Ghosting errors can also occur when printer parts (the Drum or the imaging kit) are nearly expiring. All the internal parts in a printer are rated for a certain number of pages. When a printer gets near this page number, you should replace those parts to eliminate ghosting errors.

Toner is smearing and is not staying on the paper   

Toner is smearing and is not staying on the paper
Photo Credit: HP

It often seems that the printed words and images are coming off the paper with the touch of our hands. It happens mainly for a few reasons. First, maybe the fuser assembly is damaged or at the final stage of its lifetime. In this situation, you have to replace the Fuser Assembly.

You might think about repairing the fuser assembly, but we will not recommend you to do that. The fuser is a consumable part of a printer and that’s why it is not worth the time or effort to fix.

Another possible reason for this problem is the damaged toner cartridge. If the toner cartridge is defective then it will let too much toner out at one time.

In this scenario, we recommend you two different solutions for different printers. If you have a black-and-white laser printer, try to replace the Toner Cartridge. For a color laser printer, just replace the defective cartridge that is causing the problem.

The third reason could be the spill of toner. The existing toner may have spilled too much in the printer. If it is so, you’ll have to clean it out.

50.4 error message, meaning, and solution

50.4 error message, meaning, and solution

Error messages mean something significant. Here a 50.4 error message on newer HP LaserJet models indicates problems with the existing power supply. If you are using a UPS and your printer is connected to it. You need to disconnect it from there or try disconnecting it from any power strip.

Then try plugging it directly into a wall outlet. Always remember you should never plug your laser printer into a UPS. A printer requires a lot of power to keep the fuser assembly warm. Your UPS could be damaged by the surges of this much power. So, you should always plug your printer into a wall outlet.

If it doesn’t work, ensure sure that all the components in your printer are well seated.

Can’t find a suitable driver for any particular operating system

Can't find a suitable driver for any particular operating system
Photo Credit: HP

Our technology is advancing. This advancement of technology is releasing a lot of new and unique operating systems. New operating systems have been released with upgraded new drivers. You will require these new drivers to be loaded for your existing printers.

It is not that every printer needs to have a certain driver for every Operating System. In these situations, it is best to carefully read the printer manual first. The manual will tell you what drivers are compatible with your printer.

You may find out that, some functionality of your printer will not be available under this compatibility. But your basic printing will work under this emulation. 

As an example, almost all HP printers will print if you install the HP LaserJet II driver. But some specific options like duplexing function will not work.

The Printer is not taking papers from your expected paper tray 

The Printer is not taking papers from your expected paper tray 
Photo Credit: HP

This is one particular error that can be solved by looking into two places. First things first, look on your PC that is connected to the printer. After that, take a look at the connected printer. Check, if the print command on the application is set to print on the wrong paper tray.

If so, you have to correct the command within the print application. Click on the Printer Properties, find the Tray Selection source, and correct it. You should make sure that the paper size on the paper tray and the paper size on the control panel matches.

The Printer is picking up all the papers from the tray rather than one sheet at a time

The Printer is picking up all the papers from the tray rather than one sheet at a time
Photo Credit: HP

There might be a possibility that the printer’s “Paper Separation Pad” is not working properly. This pad has the responsibility of separating each piece of paper. If you are having this problem then you have to check it. Check if it is worn out or not. If the pad is worn out then you need to replace it.

This problem is solved easily by replacing the pad. You don’t have to rush to repair the house with your printer, you just have to buy and install a new pad.

There is another reason for this problem. Maybe the paper is wet and heavy due to humid weather. Make sure you are storing papers properly and well maintained in a damp-free room.

79 error is being displayed by the printer

9 error is being displayed by the printer
Photo Credit: HP

There is an error which is being called “79 error”. This problem occurs if the network of the network print server faces any trouble. If your network print server faces any interruption then the printer seems to display a 79 error.

We all know how frustrating this problem could be. But trust me while I say this. It is a simple problem that can be solved easily. No need to lose your mind, you can simply solve this by yourself.

To solve this problem, stop scratching your head and sit in front of your PC. Click on the start menu and open the Printer folder. Search the Print server to ensure that there are no pending jobs.

This error can also be an indication of a printer add-on component failure, like an MIO card or a RAM module. You need to remove all add-ons. After the removal, add them one by one back to the printer. This will determine the faulty module.

Envelopes are causing troubles

Envelopes are causing troubles
Photo Credit: worldcuptech

if you have a laser printer then you may face problems with troubled envelopes. You should choose envelopes wisely while buying. Envelopes that are close to approximately 20 lb in weight and thickness should be bought.

The fuser of the printer puts heat that keeps the printing on pages. You should buy an envelope with the proper adhesive that has the capability to withstand this heat. Otherwise, the envelopes might come out of the printer.

If envelopes come out of the printer, they will come out as wrinkled. These wrinkled envelopes are too stiff for the path of the paper. To solve this problem open the back of the printer and let the envelope exit at the rear location instead.

Final Thoughts

We all know that HP printers are proven with reliability. People consider and rated them as the most reliable printers in the industry. But just like any other piece of electronic equipment, they are prone to malfunctioning. It seems the newer version of HP printers cannot withstand the same amount of workload as the older models could. So if you are working with a newer model HP printer, you might face any of the above-mentioned problems too. This article might help to guide you on how to solve these problems.

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