Epson XP 440 Not Printing Black

In our daily life at home and office, we always need to print simple documents on black and white paper. So printing black is the main creed of all the printers. No matter how modern a printer is, no matter how colorful images it prints, it loses its performance if it doesn’t print black.

If you have Epson XP 440 printer that is not printing black, you are in the right place to get an absolute solution to fix it. Here you will know everything you should do to troubleshoot your Epson XP 440 to print black again.

Reasons For Epson XP 440 Not Printing Black

There are several reasons for Epson XP 440 is not printing. Let’s see what the causes of this error are.

Internal Glitch

Using your Printer all day long?

Print at a time so many documents?

In both cases, the Printer can be overheated, for which you may face lag or hang issues with your Printer while printing. And in the long run, it causes severe internal glitches to print. Next, it may stop printing either in total or just black. To fix this error, try to give a rest for 10-15 minutes after 1-2 hours of printing task. 

Backdated Driver

For almost every output device, the company provides driver software. Epson is not different. If you have an Epson printer, you can easily download and install your driver software from the website that is compatible with your PC. And you have to update the driver from time to time.

Updated driver software protects your Printer from different viruses and malware attacks. Moreover, it keeps your device in a fast working condition. But if you run your Printer with the backdated file, it may cause different printing errors. Not printing black is one of them.  

Ink Cartridge Issue

The most common reason for no black printout is that the ink cartridge is empty or not adjusted properly. So, check your black ink cartridge. For printing black, there should be enough black ink in it.

Moreover, proper adjustment or set-up of the cartridge is also essential. Otherwise, it will be a faulty set-up for such a printing error.

Printhead Problems

The printhead or the cartridge chamber is the necessary hardware of the Printer for printing without any error. What if the error happens with the printhead?

There are several types of problems you may face with your printers.

  1. Being damaged
  2. Wrong printhead
  3. Ink or dust clogging

In all these cases, your Printer can’t perform properly, which may cause you not to print black. Regular maintenance and always going for the replacement of original parts are crucial.

Not Using Regularly 

If you are not printing with your printer regularly or leave for a long time, it might be a reason for not printing black. In this case, when you use it very occasionally or once after months, the ink inside the cartridge gets dry, and the nozzle connected to the printhead gets clogged. For this reason, when you go for printing any documents after a while, it fails to do so.

Moreover, regular use of the Printer keeps the ink flow better, and it helps to print black and all the colors properly.

Epson XP 440 Not Printing Black: Troubleshooting Guidelines

Epson XP 440 Not Printing Black

It’s time to fix your Epson XP 440 printers so that you can print black and other colors properly. Follow the steps according to solve the problem.

Have a Restart

A simple restarting can immediately resolve so many internal issues for printing errors. Through a restart, the junk files of the driver will have vanished. Moreover, to resolve internal glitches and lagging issues, you also should restart your Printer after 1-2 hours. To do so-

  • Power off your Printer.
  • Disconnect from the computer.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • Connect to the computer.
  • Power on your Printer.
  • Go for a checking.

Now it should print black. If not, go for the following steps.

Update The Driver Software

Updating the printer driver is one solution to fix so many issues. Moreover, it is easy to update the driver software.

  • Open the Epson official website from the browser.
  • Type your printer model name “Epson XP 440” in the search bar.
  • Choose your Printer from the search result list.
  • Go to the “Support”.
  • Click on the “Driver +”.
  • Download the latest file from the top. Either download the driver “Recommended for you”.
  • After downloading the software, install the file accordingly.
  • Have a restart of your PC.

Now your Printer should print black. Otherwise, go for next.

Replace The Ink Cartridge

As we mentioned above, you can’t print properly with an empty ink cartridge. So if your black ink cartridge is empty, you will need a new one. You can easily buy a replacement ink Cartridge from the store online or offline.

Always purchase the exact cartridge of your printer model. Moreover, make sure your replacement is the original from Epson.

However, you may go for a refill as well. But It may turn the cartridge more faulty. And it is also quite tough to fill the ink into the cartridge. If you are not good at refilling, replacing the cartridge is easier.

Print Regularly

The Printer should not be left unused for a long time. Try to print documents, images, and charts regularly. It keeps your machine in excellent working condition. Moreover, because of the regular printing, you can find the minor issues easily and solve them quickly, which helps not to cause any severe further damage. Besides, it also works as regular maintenance for your Printer.

Clean The Printhead

An uncleaned and clogged printhead stops your Printer from printing with colors. So for maintenance, it is vital to clean it on a regular basis. To clean the printhead-

  • Turn off the Printer
  • Disconnect all the connections
  • Take the ink cartridge and tray out of it
  • Take a clean cloth or sponge.
  • Moisten it with soft water (better use distilled water)
  • Wipe down the dried ink, dust deposits on the printhead
  • After cleaning, let it air dry.
  • Reattach all the parts of your Printer.

Contact Customer Service

After following all the steps mentioned above, contact customer service if you are still unable to print black with your Epson XP 440. Provide them with your product information and the problem. They will let you know what to do next.


How to reinstall my Epson XP 440

For almost every model Printer, this process of reinstallation is the same. To reinstall your Epsom XP 440-

  • Open the “Control Panel” from your PC.
  • Go to the “Programs > Programs and Features”.
  • Right-click on the Epson printer and click on the “Uninstall”.
  • Turn off both the Printer and PC.
  • Disconnect your Printer from the PC.
  • Restart PC and Printer.
  • Connect your Printer to the PC.
  • Now proceed to “Reinstall” your Epson XP 440.

Should I go for refilling my Epson printer?

If you are experienced enough and know how to do so, you should go for refilling. Moreover, it is money saving. But, if you have no idea about it, we prefer to go for a replacement of the cartridge.


Troubleshooting the Epson XP 440 not printing black is no more a challenging task. We discuss almost every possible way to make your job easy and swift. Follow our guidelines appropriately. We hope it will work. After fixing the error, let us know how it’s going. Happy printing.

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