Epson XP 440 Not Printing Black

In our daily life at home and office, we always need to print simple documents in black ink. No matter how modern a printer is, no matter how colorful images it prints, it loses its performance if it doesn’t print black.

If you have Epson XP 440 printer that is not printing black, you are in the right place to get an easy solution to fix it. Here you will know everything you should do to have your Epson XP 440 printing black again.

Possible Reasons for Epson XP 440 Not Printing Black

Epson XP 440 Troubleshooting

There are several reasons for Epson XP 440 is not printing. It’s time to fix your Epson XP 440 printer so that you can print black and other colors properly.

Ink Cartridge Issue

A common reason for no black printout is that the ink cartridge is empty or not adjusted properly.

  1. Proper adjustment or set-up of the cartridge is essential. Otherwise, the cartridge wouldn’t be able to print. So check if the black ink cartridge is installed correctly.
  2. Check if your black ink cartridge is empty. If it is empty, you will need a new one. Always make sure to purchase the correct cartridge for your printer model.

You can also refill your ink cartridge; however, it is tricky to fill the ink into the cartridge. So replacing the cartridge is easier.

Clean The Printhead Nozzle

The printhead is the hardware for the printer ink to work without any error.

An uncleaned and clogged printhead stops your printer from printing with ink. So this reason very likely why your printer is not printing in black. Here is how to clean the printhead-

  1. Remove the power cable from the printer while it is printing
  2. Remove all the ink cartridges
  3. Put a strip of paper underneath the printheads
  4. Use a tube and syringe and secure to tube on the printhead
  5. Use the syringe to gently flush the printer head with cleaning fluid

Internal Glitch

Using your Printer all day long?

Are you printing many documents at a time?

In both cases, the printer can be overheated. Therefore, you may have issues with your printer while printing. To fix this error, try not to use the printer for 10-15 minutes after a long time of printing so the printer can cool off.

Outdated Driver

Updated drivers protect your printer from different viruses and malware attacks. Moreover, it keeps your device in fast working condition. But if you run your printer with outdated drivers, it may cause different printing errors. Not printing black may be of them.

If you have an Epson printer, you can easily download and install your printer drivers and software compatible with your PC from the Epson website.  

Contact Customer Service

After following all the steps mentioned above, contact customer service if you are still unable to print in black with your Epson XP 440. Provide them with your product information and the problem. They will let you know what to do next.

>> Get support for your printer


Troubleshooting the Epson XP 440 not printing black is a challenging task. We discussed almost every possible way to make your job easy and swift. We hope our guide worked. After fixing the error, let us know how it’s going In the comments. Happy printing.

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