Hisense TV Troubleshooting Along with Other TVs [In-depth Guide]

It is always handy to have a guideline to troubleshoot if your tv faces any simple issue. You do not have to dig much into detail. You can apply them right away. Here, we have compiled some common tv issues and their quick-fix remedies. The TVs are from various brands but the focus would be on Hisense tv troubleshooting for unique problems.

Hisense TV troubleshooting

Hisense TV Troubleshooting

Hisense smart tv does not turn on

If you face this issue, the first thing that you need to check on is if your tv has a power problem or not. If the power supply is faulty, then you need to fix this issue by plugging it into a different AC outlet.

Also, approach the following methods if needed-

  • Unplug the tv cord from the power source or wall plug
  • Keep it in this state for a minute
  • Then plug it back on

This procedure will reset the hardware. In case it does not resolve the issue, try applying the following steps-

  • Remove the batteries from the remote
  • Press on the power button for 30 seconds straight
  • Place the batteries into the remote back again
  • Use the remote to turn the tv on

This should resolve the problem. However, if you still face the same issue just within a day or week, try factory resetting your smart tv. Follow the steps-

  • Go to the settings menu
  • Select on system option
  • Then select Advanced system settings
  • Choose factory reset

A factory reset should eliminate any problems regarding this issue. Otherwise, seek expert help or customer service for Hisense.

The tv won’t respond to remote

If you find your tv not responding to the remote control, follow these basic steps-

  • Change the batteries. By changing the batteries, you will reset the remote control in case if it has gone under the lock-up state.
  • Reset the tv. To do that, you just have to unplug the tv cord from the power source, and then turn it back on after 5 minutes.

Be sure to test if that works or not and also ensure the following things-

  • Keep any interfering object away from the tv.
  • Make sure that the infrared signal reaches the tv from the remote. Check if the light is covered with any film or obstacle.
  • Any fluorescent light nearby might hinder any troubleshooting procedure. So, keep them off temporarily if there is any nearby.

The tv screen keeps on flickering

One of the most common issues found in the Hisense smart TVs, you can initially try to switch the tv off and then on. But it may not yield an ideal solution whenever there is a critical issue inside the component of your tv.

Besides going for troubleshooting issues-

  • Check for the unsecured cables as it can cause some incorrect tv settings or any sort of interference. If there are any interfering sources nearby like- mobile phones, magnets, heavy-duty electronic tools, etc., move them away from the tv so that it does not create any hindrance.
  • Try plugging the power plug into a different outlet to prevent any power interference.

Alongside these troubleshooting methods, you can also switch to energy-saving mode to fix the issue. To do that-

  • Go to the settings menu with your remote control
  • Select picture, choose the energy-saving mode from there
  • Select picture mode again
  • Experiment with the seven options from there, which makes the flickering to stop.

And, instead of this, you can also try a hard reset of the tv to check if it solves the issue. Sometimes, a failure in the mainboard can also induce this flickering issue. In that case, get a professional to help you out with replacing the component.

LED blinking codes

You might often find that the LED lights of your Hisense smart tv blink, respectively. Usually, it is because of hardware malfunctions instead of software.

To fix this issue, you can power-cycle the tv by the following process-

  • Click the power button
  • Unplug the tv from the power source and wait for 30 seconds
  • Then plug in the power cord
  • Switch on the tv to check if it is resolved

If you find these steps, do not work to fix the issue, which indicates this is a hardware-induced problem. To ensure a thorough check, notice the following signs-

  • There might be a malfunction of the backlight or defunctions mainboard, inverter, or power boards if the LED blinks six times.
  • If it blinks four times, the issue might be with the main logic board o inverter board wires.

You might ask for professional assistance from Hisense customer support to troubleshoot any possible issues and malfunctions. Sometimes, you can get a repair under warranty. And if not, still you can get a professional to have a check through your smart tv.

Screen turning black

If you are having an issue like this, you will notice that the screen remains black while the audio/sound works perfectly fine. You can even hear the background sound when you change the channel. That means, your tv actually functions as a radio. You can apply the following methods to troubleshoot this issue-

  • Unplugging the power cord of your TV
  • Pressing and holding down the power button for 20 seconds straight
  • Letting the tv in an unplugged state for roughly 2 minutes
  • Plug the power cord back on
  • Turn on the tv and test if it works fine.

This is a simple troubleshooting procedure that you can easily apply to reset the tv. But if this method does not yield a satisfactory result, that might be an indicator of any sort of hardware malfunction, and the mainboard, power boards, or LED might be faulty. If so, you need to get professional customer support to replace/ or mend this issue.

Pictures appear without any sound

This issue is quite the opposite of the previous one mentioned here. There can be two possible ways to troubleshoot the issue-

Check the volume and mute mode if it is doing fine or not

If those do not seem to be the issue, run for a power-cycle to resolve it.

Tv turns off immediately after switching on

There might be multiple reasons for this problem. If you see that your Hisense tv turns on with a blank screen and then turns off after that, you can try any of the following fixes-

One possible issue might be a damaged remote control. If the remote is faulty, this might press on the buttons randomly without you knowing. So, try keeping the remote away, or take off the batteries and then check if that works. If you find the tv to be working fine, then all you need to do is just to replace the remote.

Another fix you can try if the previous one does not work out is, you can hard reset the tv. Unplug your tv from the main power supply, then wait 15 minutes before plugging back on. Then switch on the tv if that works or not.

If these two methods do not work, the issue might be in the power supply. Check for the loose wires and interim connection to see what is the problem. Besides, you can also try using different power cables or a different wall outlet.

Backlight stops working

This issue mainly derives from hardware trouble. The LED board that controls the LED strips is the cause of this issue. You will notice no image coming up after you have switched on the tv, but will hear the sound of changing the channels.

The hardware can be replaced from the back to resolve this issue. If you have a valid warranty, you can easily get it done. Otherwise, contact a professional to replace the LED board for you.

LG tv troubleshooting

Dolby Atmos sound problem

Under this situation, turn off quick start+. This fixes the issues at the very beginning quite often.

If you are still facing such an issue, try following the procedure-

All settings > Sound > Sound Out > Audio Out > Digital Sound Out set to “Auto” not “PCM”. This should solve the issue.

LG tv Wi-Fi issue

If you find your LG tv having connectivity issues, try following these steps to troubleshoot.

  • Unplug your Wi-Fi and tv. Keep in mind that you should not disconnect any ethernet cables, only the power cords from the wall.
  • Plugin the Wi-Fi and wait for it to establish a network connection. After the lights ensure the connectivity, plug in the tv, and switch on.
  • Make sure you keep other interfering objects away from your tv, such as- other routers with the same frequency, microwave oven, cordless phone, or any other type of household electronics.
  • Turn the quick start feature off if your tv has it. To do that, press the settings button on your remote, then go to all settings, general, quick start, and finally off. After finishing this, power cycle the tv to check if it connects properly.
  • Turn off the Simplink feature. To do that, follow the steps mentioned in the previous step till you reach the “general” menu. Then select simplink (HDMI-CEC) from there and finally select off. Again, power-cycle the tv for a test run.
  • Remove USB memories., as it may sometimes cause some interference.
  • Check if the time and date are according. The connectivity might be affected if your router is expired on its lease.
  • Test your smartphone hot-spot with your tv to see if that works.
  • You can check the connectivity by attaching an ethernet cord directly to the router. You can also use the wireless pin code if the wire method is not feasible. For that, go to settings, network, Wi-Fi connection, and then choose to connect via WPS pin. If the pin code is faded and invisible, then go for the advanced wireless setting option from the wireless network.
  • Ensure that your software is up to date, as it can sometimes hinder the connectivity.

LG tv taking too long to start

An easy and quick fix for this issue might be to change the capacitor on the power supply. It will cost you around $5 and as a complementary step, you can also use a soldering iron (might cost you $8) to ensure a leak-proof power supply.

Vizio tv troubleshooting

Vizio tv input problem

Make sure you select the tv input before you troubleshoot. If you have not, press the input button, keep on holding and then select tv or DTV input. Then finally, choose the option to find channels.

Vizio screen freezing problem

To resolve this issue, try doing-power-cycle the tv

Ensure the cord is secured to the device, as it might cause some display issues.

Check the picture mode to see if there is an issue with settings.

Reset the tv to factory settings. For that, do System > Reset & Admin > Reset to Factory Settings. If needed, go to “help” options to fix any further issues.

Phillips tv troubleshooting

Phillips Magnavox tv troubleshooting

You can reset your Philips Magnavox by-

  • Pressing the power button on the display console and keep on holding for 10 seconds. The screen will turn black.
  • Check if the problem is resolved. If there are still some issues unresolved, unplug the television from the power outlet.
  • Then wait for five minutes, and plug in the tv to the power source again.

If this does not work, you can factory reset your tv. To do that, follow-

Menu> main menu> tv menu> enter> reset to standard> enter> ok.

Phillips LCD tv troubleshooting

if you find your Philips LCD tv not functioning well, try following these steps-

  • At first, check the cord of your Philips LCD tv. This should be attached to the electrical outlet. Make sure the prongs are properly inserted into the holes of the electric outlet.
  • Check for irregularities for the prongs. They should be straight, and perpendicular to each other. If that is faulty, you might need to straighten that out or consult the user manual to get a replacement.
  • If you are having audio issues with your PhilipsLCD tv, chances are that it might be muted. So, press the up-arrow button in your remote to increase the volume.
  • If your tv is not transmitting the video images properly, you can put a different outlet for video. Using the cord at the back of the tv, you can plug the cord into the correct space. This will give you a sharper video quality.

Sony tv troubleshooting

Sony tv won’t turn on

To troubleshoot your issues with Sony tv-

  • Make sure the cord is directly attached to a proper-functioning wall outlet.
  • The power cord has to be secured with the wall outlet as well as with the tv.
  • Keep the energy-saving switch on wherever applicable.
  • Turn on the tv using the power button on the tv. Then again turn on using the power button in the remote.
  • Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Let it remain for at least 30 seconds, and after that, plug it back on.
  • Disconnect the external devices connected with the tv.
  • Turn the tv back on.

If you still face the issue, you might need to repair something or get a professional to do that for you.

Sony tv screen flickering issue

if you find your tv showing any flickering issue, try to fix it with these following steps-

  • Press home> settings
  • Display and sound> advanced settings> clarity. If you do not have advanced settings, go for clarity.
  • Make the following changes-
  • Digital noise reduction> auto> high
  • Random noise reduction> auto> high; if it already is in that state, turn it off.
  • Decrease sharpness to 50
  • Reality creation> auto> manual
  • Decrease the resolution

Samsung tv troubleshooting

Samsung tv picture issues

To fix this issue-

  • Press Menu on the remote
  • Choose picture> screen adjustment
  • Change the aspect ratio, screen fit, or screen position

Samsung tv input problem

To solve this issue quickly-

  • Press on the power button. Ensure the tv is powered on with the outlet.

Apple tv troubleshooting

Apple tv internet connectivity issue

Before troubleshooting the problems, ensure that everything is on, connected, and there is no interference around the tv. Then star with-

  • Connecting your tv with the Wi-Fi
  • Then restart your apple tv and router. For that, unplug the devices and put them back on power.
  • Check for any software update using an ethernet cable. Try following settings> system> software updates, or settings> general> update software. After that, detach the ethernet cable and try joining from the Wi-Fi network again.

Not all issues of your tv can be dealt with some easy quick fixes. That is why, before performing any sort of troubleshooting procedure, study about the process if you are not quite knowledgeable in this avenue. If any process seems intimidating or complicated, to begin with, taking resort to expert help is always a good idea.

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