Kenmore 80 Series Dryer Not Heating

‘Kenmore’ dryers are very easy to use and generate a very less amount of trouble. Among the troubles, not heating is very common in every brand and every series dryer.

In this article, I will describe the possible causes and solutions for Kenmore 80 series dryer regarding not heating problem.

Read this article carefully to solve your Kenmore 80 series dryer is not heating issues.

Reason Behind Kenmore 80 Series Dryer Not Heating

Reason Behind Kenmore 80 Series Dryer Not Heating

The main reason for not heating your dryer is a faulty heating unit. Due to some other component’s faultiness, this trouble also may come. Such as;

  • Clogged vent, filter, lint trap, etc.
  • Blown thermal fuse
  • Problematic temperature selector controller
  • The timer-related problem
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Problematic power supply
  • Defective or burnt main control board
  • Faulty dryer belt switch
  • Gas valve solenoid malfunction (For gas dryer only)
  • Faulty dryer ignitor (For gas dryer only)
  • Defective flame sensor (For gas dryer only)

These are the possible reasons for not heating the Kenmore 80 series dryer. The details of this possible cause and troubleshooting guidelines are given below. Follow our below instructions to solve your Kenmore 80 series dryer heating-related problem.

Kenmore 80 Series Dryer Not Heating

Kenmore 80 Series Dryer Not Heating

The whole scenario of problem fixing of the Kenmore 80 series dryer is given in a table so that you can easily solve a heating-related problem.

Table-01: Kenmore 80 series dryer not heating reasons and solutions

Sl. No.Possible Reason for the ProblemPossible Solution of the Problem
01Power supply-related problemChecks the power cable, circuit breaker, and fuse. If everything is ok, turn on your dryer.
02Faulty heating unitIt is mainly a long heater coil. Test it with a multimeter. If the coil has no continuity, replace The Heating Element. Before testing the heater coil, do not forget to switch off the power supply.
03Blown thermal fuseIt is a safety device for your dryer. Check it with a multimeter. If it is found blown, replace Thermal Fuse. The blown thermal fuse of your dryer is the indicator of a clogged exhaust vent hose. When you change the thermal fuse, you must check the exhaust vent.
04Faulty temperature selector controllerIt is the temperature controller of the temperature of your dryer. It may damage due to a long period. Inspect it with a multimeter. Replace the temperature controller, if it has no continuity.
05Problematic timerAlthough, it is a very rare case that the dryer is not heating up due to a problematic timer. Check it with a multimeter and replace the Timer if it has no continuity. Moreover, inspecting the wire related to the timer. Change the wire if it is defective. Then test the timer again.
06Faulty thermostatIt is also a safety device for your Kenmore 80 series dryer. It monitors the temperature and sends signals according to the temperature limit. Over a while, it may become faulty. Test it with a multimeter and replace it if it has no continuity.
07Faulty dryer belt switchFinding the dryer belt tension pulley is not a difficult task. Look at the dryer belt tension pulley. The dryer belt switch is adjacent to it (the dryer belt tension pulley). Due to the faulty dryer belt switch, the dryer may create heating-related problems. To check the belt switch, open the front cover of your dryer. Use a multimeter to check the continuity of the switch motor and electrical wire. Replace if anything is found damaged.
08Faulty main control boardA defective main control board is a very rare case. Troubleshooting this part is very tough for a non-professional repairer. Before troubleshooting the main control board, inspect the other components first. If you think that you cannot inspect the main control board, call a professional repairer.
09Problematic gas valve solenoidThis component is only for gas-type dryers. This component is used for flowing gas to the ignitor. To inspect the gas valve solenoid, look at the ignitor. If the ignitor glow does not ignite, the dryer may have a faulty gas valve solenoid. Replace the gas valve solenoid if it is faulty.
10Faulty ignitor of the dryerThe ignitor helps to ignite the gas and increase the heat inside the dryer. By this procedure, the dryer works. If the ignitor is faulty, the dryer will not heat up. By a multi-meter, the user can test the continuity of this ignitor. If it does not have continuity, replace it.
11Defective flame sensorIt helps to increase the heat inside the dryer. If it is faulty, the dryer will not heat up. Check the flame sensor by using a multimeter. If it has no continuity, replace it. Before checking the flame sensor, do not forget to turn off the dryer.

These are the possible causes of your Kenmore 80 series dryer heating problem. Follow each troubleshooting solution to solve your Kenmore 80 series dryer heating trouble.

To get a good operational dryer, follow the below-listed maintenance procedure:

  • Clean the dryer vent at 6-12 months intervals. It will help to avoid overheating.
  • Clean the list trap and lint trap housing by using a brush or vacuum cleaner.
  • Avoid overloading. Do not use more than 75% space of your dryer drum.
  • Conduct a heat test after 6-12 months intervals.
  • Before replacing any parts related to electric items, you must check the continuity.

Reset of Kenmore 80 Series Dryer

Reset of Kenmore 80 Series Dryer

Sometimes your Kenmore dryer needs a reset. But unfortunately, this dryer has ‘no fixed reset button. To conduct a reset of your dryer you need to follow some instructions.

There are different types of reset of this Kenmore 80 series dryer. Such as; factory reset, thermal fuse reset, timer reset, thermostat reset, belt switch reset, heating elements reset, and temperature switch reset.

Reset Procedure of Kenmore 80 Series Dryer

To reset your Kenmore dryer, disconnect the power line for five minutes. After that plug-in again the power line.

In this way, you can reset your Kenmore dryer.

If you want to conduct a factory reset, open and close your dryer door six times in twelve seconds. But you need to keep unplugging the electric line for five minutes and plug in again before conducting a factory reset.

For timer reset, keep unplugging your dryer electric line for thirty minutes and plug in again. Your dryer timer reset will be done after doing that.

If you need other types of reset, follow the above-mentioned reset procedure.

In this way, you can reset your Kenmore 80 series dryer. Reset needs to conduct when your dryer is not heating up or not in an operational mood.


In sum, we can say that the heating-related problem is not a very big issue. So, don’t call a professional repairer before conducting this self-guided troubleshooting approach. The author hopes that, by using this article’s guidelines, the user can solve Kenmore 80 series dryer heating-related problems or no heating issues.

Moreover, do not replace any spare parts of your dryer without proper testing.

If you want to claim a warranty then contact Kenmore Customer Care.

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