Amana Dryer Not Heating Up

It is very frustrating when your dryer is running but not drying your clothes properly. Due to some technical faults, this may happen. In this article, I will describe why your Amana dryer is not heating up. The full troubleshooting guidelines for both gas and electric type Amana dryers have been written here.

For electric and gas type dryers, heating-related troubleshooting is almost the same. Although, some basic differences are present there.

Reason for Amana Dryer Not Heating Up

Reason For Amana Dryer Not Heating Up

The Amana dryer may not be heating up due to the faulty or broken heating elements mainly. Some other reasons may also be there. Such as;

  • Blown thermal fuse
  • Power supply-related problem
  • Faulty high limit thermostat
  • Defective timer motor
  • The faulty main control board
  • Gas valve solenoid malfunction (For gas dryer only)
  • Faulty dryer ignitor (For gas dryer only)
  • Defective flame sensor (For gas dryer only)

The above-mentioned issues are discussed below and the way of troubleshooting is also described.

Amana Dryer Not Heating: Troubleshooting Guide

Amana Dryer Not Heating Up

Faulty Heating Elements

The heating elements heat the air before it enters the dryer drum. The heating element is mainly a long ‘heater coil’. If one of them is burnt out it will not heat the air and the clothes will also not dry.

The way of testing the coil is by checking its continuity of it with a multimeter. If it does not show continuity, replace the coil.

Before checking the continuity of the heating coil, you need to unplug the power line. Otherwise, you may get an electrical shock.

You may find the heating element under the back cover of your dryer. Use a screwdriver to open the screw. At the lower portion of the dryer, you will find the heating coil.

Inspect the coil physically whether it is burnt out or not. You can also use a multimeter to check its continuity of it. While purchasing a new Heating Element, make sure that it matches your model.

Replace the defective coil with a new one if it is faulty.

Blown Thermal Fuse

A Thermal Fuse is a safety device for your Amana dryer. This device protects the dryer from overheating.

It may be located at the blower housing or beside the heating elements or at the side of the burner for the gas dryer.

You can check whether the thermal fuse is blown or not by using a multimeter. If the thermal fuse is not showing any continuity, replace it.

But, the blown thermal fuse is the indicator of clogging the exhaust hose vent for the lint trap. So, every time you need to check the dryer venting when you change the thermal fuse.

Power Supply Related Problem

Due to the power supply-related problem, your dryer will not start. The electric dryer needs a total of 240 volts of AC to run it. So ensure that you are supplying 240 volts.

The circuit breaker and electric fuse also need to check if your dryer is not starting.

Fuse continuity and voltage measurements can be done by using a multimeter.

If any fuse or circuit breaker is found damaged, replace it to get the output.

Faulty High Limit Thermostat

The high limit thermostat is also a kind of safety item for your dryer. It monitors the dryer’s temperature and shut down if it is overheated.

Due to the malfunction, the dryer may turn off even if it is not overheated. Although, it is a very rare case.

If you think that the dryer is not heating due to this high-limit thermostat, you can test it with a multimeter. If there is no continuity at the multimeter, replace it.

Defective Timer Motor

If the dryer is not heating up, it may have a timer motor-related problem. Although, it is very rare to have defective timer motors.

If you think that other components are all ok, then you can check the timer motor continuity by using a multimeter. Along with this, you also need to check the wiring diagram of this timer motor.

If you find a wiring-related problem, replace the wire first. Then test the motor again. If the timer motor is found defective, replace the Timer motor.

The Faulty Main Control Board

Testing of the main control board is difficult for a non-professional repairer. But, you can check whether there are any burning signs or not.

Before testing the main control board, check all the components which may become faulty. If you think that your dryer has a main control board-related problem, check it with a professional repairer before changing it.

Now I will discuss the troubles which are related to gas-type dryers only. If your dryer is electric type, no need to follow this part

Gas Valve Solenoid Problem

Gas-type dryers have one or more solenoid valves for operating gas flow to the gas burners assembly. If the solenoid valve is faulty, it will not flow the gas. For this reason, the dryer will not heat up.

To test the solenoid valve, look at the ignitor. If it glows, the ignitor is operational. But if it does not ignite, then your solenoid valve is not working. 

Replace the whole solenoid valve set to avoid further problems related to the gas valve solenoid.

Faulty Dryer Igniter

The dryer’s ignitor helps to ignite the gas and produce heat so that clothes can be dried by it. It is located at the burner assembly.

If the ignitor is faulty, it will not ignite the gas and prevent the dryer from heating.

To test the ignitor’s continuity, use a multimeter and check it. If it does not show continuity, replace it. This igniter matches most of the Amana Dryer Models. Amana Dryer Igniter.

Defective Flame Sensor

The flame sensor detects heat that is produced by the dryer’s flame. The heating elements will not produce any heat when the sensor is faulty. By checking the continuity using a multimeter, you can say whether the sensor is faulty or not.

Be sure that the ignitor and the thermal fuse are in operation before checking the flame sensor.

Test the flame sensor at an ambient temperature. When this part is found damaged, replace the Flame Sensor to make the dryer operational.

To get a good operational dryer, follow the below-listed maintenance procedure:

Amana Dryer Maintenance Procedure
  • Clean the dryer vent at 6-12 months intervals. It will help to avoid overheating.
  • Clean the list trap and lint trap housing by using a brush or vacuum cleaner.
  • Avoid overloading. Do not use more than 75% space of your dryer drum.
  • Conduct a heat test after 6-12 months intervals.
  • Before replacing any parts related to electric items, you must check the continuity.

Finally, Reset your Amana dryer if still not working

By two ways you can reset your Amana dryer. The ways are;

By pressing the reset button

In most modern Amana dryers there is a reset button on the control panel for resetting the dryer. Before conducting the reset procedure, you need to cool down the dryer first. Press the reset button and hold it for a few seconds. The dryer will reset on its own.

Reset by the cycling of power

Sometimes, you need to conduct a reset by cycling the power. To conduct this reset procedure, unplug the dryer or shut down the circuit breaker for 5-10 minutes. After that, plug the power line again and you’re your Amana dryer has been reset.

To sum up, we can say that the Amana dryer not heating up is neither a complex problem nor has hard troubleshooting. If you have full enthusiasm to fix this issue, you can solve it without doing a hard task. Moreover, you can also save your valuable money by following us.

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