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JBL Charge 4 Not Charging

First, JBL Charge 4 is a well-known speaker that can boost its vibe by 30 feet around; still, it has a battery life of 20 hours. Imagine if you have this beautiful beast, but suddenly a discomfort whispers to your ears, is my JBL Charge 4 not Charging?

Yes, this can happen. JBL charge 4 might show battery symptoms like slow charging or not charging the battery 100%. That’s what the troubleshooting chapter is about.

Let’s crawl inside the issue and get some fixes:

Dirt or Obstruct in Charging Port

Obstruct in Charging Port

When thinking about some external issues that might cause the problem, the first thing that should come to mind is there may be obstructions or dirt inside the charging port. Exposure to sand, mud, or water may clutter some dirt inside the port, usually through the speaker.

Try observing it properly; when you visualize it, take a brush or toothpick or some similar object that can reach into the end of the charging port and pull out the dust, mud, and similar obstructions. Removing the obstruction may fix it all if it’s just occurred from dirt.

Trying a different and compatible charger

JBL Charge 4-Trying a different and compatible charger

Sometimes the charger you are using can be damaged, hampering the whole charging system. A damaged charger maybe has a damaged, faulty internal board (IC).

In this case, you better try a different charger, and even that can be the charger from your android mobile. So, if it’s fixed this way, you better get a new and, obviously, voltage and power compatible alternative charger for your JBL Charge 4.

Using a Better USB Cable

JBL Charge 4-Using a Better USB Cable

When it comes to the device not charging, you know that an internal problem causes it. The focus should go after the charging cable first.

Having a troublesome charging cable is a very common thing. It can be damaged in many ways. You can easily waste it by bending it too much, lol. Moreover, carrying inside a bag at higher pressure, pulling or stretching, etc., may affect the charging cable. In the end, a damaged cable results in charging failure.

JBL Charge 4 uses a USB Type C Cable, and it is not built to last eternally. It can get ruined in many ways. Sometimes, using the charging cord outside constantly, exposed to open weather, can also damage it. Thus, it interrupts the normal charging system.

The only way to check if the charging cable is damaged is just to get another cable that you know is well and working. One can certainly use the charging cable of an Android Phone to charge the JBL Charge 4. But it is recommended that you do not use excessively High-Watt fast chargers like 65W or 120W chargers.

If using that fixes the problem, the ultimate way out is to get a new Type C cable for the speaker.

Defection in The Battery

JBL Charge 4-Defection in The Battery

What if there is no change with the previous fixes? We must go through the battery section. A damaged battery, is sometimes never able to take charge. As a result, however, the charging brick, panel, and cable are all fine; it won’t charge for battery issues.

In this case, you better go and get a battery replacement soon. Taking to the authentic service center is highly recommended.

You may ask for the reasons; why is the battery damaged? The answer is pretty simple. Exposing it to direct heat or letting it overheat might cause it. Overcharging for a long period can easily damage the juice of your lipo battery. Leaving or using it under direct sunlight for a long time can damage the battery.

Some minor troubles that can make your JBL Charge 4 Not Charging

JBL Charge 4 Not Charging

Whether the device is powered off after battery draining for a long time –

  • Make sure your device got enough charge in the battery to show up its indicators. Many users leave their devices without using them for a long time. It can cause a problem.
  • Some let it rest for a long time after charging it to full. You should not do that. For every battery-operated device, it is recommended that you keep a steady battery level of 15%-60% if you are planning not to use it for a long time. If you do not follow it, the battery might go down.
  • If it goes to emergency shutdown due to the empty battery and even after that, you did not notice and let it be like this for many more days, the juice and capacity of the battery go completely down to the edge then.
  • As the battery has lost its full potential and does not even have the minimum capacity to boot it up; plugging it into charge won’t be working at all.
  • In this stage, first, make sure you’re confident that your device is taking charge. You can connect it to a multi-USB charger available nowadays. Those come with a screen, and it shows the charging state of the connected devices. If you connect your JBL charge 4 to one of it, you can see whether the Battery is taking charge or not. Put it on charge for about 10 to 15 minutes, even if the charger indicator light is not illuminated.
  • It should start showing charging indicators after some time.
  • That’s how you can fix it and boot up your JBL Charge 4.

If it is not booted yet, you need to heat up the battery. If you know what I am talking about, go ahead and do it. It should solve the problem. If you do not know what I am talking about, please take it to a technician. He’ll know what to do.

Make sure the main charging source or electricity You’re using has an active Grounding condition –

  • This is an extremely underrated point because most often, people never take this into concern.
  • Grounding is the process of removing the excess charge while charging so that the extra electricity cannot hamper the device itself. In this case, our JBL charge 4’s battery.
  • When a charged object is grounded, the excess charge is balanced by transferring electrons between the charged object and the ground.
  • In several situations when a house does not have a properly grounded electric connection, It sometimes makes a problem with the devices that use DC(Direct Current).
  • It is not a terrible problem, though it can make issues such as:
    • Heating up the device,
    • Pass electricity through the metallic areas of the device in some cases,
    • Shaky appearance for static current through the whole body of the device,
    • Charging instability as well.
  • These were points out of the box; the important thing is faulty earthing or grounding can create charging inconvenience. As this is a rare case, this doesn’t consist of final fixes. But all you can do is,
    • Change the main source of power or outlet that you use,
    • Create a temporary grounding that neutralizes the issue and finally
    • fix the grounding of your home if possible.

It is a very underrated problem that affects not only JBL Charge 4 but also a lot of other devices in possible situations.

Damaged Circuit Board

Damaged Circuit Board

It’s not rare to get your JBL Charge 4 circuit board damaged. Though the speaker is water-resistant, it can be damaged in extreme conditions such as higher temperature, pressure, heat, shockwave, or over-voltage charging. And all these are the reasons why the circuit board can get damaged.

If the reason is about the circuit board, then replacing it is the only solution, and better always if you replace it from JBL Authentic outlet or customer service centers.

Upgrading Firmware if it’s too outdated

Upgrading Firmware if it’s too outdated

In some cases, these issues can be created through firmware/Software misfunctions. In that case, have your speaker updated normally. It will fix the issue, hopefully. You should note that JBL drops updates for its speakers when necessary.

Lastly, if these all didn’t work, perform a Factory Reset

Perform a Factory Reset

Remember, it will erase this Bluetooth speaker’s data and restore its default settings with a factory reset or hard reset. It is a valuable troubleshooting step to take if you’re having issues with your device, such as not connecting to Bluetooth or having charging issues.

The whole resetting procedure would take about 1 minute.

  1. Turn the device ON- Press the power button of your speaker.
  2. Press and hold the Volume UP(+) Button and the Play Button for around 5 seconds until the speaker is shut down.
  3. Now again turn ON the device by pressing the power button. You will see your device is now on pairing mode.

Try charging your device after following these steps; hopefully, the issues will be fixed now.

In the end, let’s pull down a summary:

Most of the time, your JBL charge 4 will be in a situation of not charging for several reasons: Damaged cable, Brick, Electric outlets, Groundings, Circuit board, and software/Firmware as well.

There are some common and regular fixes that we included previously in such situations. Some complex analysis is explained as well. But there could be extreme and more complex situations when our speaker is not charging, and you don’t have a troubleshoot or way out. Then all you need to do is Utilize your Warranty (If not expired or voided yet). Rush through the customer care or Authentic outlet of JBL and explain your issues so that they can take further steps to fix your JBL Charge 4 not charging.

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