LG refrigerator ice maker not filling with water

Refrigerators are a very common household appliance everywhere. Some of them have ice-making ability. Ice-making is essential for daily use.

Among refrigerator brands, LG refrigerators are very common and widely used products. This article will explain an LG refrigerator’s ice maker’s water filling-related problems. 

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Filling With Water

LG refrigerator ice maker not filling with water
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LG refrigerator ice maker may not fill with water for some specific reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • Filter clogging 
  • Faulty water inlet valve
  • Inlet line stuck by ice
  • Low water pressure
  • Faulty control board
  • Dispenser lock malfunction
  • Problematic dispenser switch
  • Faulty door switch
  • Faulty optical sensor etc.

These are the most common reasons LG refrigerator ice maker is not filling with water. According to my troubleshooting guidelines, users of these LG refrigerators need to check the points mentioned above. Hope this article will solve the ‘water not filling’ related problem.

Filter clogging

Filter clogging
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The most common reason an LG refrigerator ice maker does not fill with water is water filter blockage. 

According to the manufacturer, LG, the refrigerator ice maker filter needs to be changed every six months or sooner. 

Another suggestion for this problem is to clean the filter every three months at intervals so that water contaminants cannot stop the water flow. 

Moreover, incorrect water filter installation may also create a ‘water not filling in the LG refrigerator ice maker’ problem. You need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to install this water filter. If the filter is not installed according to the owner’s guidelines, you may need to replace it to solve this problem. 

Furthermore, water not filling in the LG refrigerator’s icemaker may also happen due to installing the wrong types of water filter. 

To ensure the water filter function properly, use the OME types filter when you replace it. A non-OME filter may not fit properly and create water not filling related & water leaking problem. Using a water leaking alarm can avoid water leaking problems in the long run.

Faulty water inlet valve

Faulty water inlet valve
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The water inlet valve helps the ice maker’s water dispenser to be filled with water. 

If it becomes faulty, it will not operate according to the requirements. In this regard, the LG refrigerator ice maker’s water inlet valve needs to be changed. 

Moreover, the reverse osmosis system also hinders normal water flow to the dispenser of the ice maker. LG refrigerator manufacturers discourage users from using the reverse osmosis system at the water inlet pipe to avoid low water flow.

Blockage in the water inlet pipe

Blockage in the water inlet pipe
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The water inlet pipe of the ice maker helps to flow water to its dispenser. 

If somehow it becomes blocked by ice or other materials. Water will not flow to the dispenser. In that case, we need to clear up the LG refrigerator’s ice maker water pipeline. 

The user can use a hair dryer to defrost the ice stuck inside the water inlet pipe. 

But this is not the ultimate solution. Ice may gather again and again if the ice maker temperature is too low. The temperature needs to adjust according to the owner’s guidelines. The recommended temperature for the LG refrigerator’s ice maker compartment is -4°F. Do not set the temperature lower than this. 

Apart from this, if the water inlet pipeline is damaged, change it immediately.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure
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If the house water supply pressure is too low, it will not fill the water dispenser of the LG refrigerator ice maker. It will also create the problem of opening the water inlet valve. 

Users must ensure that the home water pressure is in between 40-120 PSI or 3-8 bar. Otherwise, the ice maker will not get enough water to produce ice. If your house water pressure is less than the standard, you need to fix it first.

Faulty control board

Faulty control board
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When the control board of the LG refrigerator ice maker becomes faulty, it will not send power or instruction to the ice maker. In that case, the ice maker will not produce any ice. 

If your ice maker has a ‘control board’-related problem, you must communicate with the professional vendor or the manufacturer’s local agent.

Dispenser lock malfunction

Dispenser lock malfunction
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If your LG refrigerator’s ice maker is not filling with water or not dispensing ice, check the display panel lock icon of the refrigerator. This icon indicates whether your ice maker’s all functions are locked or not. 

If locked, you need to unlock it to functionalize the ice maker. Press and hold the lock button for 3-5 seconds to turn off the lock. If the lock disappears from the display panel, indicating that this locking function is disabled.

Faulty dispenser switch

Faulty dispenser switch
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In your LG refrigerator ice maker, there is a dispenser control switch. When the users push the dispenser switch, it activates the water inlet valve to flow water by sending voltage. 

If it becomes faulty, it will not send any signal to the inlet valve, and the valve will remain close. 

In that case, water will not fill the dispenser, and the ice maker cannot make any ice. 

You need to check the water dispenser switch. Check it using a multimeter. By measuring voltage, you can check the continuity of the switch. If damaged, you need to immediately replace the water dispenser switch to make the ice maker functional.

The faulty optical sensor of the ice maker

The faulty optical sensor of the ice maker
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If your LG refrigerator ice maker is not filling with water, it may also have an optical sensor-related problem. 

  • Firstly, you need to check the optical sensor. The steps of checking the optical sensor are; to remove the ice bin from the compartment first. To do this, close the left door and wait for three minutes; the freezer door will stay open.
  • Lastly, push the refrigerator button and lock button at the same time. 

After this procedure, the ice maker optical sensor is normal if ETY is shown on display. 

But, if FULL is shown in the display after the above procedure, the optical sensor of the LG refrigerator ice maker is abnormal. 

On this occasion, we need to replace the optical sensor. It will help to resolve the problem with the water filling problem of the LG refrigerator ice maker.

Faulty door switch

Faulty door switch
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When the refrigerator door is open, it will turn off the water flow to avoid leaks. But, when the door is closed, it will flow water to fill the dispenser.

The door switch is operated automatically by opening and closing the door. If the dispenser remains off even when the door is closed, it has a door switch-related issue. 

The switch needs to be checked with a multimeter. 

Mainly, the continuity of the switch needs to be checked. If it has no continuity, the door switch has expired. You need to change it immediately to solve the water filling-related problem.

Reset to solve any problems

Sometimes, you need to reset your LG refrigerator to start it again. Water filling-related problems also can be solved by resetting the refrigerator. Moreover, problems may come if your refrigerator is hung up as it is an electronics device. 

To reset your LG refrigerator ice maker, you will find an on/off switch at the left of the ice maker. 

Turn on the ice maker if it is off. At the front of the tray, you will find a test button. Press and hold the test button for a while to reset the ice maker. 

If the reset has not started, you need to remove the bin from the tray. 

After that, gently shake the ice maker a couple of times and then put the bin back. 

Now, turn off the power for 30 seconds and turn it on again. It is the full process of resetting the LG refrigerator ice maker. Give it 4-6 hours to produce ice.

These are the common issues LG refrigerator ice makers may not fill with water. Follow the abovementioned points to solve your LG refrigerator ice maker is not filling with water. 

In this article, I have easily cleared all the points so that you can solve your LG refrigerator ice maker problem on your own.

Call a professional vendor or manufacturer if you cannot solve the ice maker problem by following the abovementioned points. Hope this article will help you stay relaxed in your hard time.


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