Ring Solar Panel Not Charging?

Doorbell Rings, spotlights, or cameras are an essential part of our home security. These devices are usually connected to a solar panel so that their batteries remain charged for a long time. If you wake up one day and find that the Ring Solar Panel is not charging these devices, will you be, okay? This problem will add more stress to your life. This article will tell about the reasons that cause the non-charging issues of the solar panel.

The most common reason behind the Ring Solar panel not charging the doorbells, cameras, or other devices is having a drained battery. Besides battery draining issues, not getting proper sunlight, loose wires, debris inside the cables and poor device health are also the reason why your solar panel is not charging,

What Is the Purpose of Using A Ring Solar Panel?

The Ring Solar Panel is meant to charge the battery of the doorbell, spotlight cam, floodlight, and stickup cam during the daytime. The batteries of those devices cannot hold the charge for a long time. That is why they need to charge at least one or two times a day.

Now, devices like spotlight cam or doorbell are hard to reach. People charge them through solar panels. The ring solar panel is an excellent quality solar panel that serves to charge the device batteries without draining or damaging them. Your device batteries will never run out of power and continue their service during the night.

Remember that the Ring Solar Panel will never recharge the battery from the initial point. Rather it supplements the battery’s energy so that the device does not run out of charge.

Reason Behind Ring Solar Panel Not Charging and Troubleshoots

Ring Solar Panel Not Charging

There are multiple reasons why your solar panel stops charging the device’s battery. Having some primary ideas about the solar panel could make you find out the exact reason behind the non-charging issue.

Battery Draining Issue

A solar panel cannot charge the battery frequently if the battery starts draining too much. This Ring Solar Panel battery draining issue is typical in most cases due to certain activities. Those activities are-

Overactivity: If the battery does work more than its capacity, it is evident that it will drain quickly. The more you use the floodlight or the doorbell, the more the battery of those devices will drain. So, to avoid this problem, you have to install a ring solar panel as per the capacity of your device usage. For example, if your device usage is more, put a ring solar panel of 5watt power.

Live Streaming: Your device’s battery tends to drain fast when you do live streaming through an app. In the ring solar panel, you can watch a live view for 10minutes, and this feature takes a lot of power from the battery.

Overcharging: It is never a good habit to overcharge any device because it drains the battery power. Generally, the devices like doorbells, floodlights, and cameras have a lithium-ion battery. One of the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries is that they cannot handle the overcharging power.

However, the good part is that most of the versions of the Ring solar panels have a built-in regulator that stops the battery from overcharging. This built-in regulator allows the solar panel to charge the battery only when the battery level is under ninety percent. Whenever the battery level goes above ninety percent, it stops the flow of electricity.

You should always be careful about this overcharging issue because it might lead to a battery explosion. If you see that the Ring Solar Panel you are using does not have a built-in regulator, you can attach one with the help of a technician.

Cold Weather: There is a high chance of cold temperature affecting your battery. If you stay in a location with a freezing temperature below 3 degrees celsius, it will affect the power of a lithium-ion battery. That is why you will often see cases like Ring Solar Panel not charging in winter.

Not Getting Direct Sunlight

It is one of the reasons behind the charging problem of solar panels. The solar panel will not be able to charge the camera and doorbells if it cannot absorb enough sunlight. We know that a solar panel transforms the solar energy into electricity and supplies power to the batteries.

Often there are cases where a new solar panel is not charging, and you are confused about the situation as it is a new one. If you are facing such a situation, then the first thing you should do is check whether the panel is getting enough sunlight or not. You should not place a panel under a shadowy place.

Sometimes you might see that even if the panel is under the sun, it is not showing a connecting sign. If this is the scenario, you have to wait for a few minutes to let the panel absorb sunlight. Because it might happen that the panel was under the shadow for a long time and just got the sunlight. So, wait for a bit, as it will take a few minutes for the solar panel to warm up.

Poor Device Health

Having poor device health might be why the Ring solar panel does not charge. In the ring app, there is an option for checking your device’s signal strength (RSSI). This option allows you to check the connectivity of the WIFI signal with your device.

You have to check whether the Wifi router is connected to the device or not. If you see the signal strength is between -65 to -80 in RSSI, this might be the cause behind the solar panel not charging the device.

Loose Connection

Having a loose connection might be why your Ring Solar panel is not charging. Whether it is a ring doorbell 3 or a ring camera, the solar panel will not be able to charge them if the wires or cables are not connected properly.

Sometimes the debris inside the cable makes the connection lose. So, while checking the wires, you can unplug them, clear the debris inside the line, and then plug it again.

Also, there might be a loose connection between the solar panel and the device. So, it is wise to look at the connection between them. Moreover, you can also check whether the correct wires are plugged in the right hole or not.

So, these are some of the issues related to the not charging problem. Before you try to fix your solar panel, you need to know what kind of issue your solar panel faces. The above options will help you figure out the problem and quickly get rid of it without the help of a technician.


How long does it take for the ring solar panel to charge?

The charging time varies based on different devices. However, it takes 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to charge a battery on average. This charging power of 4-6 hours can last for a week.

Does a solar panel work in the rain?

A solar panel works best under direct sunlight and generates power most effectively. However, It will work in the rain but not effectively. During rainfall, the clouds block the sunlight, so if the solar panel can get the partial sun rays, then it will work.


The Ring solar panel not charging your device is an unpleasant event to encounter. So, to get rid of these problems without a technician’s help, this article tells you about the possible reason behind non-charging issues. Once you get to know the problem, you will be able to fix it quickly.

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