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Samsung Washer SUD Error Code Troubleshooting

Modern Samsung washers are equipped with an automatic foam detector sensor. This detector regulates the amount of foam or soap inside the washer.

If the amount of foam or soap is not adequate or excess, it will generate trouble or an error code. Honestly speaking, your Samsung washer can identify whether you are using good soap or not.

If you use non-recommended branded soap or detergent as well as an excessive amount of detergent, it will generate a SUD code on the display of the Samsung washer.

Samsung washers have different models for different regions. Some models can show SD or 5D error codes instead of SUD codes. The meaning of these 3 errors (SUD, SD, and 5D) codes is the same.

Samsung Washer Showing SUD Error Code

Samsung Washer Showing SUD Error Code

The meaning of SUD code error

At the top of this article, I already explained the meaning of this error code. A SUD error code means the Samsung washer detects too many detergents or soap inside the washing drum or improper detergent grade. Samsung washer recommended HE (High Efficiency) detergent only for washing use. This HE type of detergent has low sudsing properties with high cleaning capabilities.

The SUD error code and SD or 5D are the same in meaning for your Samsung washer. Due to the variety of models, it shows different error codes. But these 3 error codes are the same in meaning.

Moreover, excessive amounts of detergent in a single cycle may also create a SUD error code.

If you are using HE types detergent and are confident your washing powder has no issue with SUD error, then you need to check the below-listed areas and components;

  1. Faulty foam level sensor.
  2. Broken pressure switch.
  3. The draining system may be clogged partially.
  4. Faulty control board.

Reason for SUD error code

Mainly this error comes from detergent-related problems. Due to some other problem, this error code also may come. The reason for this error code is listed below for the reader’s understanding;

  1. Not using HE recommended detergent
  2. For using a poor quality detergent
  3. Using an excessive amount of detergent in a single cycle
  4. Faulty foam level sensor
  5. Faulty pressure switch
  6. The draining system may be clogged
  7. Faulty control board

These are the main reasons for generating SUD error codes. If you can fix the issues, you can solve your washer’s error code.

How to fix the SUD error code

To fix this SID error code, the users need to follow our guidelines. The ways of troubleshooting this error code are explained below.

Fix the detergent-related issue

First of all, the SUD error code in your Samsung washer indicates that you are using an excessive amount of detergent. So, Use less amount of detergent in your next washing cycle.

To solve this related error code, your washer will slow down to dissipate the foam before continuing in a cycle.

Depending on the amount of detergent which is inside the washer, it takes around 5 to 40 minutes to clear up the error code.

In this process, the washer takes the required amount of water to break up the bubbles to ensure a better rinsing experience.

To avoid this error code that has been generated due to excessive amounts of water can be eliminated prior by using the correct amount of detergent.

Sometimes you need to clean out the detergent residue to avoid the SUD error code. On that occasion, run the washer in a long cycle without clothes. Set the temperature to high.

After the clean cycle, check the washer. If you found detergent residue inside the washer, please remove those residues to solve the SUD error code.

The drain pump filter needs to check

If you solve your detergent-related problem, but your washer still shows SUD code, you need to check the drain pump filter then. Due to the blockage of the drain pump filter, this error code may also come.

To clean your drain pump filter, follow the below-listed steps:

  1. Before starting the filter cleaning procedure, keep a towel and bucket near you. So, you can use those items when needed.
  2. At the front of the washer, there is an access door for the drain filter. Open this door to clean the drain filter.
  3. Use the towel to whip out the water and keep the bucket under the door to catch the spilled water. Or use these two items when it is required.
  4. Put out the emergency drain hose and open the drain hose cap to drain out the water in a bucket or container.
  5. Keep this hose there for more than 15 minutes to ensure that all water is drained.
  6. Unscrew the drain filter by turning the screw counterclockwise, and be cautious so that you don’t break the filter.
  7. Clear all the debris from the filter.
  8. Also, clean the counter cabinet, inlet, and outlet hose properly.
  9. Fix the filter again and turn the screw clockwise.
  10. Put the cap at the hose and return it to the cabinet.
  11. Lastly, close the access door.

The foam level sensor may become faulty

If you have neither detergent-related issue nor drain filter-related issue, then you need to check the foam level sensor of your Samsung washer.

Checking the foam level sensor is not an easy task, but we will provide the guidelines to solve the issue. Otherwise, you can call a professional to fix the problem.

To check the foam level sensor, follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  1. Firstly, plug out the power supply of your washer.
  2. Then, remove the top access panel or rear access panel according to your washer loader type.
  3. After removing the access panel, you will find the foam level sensor.
  4. Disconnect the harness cable and remove the sensor.
  5. Test the sensor by a multi-meter and if it is found defective, change it immediately.
  6. Then, place the Sensor at the designated place and connect it with a harness cable.
  7. Fix the access panel again.
  8. Finally, run the washer after connecting it with electricity.

Faulty pressure switch

The SUD code also may come due to the faulty or malfunctioned pressure switch. If you think that the pressure switch is faulty, you should call a professional vendor.

Call a professional repairer

If you think that you cannot solve the pressure switch or foam level sensor-related sensor, you can call a professional vendor to solve your Samsung washer problems.

Some users can think that they cannot clean the drain pump filter or drain hose. On that occasion, you can call a professional vendor.

If you are not confident enough or do not have enough repairing skills, you should not try to solve major trouble without proper guidelines.

Reset your washer

If your Samsung washer is still showing the SUD error code, you should reset the washer. To reset the Samsung washer, you can follow our below instructions;

  1. To restart the machine, first, turn off the machine and then turn it on again.
  2. Press and hold together the delay end (+) and temperature buttons for three seconds.
  3. Activate the calibration mode by pressing the pause or start button.

To sum up, we can essay that your Samsung washer is a very smart and useful device. The SUD error code may come from oversudsing, which means you are using an excess amount of detergent.

Due to some other reasons like as; wrong types of detergent, clogged drain pump filter, faulty foam level sensor, faulty pressure switch, etc.

In this article, I have explained all those things to understand better. If the troubleshooting guidelines are still unclear to you, please call a professional repairer.

Hope this article will help to solve the problem related to the Samsung washer’s SUD error code.

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