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Amana Washer Reset

Several users of Amana Washing Machine searched for “How to reset Amana Washing Machine”. Well, the reason for searching for this cannot be normal. Users often face issues that they cannot find out or fix and then get to try for a factory reset.

Often when the user faces issues like, the washing machine stops working, the Amana washing machine not working properly and so many similar, they run for a reset to troubleshoot. So, we are gonna explain to you right here all about Amana washing machine reset and everything you need to know about it.

And as usual, the whole article will be in random order. So, make sure you don’t miss any part.

The very first confusion a user face on resetting the Amana washing machine is,

Amana Washer Reset Button

People often get too much interested in the reset button and that does make sense. A reset button makes the whole procedure easier.

Amana Washer Reset Button
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In case your device has a physical reset button, you won’t need any button or button combination to think about which one gives a proper reset command.

Apart from these, the bad news is, that your Amana washing machine doesn’t have a reset button. though the resetting procedure often depends on the specific model you are using, none of them consist of a dedicated reset button.

Common Reset Steps

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You must know the button alternate for resetting or the combination of buttons usable for it. Most of the time you may find all of these from the manual of your device.

Primary Reset Procedure

The very common way that can be applicable for most of the devices are,

  • Turn the device off.
  • Wait a minimum of 30-35 seconds.
  • Then start the device again.
  • Now hold the Start/Power for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Release the buttons as soon as the device lights up.

This will generally clear caches, and temporary memory junks, along with permanent user functions, and give your device a fresh start.

Alternate Reset Option

There is alternatively another method that you can use for resetting the device, in case the previous one didn’t work;

  • Disconnect your Amana washing machine from its power. In simple words unplug it.
  • Leave the machine for a minimum of 2 minutes, which will clean up any of its paused commands. Afterward, plug it in again.
  • Then open and close your washer lid 6 times and must be in 12 seconds period. And the whole thing should be in a time of 30 seconds. Also, there should be no interruptions.

Now time for the explanation, if you are thinking about the lid opening and closing is kinda silly. Absolutely yes, but it does make sense. You surely know that your washer works with a bunch of sensor lineups, which depend on the surroundings including the sounds even.

So, the lid open and closing sound works as the influencer here. The machine hears the sounds and commands itself for the next reset procedure. Though it works in some internally complex mechanisms, you just need to know as much as we said as a general user.

At the end, you just need to run any cycle (Avoid spin/ Final Cycle), which will complete the reset process.

Keep in mind that, the sound and open closing should not be interrupted.

Self Test Command

This is a process where you need to make the washing machine go for an automated diagnostic mode test. This will create an obvious situation where the device will think itself of the reset importance.

In a word, you need to automate your Amana washing machine to a self-automated reset. The steps are as;

  • Power the washing machine on.
  • The control knob needs to be set at Normal settings.
  • Then turn the control knob clockwise and take it back to normal settings.
  • After that turn it clockwise for two clicks.
  • Then counterclockwise one click.
  • And again, turn clockwise with one click.
  • At this situation, you will find all the cycle lights lit up. This means, your Amana washing machine has gone to automated reset mode and it will perform the reset process automatically.

After it is done, the last thing you need to do is setting your washer to Spin, and after that press Start again.

This is somehow a complex and safe procedure because here the device does it itself. So, no chance of getting it damaged.

But if there is no power? The whole system is going through a power outage and you need to perform a reset. What will you do? Let’s dig deeper.

Reset while Power Outage

His is a very easier concept and also an automatic one. Literally, your Amana washing machine (Whatever the model is) is programmed for resetting itself when the device power supply is cut off.

As a result, when it is in a situation of a power outage, the device will automatically get reset and you don’t even need to do anything.

This is an obvious situation. But give your device a gap for at least 2 minutes before getting it to work again.

As we said at the beginning, disconnecting the power of your washing machine for 2 minutes would let it go for an automated reset, similar to the last point we are talking.

But still, people keep looking for answers such as how they are gonna unlock and reset the lid lock of their Amana washer.

Reset Amana washer that doesn’t Spin

To do this-

  • Turn the machine off and disconnect the outlet.
  • Plug it in again after 60 seconds.
  • Within 30 seconds of plugging in, open and close the lid 6 times continuously.
  • And finally, set the device to Spin/Fina cycle and click start.

Actually, this troubleshooting often comes from overload, lower or higher voltage and sometimes software bugs.

Though you may have been asking what are the purposes for resetting your Amana Washing Machine, that is what we are gonna clear up right now;

Why Reset Amana Washing Machine (with Pros and Cons)

Why Reset Amana Washing Machine (with Pros and Cons)
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The most obvious answer to this question is “to troubleshoot a problem”.

So many times, your Amana washing machine stops working. Or it doesn’t work properly, gets stuck at the wash cycle, or shows different irrelevant error codes. In a word when your Amana washing machine is showing different software and hardware troubles even if there is no issue to be started.

So, in this kinda situation a general user often needs an easier solution for the device to get back it’s previous performance. And that solution to troubleshoot is to give it a factory reset.

When you reset your device, it clears up all the temporary memory or cache files along with any kinda junk. As it gives the washing machine a fresh system start which solves system problems.

But many of the users often misuse it by thinking, that resetting after and after may improve the performance of their machine.

Actually never! Reset your Amana washing machine after 3 months, you may find differences but if you do it once a week, nothing is gonna be changed.

Even resetting so frequently may create pressure to the motherboard and main circuit. Also sometimes damages the circuit permanently. And finally, your Amana washing machine may have different models from the lineup, but the processes we have explained are common for all those versions. So, you can apply those to your model without any doubt. But still, we would recommend reading the device manual properly before performing any step.

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