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My Arlo camera is blinking orange

There are different light indicators in Arlo Camera. But we don’t know which light indicates what. Are you currently annoyed at the event of your Arlo camera blinking orange? The orange light usually indicates a charging problem.

However, the warning light will flicker in various situations other than charging, so let’s go deeper into the problem.

Arlo Camera Blinking Orange

Arlo Camera Blinking Orange

Arlo Base station blinking orange

Arlo Base station blinking orange

If the Arlo camera is flashing in an orange hue, it likely means the device is malfunctioning and nearing the end of its battery life. Charge the device and make sure it’s connected to the WiFi on the base station. Let’s take a closer look at what the indicator light implies before moving on to remedies. You may apply from the comfort of your own home.

The orange LED on the Arlo camera blinking continuously usually indicates a low battery or a general hardware issue. If the battery doesn’t cause the issue, your Arlo camera is probably broken.

Because low battery issues affect only wireless Arlo systems, wired entrance cameras should not blink in orange if their cords are in good working order.

Arlo Camera may blink orange for the following causes:

  • Battery Status is low: If the batteries in the Ario camera are getting low, you should consider plugging it into a charger.
  • Not synchronized: Users must try to connect the devices if the orange light indicates that Arlo has dropped synchronization with the base station.
  • Damage to the hardware: Your Arlo may have been fatally injured; thus, consult a technician for a possible checkup and repair. For the time being, we’ll disregard the likelihood of a hardware problem and focus on the situations in that you can then assist.
  • Batteries that have been depleted: The indicator light on the device may blink due to a general issue with the batteries.


Arlo Solution

The problem can be fixed if you follow the steps described below:

Reinstall the batteries in your Arlo camera:

  • Remove the Arlo camera from the wall mount.
  • Remove the cover by pressing the battery container button downward.
  • Eject the batteries by removing the battery protective straps.
  • Take a 5-minute break.
  • Replace the Batteries while keeping an eye on the electric poles. 
  • Replace the compartment and perform a test on your camera.

Recharge the Camera:

If your camera is low on charge, reinserting the batteries may not work. In this case, we recommend connecting the Arlo camera to a charger to recharge the batteries and eliminate the orange light. To recharge your Arlo camera, follow the steps below:

  • Remove the device from the wall hold in the same manner as before.
  • Unplug the cover from the camera’s bottom.
  • Plug a USB connection to a charger plugged into one of the wall outlets.
  • Plug the other closing of the USB port into the Arlo camera’s bottom.
  • Take a 30-minute break.

Sync to Base Station:

The source of the blinking orange light on your Arlo camera may not always be the device’s charge. Your camera may blink in the color orange due to WiFi issues or, more particularly, sync issues.

It can happen if your camera loses contact with the base station and isn’t able to reconnect. Syncing is presently in progress.

The best approach to fix this issue is to reconnect the camera to the base station through Bluetooth. On its hardware, there is a sync button. To reconnect with the base station, click and push the Sync camera button of your Arlo camera. Open the smartphone app on your phone; you may track Arlo’s camera’s progress.

Reset Arlo Camera:

Open the Arlo app on your phone. Select My Devices from the Settings menu. Select Remove Device from the drop-down menu. Press Yes to confirm. Choose the camera you want to reset. Return to the Devices page.

  • Change the Battery: If the blinking orange light on your Arlo camera persists, we recommend changing the batteries inside the device.

How to sync Arlo Camera

How to sync Arlo Camera

Check the compatibility settings before attempting to sync the Arlo camera with Base Station. If your device is suitable with the Base Station, you’ll need to manually sync it to the Base Station after removing it from the app.

Follow the steps to sync Arlo Camera:

  • First and foremost, make sure that your Arlo cameras are functional with that specific Base Station. Look for your Arlo camera’s model number. Check your Base Station’s model number. Check to see whether your device is compatible.
  • Read the instructions to build up this new Arlo camera if you’re a beginner:
    • Take your Arlo Camera out of the box.
    • Your gadget’s latch should be slid.
    • The battery compartment must be unlocked.
    • Place the batteries in the slot.
    • Activate your Arlo camera.
  • The next step is to deactivate your Arlo account. This step is critical if you’re moving the Arlo camera from a direct-to-WiFi connection to the Base Station.

Follow the procedures below to delete the device from your account:

  • The “Arlo” mobile app is now available for download.
  • Select “My Devices” from the “Settings” menu.
  • Select your “Arlo Camera” from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down and select “Remove Device” from the drop-down menu.

It’s time to connect your Arlo camera and Base Station once they’ve been linked to your account. The Arlo camera has been delivered to the Base. To sync the Arlo webcam with the Base Station, follow the instructions below:

Get the Arlo Camera inside of 3 feet of the Base Station.

  • On the Base Station, hold down the “Sync” icon for 2 seconds.
  • On the Arlo Camera, simply press the “Sync” icon for 10 seconds.
  • Wait for the Base Station’s Solid Green light to turn on.

How to factory reset Arlo camera

How to factory reset Arlo camera

Arlo wire-free camera will be reset to factory defaults and removed from your account if you do so. After its factory reset, you’ll need to go through the Arlo app install to use the Arlo camera.

You can also use the Arlo app to factory reset your Arlo wireless camera. Remove Device from Device Settings. The camera must be connected to the internet and have sufficient battery power to accomplish this.

Follow the instructions given below to factory reset the Arlo camera:

  • Push and hold the camera’s sync button for around 15 seconds, or until the camera’s LED begins to blink amber, then release. To access the sync button on an Arlo camera, you must first remove the camera from the camera enclosure. Look at the image above.
  • Make sure the camera’s amber LED blinks three times. When the camera LED starts blinking amber, do not forget to let go of the sync button. If you press the sync button for too long, it will repeat the factory reset procedure until the camera LED flashes amber 3 times after you release it. The camera is still shown in the Arlo app after a factory reset, but it is disabled.
  • To add your Arlo camera to the Arlo app again, follow these steps:
    • Log in to your Arlo account or use the Arlo app to get started.
    • After the page for Devices appears, under the camera feed, touch or drag the settings icon. Removed Device can be placed at the base of the Device Settings page.
    • Return to the Device Settings page and click the X to close it.
    • In the Devices page, tap or select Add New Device. Select Cameras and follow the on-screen instructions to connect and set up your camera with your WiFi network.

You should get rid of the Arlo camera blinking orange problem by now. Still, if the problem persists; don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll try to get back to you with a proper solution.

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