Whirlpool Washer Error Code F3 E1

Whirlpool is one the most reliable names that come to our mind when we think of washing machines. They have earned a place of reputation and trust over the passage of time and thoroughly maintained it.

But there is an irony. Despite being highly capable, no human creation is free of defects. So do Whirlpool’s watching machines. My statement may sound a bit philosophical, but it’s true, isn’t it? 

So, here we go again! In this particular writeup, we will be talking about one of the most common error codes of Whirlpool washing machines: the F3 E1 error code.

The best thing about this error code is (I know it may sound funny. Like how on earth there is a good side to an error code! Haha!) its troubleshooting process is not that complex.

Let’s get to know about this error code and its possible solutions without taking more time. Come along!

What is Whirlpool Washer Error Code F3 E1 Mean?

Whirlpool Washer Error Code F3 E1

There can be more than one reason behind the F3 E1 error code, but in most cases, it means that there is an issue with detecting the water level. This error code can also occur if there is any problem with the hose, air trap pipes, wires, or even with the main control board. 

Let’s get to know the measures one by one, whatever the problem is. 


Pardon my excitement, but the first step is the easiest measure that you can go with to get rid of the F3 E1 error code. Just restart your washing machine. That’s it.

The thing is, in most cases, there is no major issue behind the F3E1 error code. Maybe the machine has mistakenly detected an issue, but there isn’t any in reality. 

First of all, switch it off and unplug it from the main power source. Keep it this way for 15-20 minutes and restart it. There is a high chance that the error code won’t come again after the restart. But if it still exists, maybe there are some other problems. 

The Switch Hose

The following step is checking the water level pressure hose. It is placed in between the air trap and the pressure switch. The F3 E1 error code may show up if there is anything wrong with this, such as it got clogged or damaged in any other form. 

When checking the switch hose:

  1. First of all, you need to detect the switch hose.
  2. After that, properly examine the hose and try to find out if there is any form of damage or not. 
  3. If you come across any damages, you will have to go with a replacement. 
  4. If there isn’t any damage, try to find out whether there is any blockage or not.
  5. If there isn’t any blockage, then that’s good. But if there is any form of blockage, try your best to remove that. Rinse water through it or go with any other way that you find suitable. 
  6. After that, reconnect the Switch Hose, turn on your washing machine and see whether the error code is still there or not. If it disappears, great! If not, move to the following step.

Water Level Sensor 

The following step is checking the water level sensor. This water level sensor is a tool that detects how much water is there in your machine. After that, inform the control board to let more water in or stop intaking more water. If the water level sensor of your washing machine is malfunctioning, the F3E1 code will show up. 

When checking the water level sensor-

  1. Switch off your washing machine in the first place. 
  2. Detect the water level sensor. Check manually if necessary. 
  3. Disconnect the wires that are connected with the water level sensor. 
  4. Now, get yourself a multimeter and check whether the water level sensor has the flow of operation or not. 
  5. If the sensor has continuity or operation flow, that’s great. Reconnect it to the washing machine. 
  6. If it lacks continuity or operation flow, you will have to replace it with a new one. 
  7. If you end up replacing the Water Level Sensor, connect it to the place where it is supposed to be connected, run your washing machine, and see if the F3E1 code is still there or not. 

If it’s gone, good! You have to bear a bit more toil if it’s still there, my friend. 

Air Trap Pipe 

IF ANYTHING IS WRONG WITH THE AIR TRAP PIPE, the F3E1 error code can show up on your washing machine’s display. If the air trap pipe somehow gets clogged, it becomes faulty. Thus it can’t catch air, won’t run properly, and the error code will be displayed. 

To check it-

  1. Detect the air trap pipe. Check manually if needed. 
  2. Detach it and bring it out. 
  3. Now examine and try to find whether there is any form of blockage or not. 
  4. If you encounter any blockage, fix that or remove that. Suppose there is no blockage, good. Move on to the next step.
  5. Reconnect the air trap pipe, run your washing machine, and see if the error code is still there or not. 

If the error code is still there, let’s get to know the next measure. 

The Wiring

A wire harness is placed in between the control module and the pressure switch. If this wire harness somehow gets damaged or defected, the machine won’t be in a balanced state, and the F3E1 code may show up. That’s why it’s necessary to check the wire harness often to know if it’s properly working or not, and you will need a multimeter to do that. 

Let’s get to know how you can check it. 

  1.  At first, switch off the washing machine. 
  2. The wire harness is between the control module and the pressure switch. Detect it.
  3. Get yourself a multimeter and examine whether or not the wiring has continuity or not. If they lack that, you will have to go with a replacement. 
  4. If the wiring is completely fine, check if the wire harness is properly connected or not. If not, connect it. 
  5. If you end up replacing the wire harness, put your machine in its previous state. That means reattach it properly, switch it on and see if the F3 E1 code is gone or not. 

If the code still exists, don’t worry, as you have one more measure to go with. 

Replacing The Control Board 

If you are done with checking all the components that we talked about above, you have one more measure to go with: replacing the main Control Board of your washing machine. Examining the main control board is very toilsome and complex. So, it’s better to replace it. But the sad thing is replacing it won’t guarantee you anything good or constant. That’s why (I know it may sound weird.) if there is any form of a major problem with your washing machine, you may need to get a new one. 

So, that’s it with all the measures we have with us. If the F3 E1 code is still there after following the above-stated solutions, you may need to reach out to an expert. 

I hope this effortful research-based article will be helpful for you. Thank you very much and good luck. 

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