Opal ice maker troubleshooting

The opal ice maker is one of the amazing ice makers for people who love cold coffee, cold chocolate, or other relevant purposes. Today, our discussion topic is about Opal ice maker troubleshooting.

The opal ice maker is being used all over the world. Its mechanical features, appearance, and easy-to-use features are the reasons. It has built-in storage. One Opal ice maker can freeze up to 3 pounds of ice at a time.

The portable ice bucket does not have any major issues. But what about the minor issues? they shouldn’t be ignored. So, try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Let’s find out in detail about opal ice maker troubleshooting.

Opal ice maker troubleshooting

Opal ice maker troubleshooting

Opal ice makers make the smoothest ice, which you can easily see in your cold coffee or juice. You can also chew it if you want. We discussed above that the Opal ice maker has some minor issues. They could be solved on your own. But let’s check the details.

The ice maker is not turning on

The ice maker is not turning on

One of the common issues with any kind of device is not turning it on. The most common and traditional solution is trying to reset it. It works.

But before, check if the power switch is on or off. Check the cable and electrical power connections as well.

  • To reset, press the power button for at least 10 seconds. If it is not working, change the day mood to night mode. Or change it to day mode if it’s in night mode. Change the mode. That’s it. Mic dropped, jaws down.
  • Check the water level and clean the bucket and water tank. Ice storage could be completely filled with ice. So, due to full storage, it may be filled with ice and there is no water in the tank.
  • Sometimes, if you have scheduled your system to go on and off, that could be a reason for not starting the ice maker. If you have scheduled to turn on and off your device, unlock the time and restart the machine.
  • Finally, the circuit breaker and system setup of your house could be faulty.  Check the breakers!

Ice is not being produced

Ice is not being produced

Let’s guess: you need 2 pounds of ice, but you get only 1 pound. Or you get no ice at all. The reason is that the tank doesn’t have adequate or no water in it.

  • If that’s the case, fill it out and start the machine. Try to pour it with fresh water.
  • If there is dirt in the water, it will block the machine from making ice. Check and clean. Dust in the machine creates extra water pressure and hampers the total ice-making procedure. Clean both the bucket and the water tank.
  • Sometimes, due to overuse, it stops operating. Take a short break and try again.
  • Making ice takes a long time. Most people complain that they bought a new ice maker that does not make ice. They actually need to give it a bit of time. A new device needs a certain amount of time to be made, i.e., according to the manufacturer company, one needs to give at least 30 min.
    Moreover, every time you make ice with a full, fresh amount of water after a break, it will take a bit of time. Do not panic. Give it time to turn into ice from water.
  • It can produce ice and ice only, from water. Our suggestion is to try not to make ice cream. As ice cream liquids are a bit thicker than normal water, it will block the internal paths.

The indicator is blinking or not working

The indicator is blinking or not working

If your machine is not getting the power it needs, the green light will blink. The next reason is that the water tank is not fulfilled and the ice bucket is filled with ice.

  • Check the power connection and make sure all the settings are in the correct state.
    • Check the app settings on your mobile phone.
    • Give it a break if the ice maker is getting hot and releasing hot air.
    • Examine the circuit breaker and the power connection. If no problem is found, keep it for a while and restart.
  • Check the tank and bucket.
    • Clean the tank if there is any dirt, and completely fill it with fresh water.
    • Empty it is already filled with ice. Leave the machine for a while.
  • This is a highly unlikely event, but the indicator light itself could be faulty. If you cannot find where the problem is, or why it isn’t working properly – this is worth a try.

Due to the several issues we have mentioned, the indicator light could stop working.

Auto-on and auto-off

Auto on and auto off

Sometimes, due to settings errors on the app, the Opal Ice Maker keeps getting on and off every now and then.

  • Reset and reboot the ice maker.
  • Try changing it to the default settings rather than your own settings.
  • Check the water level.
  • Check the bucket, circuit breaker, and water tank are cleaned or not. Clean them.

Unnecessary sound

Unnecessary sound

The sounds could be coming for several reasons: –

  • The circuitry is causing a problem maybe, or for any other reason, the machine is not getting proper power supply. the ice maker will make a sound like a fire alarm then.
  • In other cases, if the ice bucket could be full,
  • Or the water level is low, it could be another reason for the weird sound.

To get rid of it

  • Check the settings again to see if you have set an alarm unknowingly.
  • You can check the ice bucket and water tank for any flaws if you still couldn’t identify the reason for the unwanted sound.


There are some other minor issues, like the ice not dripping in the bucket.

  • To solve this issue, clean the tank and clear the bucket.

If the Opal ice maker is getting heated,

  • leave it for a while.
  • Keep it unplugged while you are not using it.
  • Use a direct power supply connection and avoid using a multiplug.
  • Do not move your ice maker so randomly. Leave it unplugged for at least 15 minutes after moving the machine.
  • Do not run when the voltage is low.
  • Do not run when the water level is below the belt. To set it up, follow the manual carefully.

Basic Maintenance Tips

Basic Maintenance Tips
  • Do not plug in the device for a long time. When you are not using the device, keep the switch off. Detach it from the power supply.
  • Another troubleshooting tip for the opal ice maker is to use it manually sometimes. Do not rely on the app all the time.

Some other Tips

Some other Tips

An opal ice maker is a very handy and common device. It is mostly used in homes, offices, coffee shops, and restaurant areas. It consumes very little power, so you do not need to worry about electricity bills.

The more important thing is that their customer care services are amazing. The young team is always ready to solve your issues at any time.

Firstly, try to solve the issue by reading the article. If the issue is not resolved, read the manual fully. If it does not work out, contact the customer care team. They are ready to help you.

These opal ice maker troubleshooting tips will make your days easy. Just like the amazing features of the maker, the problems are not that uncommon or hard to solve.

One can easily solve the issues. By resetting the settings, operating manually, or by cleaning the machine, the problem will be solved.

Follow the manual for a better understanding of how to set up the device. Do not make any small mistakes, which may cause major issues.

Next, think about checking the water level. Everything depends on the water. The checklists are minor yet important.

Do you own an Opal 1b ice maker? This troubleshooting guide will help you too.

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