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SimpliSafe Entry Sensor Not Responding

SimpliSafe! A company in Boston, is famous for its home security products. SimpliSafe entry is one of the company’s most popular products since June 11, 2020.

It is introduced for the safety of your home’s door and windows as well.

But electronic devices can be in any type of unexpected trouble in certain situations.

Such a number of users are facing the “SimpliSafe Entry Sensor Not Responding” issues. We will be digging deeper into this trouble and find the functional fixes to this problem.

SimpliSafe Entry Sensor Not Responding

SimpliSafe Entry Sensor Not Responding

So, let’s jump into this without further delay:

If you are having a Gen 3 SimpliSafe system and having the issue of “Non-Responding Sensor”, maybe it is caused by,

Program Failure

SimpliSafe Entry Sensor is Not Responding-Program Failure

If you are installing SimpliSafe entry sensors and it is continually showing “Sensor Not responding” errors, you gotta remove them using your keypad on the Devices menu. Maybe your device is programmed properly but never installed. That could be the reason behind it.

Battery Malfunction

SimpliSafe Entry Sensor is Not Responding-Battery Malfunction

Not impossible that, the battery is damaged or out of juice, if you are using it for so long. It is a rare case because they claim the battery of SimpliSafe entry to last around 3 to 5 years.

But in case the battery is out of charge, it won’t be able to provide enough charge and voltage to the sensors. At this stage, the sensors will work unstably or stop working. You will see the sensor is not responding and a whole system failure.

You have to replace the battery. This is the only way you can fix this.

Base Station Connection Error

If you are using a SimpliSafe entry, you surely know that the device is run by a central Base Station. This is actually the controlling point.

To keep the whole device working, it is a must to keep the door device and base station connected. But if the base station is moved too far away from the device, it won’t be able to connect.

As a result, the sensors would not work properly and you will see some non-connective notifications or sensor errors.

Keep in mind that, the base station can connect the sensors about 400 feet around. Also, the keypad’s workable area is within 100 feet. Just keep your base station that much closer at least.

Now have a quick look at the process by which you can check the sensor is connected or not:

  • First press the “Menu” button.
  • Enter Your Master Pin.
  • Go to the “Test Mode” and Select it using the Right Rocker.
  • The base station will notify that it is entering the test mode.
  • You have to press the button on the top of the sensor to test it. If the sensor is announcing it’s name, that means the sensor is connected to the base station and if not, try getting the base station closer into coverage and try again.

There are more things you can do than the sensor calibration if the device is in its range and still not responding,

  • Turn the sensor off and bring it to the place or room where the base station is placed.
  • Press the button and test it again on the top of the sensor. This time hopefully you will hear the announcements and it’s sure that the sensor is too far away from the base station.
  • If still, it doesn’t announce, maybe the battery is too low and incapable of delivering enough power to the sensors. You have to replace the battery. That’s it.


It is recommended to locate the base station primarily. Because the base station controls all the sensors. If you try changing the sensor position, it will affect the range of some other sensors.

So, it is better to locate the base station and keep closer to all the sensors almost equally. Hopefully, this will fix the issues.


SimpliSafe Entry Sensor is Not Responding-Replacements

There is something else to know about the battery life. The batteries of the keypad, siren, smart lock, and similar components need to be replaced once a year.

Unless the components will stop working partially.

Most of the components last about 3 to 5 years, so the only thing to worry about is the batteries of individuals.

System Check-In Failure

Your SimpliSafe Entry can notify you about the sensor not responding to signals in case the Base Station is failed to check the censors for more than 24 hours.

What you may do is, just Reset the Base Station and wait until the Entry sensors are

fixed and connected properly. Most probably it is gonna take about 45 minutes.

Firmware Compatibility

SimpliSafe Entry Sensor is Not Responding-Firmware Compatibility

You can find these not responding errors sometimes if you haven’t updated your firmware for too long. Make sure your device is updated with the latest version firmware (Right now it’s going on with version 3.0).

Older firmware occurs issues like not reaching or connecting to the native device and even component response errors as well.

To update the firmware,

  • Take the Keypad adjacent to the Base Station.
  • You will see the Gear icon on the keypad screen. Press it.
  • Select the option “Install Update” on the right side of the screen.
  • Let the system auto reboot. The procedure would take around 10 minutes.
  • The keypad will show the percentage of the update ongoing process while updating.

Here to be noted that the camera video and doorbells can be updated automatically without any further steps. But make sure your base station is up to date to take this automated facility.

External Damage to Sensors

This is not a very frequent case. But barely it happens like, your sensors are damaged by external pressure, hit, or any other situations.

That creates internal component damage and sensors are not anymore able to deliver their full capability.

There is no way than to replace it at that moment. So, to prevent this crisis, better use your sensors gently or carefully.

Last and out of the list, if after the update your keypad is not working. Eject the batteries (4 batteries) out of the keypad. You have to wait more than 3 minutes and then insert new batteries. Once you have updated the batteries, install the update again.

In the end, if you have followed the steps and are still having the same issues constantly from Your SimpliSafe Entry, then rush through the service center and get necessary fixes from authentic experts.

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