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NordicTrack S22i Troubleshooting

Whether you’re a fitness freak or just an ordinary person looking forward to losing a couple of pounds, exercise bikes can be really effective. And when it comes to such cycling machines, NordicTrack has most of our hearts!

Not only do they offer a smooth ride, but their luxurious outlook and advanced features will also make your exercising easier than ever. They deserve brownie points for their amazing customer service too!

However, like any other electronics, these exercise bikes can start to act up from time to time.

What should be done when such issues happen with your Nordictrack S22i Studio Bike?

Just hang on and read till the end for all the quick fixes to your problems.

NordicTrack S22i Troubleshooting

NordicTrack S22i Troubleshooting

Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues: Won’t connect

Often times, the Wi-Fi screen might automatically turn the network on and off over and over again.

Besides, users have also had issues with the NordicTrack S22i where it won’t locate any routers at all.

If and when such complications happen, there are a few things you could try out-

  • Sometimes, when there are a ton of other networks available nearby, it causes interference when multiple devices connect to the same receptor. Hence, try switching the channel on your router settings.
  • In case the previous solution fails to bring a difference, check whether your router setting has any option to prioritize between your devices. If possible, send your S22i to the top when in use. This trick should do just the job!
  • To be on the safe side, if none of the above hacks seem to work, simply turn off your NordicTrack and wait for around 15 seconds. Once the wait is over, power it back on and let it load for a while. Just in case the problem remains, go ahead and hard reset the cycle.

Incline System Acting Up

Occasionally, the incline frame fails to move at the correct incline level or it stops functioning after years of use. For the first issue, simply refer to the owner’s manual and head off to page 27.

You will find your answers under the “How to change console settings” section to calibrate your NordicTrack properly. To solve the latter, try restarting the cycle.

If that doesn’t help, go ahead and reboot the system to see if it works. In case that ends up being a wasted effort too, visit the official website to request a reprogramming card for your exercise bike.

NordicTrack S22i -Console

Console not working: Doesn’t turn on

Given that you fail to switch on the console, there could be two possible causes. Make sure to look into them-

  • Check whether the cord is plugged in all the way. If by chance you notice any signs of damage, the cord needs to be replaced.
  • If that doesn’t seem to be the issue, see if the power switch is in the “reset” position.

Console: iFit Issues

At times, users may face problems with their iFit account or iFit workouts, be it connecting to the app or user login issues.

If and when this case arises, simply visit and get your concerns resolved right away!

Console: Won’t stay in place

On occasions, NordicTrack users have faced a loose console situation. Whenever this happens, the console fails to stay in position.

To overcome this matter, simply tighten the M8 Locknut as shown in the manual as 99 and you’ll be good to go.

Console: Incorrect Feedback

This is something a few NordicTrack s22i cyclers have come across after years of service.

When you notice the console displaying wrong feedback, the reed switch needs to be adjusted right away. To do so, unplug the Power cord and remove all three “M4 x 16mm” screws from the right and left shields.

Just in case you’re confused, refer to the manual and look into the diagram for numbers 88 (screws), 30, and 32 respectively. 

Once this is done, pull apart the top of each shield to create a little gap. And you’re done in no time!

NordicTrack S22i-Pedaling

S22i Commercial Studio bike fails to detect pedaling

While you’re cycling and the pedaling is undetectable after a few strokes, try following the below steps-

  • Reboot the whole system. This should change all your settings to default and refresh your s22i program.
  • If the problem persists or happens after 3-4 uses, make sure to reinstall the app from master control (android native screen).
  • Assuming that the reason is damaged or worn-out wires near the console screen, call the NordicTrack customer support center right away. Their professional help will install it in a jiffy. If you’re somewhat a technician yourself, follow step 7 from the assembly diagram in the user’s manual.

Resistance is not working

After using the s22i for years at a stretch, customers have come across a lack of resistance in their cycles.

Now, this could be due to two reasons- first off, mechanical failure of the gearbox. Secondly, the flywheel malfunctioned.

Assuming that this is the core problem with your NordicTrack, try doing the following-

  • Remove both the pedals with a crank arm or screwdriver, whichever suits you best. Next off, remove the shields to reach into the flywheel and belt. Once you notice the tension cable, move it around a bit. This will cause the magnetic bar in the wheel to push deeper or outwards as necessary. This should do the job.
  • If this hack seems to be a failure, your gearbox or flywheel definitely needs a replacement.

However, to avoid such scenarios, make sure to properly maintain your s22i from time to time. Simply unscrew the pedals and shields.

Then lubricate the flywheel and gearbox as well as the pedals with a silicone-based lubricant.

Error: s22i won’t sleep

Since s22i comes with no power button, they are designed to go into sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity.

But what should be done when your NordicTrack doesn’t seem to turn off even after hours of staying idle? The solution is quite simple.

Simply head off to the hidden admin mode and change the sleep settings from never to your desired time.

However, to keep the exercise bike healthy, always make sure to plug off the cord after each use.

Pedal Makes a Grinding Noise

Whenever you experience a rubbing or frictional noise while pedaling your s22i, check the bearings at first.

If the bearings seem to have worn off, you might want to get them replaced by a professional. However, often times this quick hack works- back off the pedal guard cover slightly.

How to reset Reset Nordictrack S22i Studio Bike

First thing first, you need obviously one more person to perform this reset operation properly.

Also, have a check, there is a small pin-sized hole on the left side, kind of tucked back next to either a USB port or an HDMI port. Once you found it, Go through these steps

  • Put the paperclip into the pinhole. Press and hold the clip.
  • While you are holding it, the other person will put the power switch back on.
  • As soon as the machine screen lights up you may release the paper clip.

And the resetting is done.

At last, we have reached the end of our troubleshooting concerns. We hope to have helped you with the suggestions we have given so far.

Hope your journey with NordicTrack sails smooth and you reach your fitness goals. Happy exercising, peeps!

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