Samsung Washer 4e Error Code

Samsung Washer 4e error code is one of the most common problems indicating code for Samsung washing machines. If you use a Samsung washing machine, you may get this error code. But the question is, what is the 4e code indicate?

There can be more than one reason, but this 4e error code mostly indicates a lack of water supply in the washer. Don’t worry! It is one of the most common and basic issues, and fixing it is pretty easy.

Keep reading the article as we will be talking about some of the common measures you can take to eliminate this problem. Come along!

Samsung Washer 4e Code: The Fixing Guide

Samsung Washer 4e Code

Restart The Washing Machine

Restart The Washing Machine

Before going with any other measure, turn your machine off and on because there is a high chance that the 4e error code will go away after restarting the washing machine. If restarting the machine doesn’t fix this issue, you need to walk more. 

Check The Valves of Water Supply 

Check The Valves of Water Supply

Checking the water supply valves of your machine is the next step. When the water supply valves are open, they enable to enter water inside the washing machine, and when the machine is filled with the right amount of water, it gets closed. Let’s get to know how we can check the water valves.

The steps are pretty simple-

  • First, unplug your washing machine.
  • Find out the water valves.
  • The valves need to be opened. If they are open, they will be parallel to the pipes. If you find the valves close, rotate them clockwise until they parallel the pipes.  
  • If the valves aren’t open, go for replacement Valves. If they are completely open, move to the next step. 

Water Entry Points

Water Entry Points

There are two water entry points at the back of Samsung washing machines. One is a hot water entry point, and the other one is a cold-water entry point. The 4e error code will be displayed on the machine if water isn’t supplied via these two entry points. There is a high chance that most users will plug in both the hot and cold water into their washing machine. That’s why the problem isn’t that much of a deal. 

If you only provide hot or cold water, you must use a splitter so that water can supply to both the water entry points. First, check the rear part of your machine to know whether hot or cold water has been supplied and if there is already a splitter in it. If you find both these things, you can move to the next step, and if not, you need to use a splitter. 

Water Supply

Water Supply

The next thing you need to do is check if your machine is properly connected to the water supply or not. 

  • There are pipes at the back of the washing machine. At first, check whether these pipes are kinked or bent or not. If they aren’t bent, that’s good. But if the pipes are bent, then you need to rearrange them.
  • After that, you have to check if those pipes in the back are properly connected to the washing machine and the water supply taps or not. If you find them not connected, fix it by hardening the connection. 
  • If the 4e error code goes away, that’s great. But if it remains, move to the following step. 

Water Hoses Aren’t Blocked?

The 4e error code will occur if the water hoses are blocked, thus preventing water from entering the washing machine. To fix this problem-

  • Bring out the hose by detaching it from both sides. 
  • Then try to pour water via this hose and see if it can run through it without any form of hindrance.
  • If you end up finding a blockage, unblock it with a wire. 
  • After unblocking the hose, reconnect the hose properly and turn on the washing machine. If the 4e code is still there, proceed to the next step.

Water Inlets Aren’t Blocked?

Water Inlets Aren't Blocked

Now check if the water inlets are blocked or not. If the water inlets are blocked, the 4e error code will appear. To troubleshoot it-

  • Firstly, you have to take off the hoses from the inlets of your washer. 
  • Then, use a torch to examine if there is any blockage in the inlets or not. 
  • After that, check the mesh filters inside the hoses and see if there is any blockage.
  • Fix the problem if there is a blockage in the inlets. 

However, if you find any blockage in the mesh filter, you need to clean it properly. Let’s get to know how we can clean it. 

How to Clean Mesh Filters in The Inlets

How to Clean Mesh Filters in The Inlets
  • First of all, the water source to the washing machine has to be switched off.
  • Then, detach the hoses on the rear side of the machine by unscrewing them.
  • Slowly bring out the mesh filter from the hose with the help of a pair of pliers. 
  • Rinse the mesh filter under the water tap and wait until it’s fully clean. 
  • After cleaning the mesh filter, place it in its previous place.
  • Reattach the hose, which is the back of the machine.
  • Activate the water tap. Make sure the water connections are hardened enough. 
  • Turn off the power button and turn it on again. 

Other Problems

samsung washer-Other Problems

There are other reasons why the Samsung washer shows a 4e error code. Let’s get to know about them. 

  • If there is any damage to the wires placed between the electronic unit and the water inlet valve, the 4e code will appear. To fix this issue, reconnect the wires, or you may need to go with a replacement. 

So! That’s it. It was a tough research-based write-up, and I genuinely hope you get to benefit from it. Best of luck! 

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